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  • Title: Alaska Natural Heritage Program | Our mission is to provide the scientific basis for effective biological conservation in Alaska.
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to content.. Contact.. Sitemap.. Search for:.. Home.. Programs.. AKEPIC.. Aquatic Ecology.. Botany.. Ecology.. Zoology.. Species Information.. Animals.. Plants.. Staff.. Contact us.. Alaska Natural Heritage Program.. Our mission is to provide the scientific basis for effective biological conservation in Alaska.. Posted on.. October 29, 2010.. by.. admin.. What we do.. We collect, synthesize, and validate information on Alaska s animal and plant species of concern and their habitats, and invasive species.. We provide this information to government, business, land managers, scientists and the public.. Partners.. The Alaska Natural Heritage Program is part of.. NatureServe.. and our data are  ...   1989 by the.. Nature Conservancy.. and in 1993 became part of the.. University of Alaska Anchorage.. , residing in the.. College of Arts of Sciences.. Comments Off.. Comments are closed.. Map Species.. Rare (BIOTICS).. Explore distributions of rare species in Alaska.. Non-native (AKEPIC).. Explore distributions of non-native plant species in Alaska.. Species Lists.. Conservation status for animal species in Alaska.. Conservation and invasive status for plant species in Alaska.. Map animal occurrences.. Map plant distributions.. Programs and Services.. Request data.. Outreach and Workshops.. Publications.. Support our program.. Help us protect Alaska s plants, animals, and their habitats.. Site credits.. 2012..

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  • Title: Contact us | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: Address.. 707 A Street.. Anchorage, Alaska 99501.. Phone.. 907-786-6350.. Click here to request or submit data or contact our data manager at:.. 907-786-6385.. ayanhp@uaa.. alaska.. edu.. For more specific questions, click.. here.. to contact members of our staff.. For general inquiries fill out the form below.. Name.. *.. Email.. Message.. Please enter security code..

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  • Title: Sitemap | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: December 13, 2010.. AK Gap Redirect.. Aquatic Ecology Publications.. Biological Monitoring Resources.. Current Research Projects.. BIOTICS redesign mockups.. A Field Guide to 77 Alaskan Wetland Sedge Species.. Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide.. Acknowledgements.. Alaska Rare Plant List.. Definitions and Codes.. Glossary.. Introduction.. References.. Botany Photographs.. Botany Species Information.. Field Guides.. Interactive Identification of New World Salix (Salicaceae) using Intkey.. Citizen Science Initiative.. Summer Field Botany Course.. Rare Plant Species Information.. 2012 Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide.. 2012 Alaska Rare Plant Field Guide Full Download.. Current and 50 year future climate modelling maps.. Rare Plants Species Lists.. 2012 Rare Lichen List.. 2012 Rare Vascular Plant List.. Taxa removed from Rare Vascular Plant List.. Web page has moved.. Traditional Use of Native Plants.. What is AKEPIC?.. AKEPIC Publications.. Alaska s most (un)wanted invasive species.. Alaska s new invaders.. How to cite AKEPIC data.. Non-Native  ...   species list.. Plant Communities.. Forest plant communities.. Herbaceous plant communities.. Shrub plant communities.. Home page.. Outreach and education.. Plant Associations Test.. test page.. Test pub page.. Test table.. Test test test page.. Citizen Science.. Alaska Bat Monitoring Project.. Bat Photo Gallery.. Myths About Bats.. Alaska Loon Grebe Watch Monitoring Program.. Alaska Wood Frog Monitoring Project.. Alaska Wood Frog Monitoring Project RESULTS: 2002 2008.. Non-Native and Invasive Animals in Alaska.. Alaska Invasive Animal Ranking Project.. Comprehensive List and Select Species Status Reports.. Invasive Black Slug Risk Assessment.. Related Links.. Zoology Species Data Download.. Zoology Species Data Query.. The Alaska Gap Analysis Project.. Landcover Mapping / LANDFIRE Mapping.. Partners/Links.. Range Mapping.. Species List Development.. Stewardship Mapping.. Vertebrate Distribution Modeling.. Zoology partners.. Zoology programs.. Partnership with Alaska Department of Fish and Game Wildlife Diversity Program.. The Alaska Species Ranking System.. The Alaska Amphibian Database.. Zoology publications..

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  • Title: What is AKEPIC? | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: November 15, 2010.. The Alaska Exotic Plants Information Clearinghouse (AKEPIC) is a database and mapping application that provide geospatial information for non-native plant species in Alaska and the Yukon Territory.. These products are the result of an ongoing cooperation between the United States Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Natural Resources Plant Material Center and Alaska Natural Heritage Program in support of the Alaska Committee for Noxious and Invasive Plants Management (CNIPM) and the Strategic Plan for  ...   website associated with the project.. These data are primarily intended to support identification of problem species and areas requiring particular attention; thus promoting early detection and rapid response across Alaska and the Yukon Territory.. Additionally, these data are used in a variety of research and modeling activities.. Submit data.. Data entry form [xls].. Map data.. AKEPIC Data Portal.. EDDMapS.. Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System.. Collect Data.. Field data form [pdf].. AKEPIC User Maual.. AKEPIC Data Dictionary.. AKEPIC Home.. Species Biographies and Invasiveness.. Species Distribution Maps..

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  • Title: Aquatic Ecology | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: May 7, 2012.. The Aquatic Ecology program investigates the influences of natural and human processes on the structure and function of freshwater ecosystems.. One major focus has been the characterization of baseline biological conditions and the development of tools to monitor the condition of Alaska’s water bodies.. Alaska Stream Team Online Database..

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  • Title: Ecology | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: The primary objective of the Ecology Program is to describe the plant communities and ecological systems within the State of Alaska.. Plant communities (or plant associations) are assemblages of species that respond similarly to environmental conditions such as climate, soil, topography, geology, and hydrology.. Ecosystems (or ecological systems) represent recurring groups of biological communities that are found in similar physical environments and are influenced by similar dynamic ecological processes, such as  ...   rarity.. of.. plant associations.. and.. ecological systems.. occurring in Alaska.. Ecological systems have been described for Alaska in support of the.. National Vegetation Classification.. , which when completed will provide a hierarchal standard for the United States.. Plant associations documented as occurring in Alaska have been assessed with respect to conservation status and compiled in a publically-available database for use in land management and conservation applications.. Forest.. Herbaceous.. Shrub.. Projects.. LANDFIRE..

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  • Title: Zoology | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: The primary goal of the zoology program is to assimilate and synthesize information concerning rare and invasive species for use in land management and species conservation applications in Alaska.. Data.. Interactive Map.. Mammals.. Birds.. Amphibians Reptiles.. Fishes.. Invertebrates.. All Lists Combined.. Alaska Gap Analysis Project.. Alaska Herps Handbook.. Archiving Historic Bird Checklists from Southwest Alaska’s National Parks into eBird and AKN databases..

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  • Title: Botany Species Information | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: November 25, 2010.. The botany program develops (in consultation with other arctic and Alaska flora experts), maintains, and updates a list of vascular plant species and lichens that are rare in Alaska.. We assign these species conservation status ranks that adhere to protocols developed by our parent organization, NatureServe.. More information on Alaska s rare vascular plants and lichens can be accessed.. In addition, the botany program has compiled biographies for over half of the 350 non-native plant species that are known or  ...   state, has developed an invasive plant ranking system that helps evaluate the potential invasiveness and impacts of non-native plants to natural areas in Alaska (Carlson.. et al.. 2008).. With funding support from the US Forest Service, the Alaska Association of Conservation Districts and the University of Alaska we have ranked approximately 170 non-native plant species to date.. More information on Alaska s non-native plants can be accessed.. Map Plant Distributions.. Request Data.. Rare Plants.. Non-Native Plants.. Explore Data.. Submit Data.. Publications and Field Guides..

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  • Title: Staff | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: Administration.. Keith Boggs.. Director.. |.. 907-786-6353.. kwboggs@uaa.. Keith Boggs received a B.. S.. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana, and a M.. S in Ecology from Montana State University.. He is the program manager and an ecologist for the Alaska Natural Heritage Program (AKNHP) at the University of Alaska Anchorage.. His main duties are program development, staff supervision and planning and directing research projects.. These projects include ecosystem succession, plant association classifications, landcover maps, and ecoregional descriptions.. Theresa Rzeczycki.. Program Coordinator.. 907-786-6378.. tarzeczycki@uaa.. Theresa Rzeczycki has a BA in English/Business from Ithaca College in NY London; a BS in Natural Science/Geology from UAA; and is currently working on a MS in Biology at UAA.. Her research is focused on invasive plant impacts on nutrient cycling and invasibility.. She has worked in the field surveying invasives on roadside river corridors, and post fire burn areas throughout Alaska, and worked across the arctic on the North Slope Science Initiative Land Cover Mapping Project.. While not at work, Theresa stays unplugged off the radar.. Tina Boucher.. Ecologist.. 907-786-6384.. tboucher@uaa.. Tina Boucher received a BA in International Relations from Colgate University and an MS in Forest Ecology from Oregon State University.. Tina has worked as an ecologist with the Alaska Natural Heritage Program since 2005.. She specializes in landscape and plant community classification and has conducted mapping and classification projects across Alaska in partnership with several federal agencies.. Tina s research interests include characterizing the impact of landscape-scale disturbance (fire, spruce beetle, and other insects) on vegetation pattern and succession.. Jamie Trammel.. Landscape Ecologist.. 907-786-4865.. ejtrammell@uaa.. Jamie Trammell received his BA in Biology and Environmental Studies from Western State College of Colorado, an MS in Geography and a PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno.. His specialty is applying Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to complex landscapes, with a focus on socio-ecological interactions and conservation planning.. He has extensive experience in modeling past, current and future landscapes at local (wildlife refuge) to regional (northern rivers of Australia) to landscape (southwestern U.. ) scales using remote sensing and GIS.. In his free time, Jamie enjoys birdwatching, mountain biking, camping, fishing, and generally exploring the natural world with his family.. Lindsey Flagstad.. Assistant Ecologist.. 907-786-6386.. laflagstad@uaa.. Lindsey Flagstad received a B.. A.. in Geology from The Colorado College and a M.. in Biology from The University of Alaska Anchorage.. Lindsey specializes in vegetation mapping and invasive plant management.. Lindsey s masters research addressed the primary succession of plant and soil microorganism communities; her previous work experience includes geotechnical survey, wetland delineation and the NEPA process.. While not at work, Lindsey enjoys chasing after her two little boys and coop full of chickens.. Monica McTeague.. 907-786-6357.. mlmcteague@uaa.. Monica McTeague has a B.. in Botany and an M.. in Environmental Sciences and Policy from Northern Arizona University.. She specializes in plant ecology with experience in landscape ecology using remote sensing techniques, vegetation classification, and fluvial geomorphology.. She has worked extensively on vegetation mapping projects with the National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program.. While not at work, she enjoys exploring Alaska with her family, skiing, traveling, reading, gardening, cooking, and eating.. Tina Kuo.. Ecology Technician.. 907-786-6388.. ttkuo@uaa.. Tina T.. Kuo received a BS in Biological Science with minors in Chemistry, Environmental Studies, and a certificate in Geographic Information System from The University of Alaska Anchorage.. Tina specializes in working with ArcGIS, spatial analysis, land information system, and sustainability concepts.. She worked on GIS projects on mapping the hunger, poverty and unmet food need in Alaska and Anchorage for the Food Bank of Alaska, mapping physical characteristic of Cook Inlet basin, working with ecological survey data in Access, accuracy assessment, and multivariate regression.. While not at work, Tina enjoys studying the behavior of social insects, thermology, and astronomy.. Megumi Aisu.. Ecology student intern.. maisu@alaska.. Megumi Aisu received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chinese Philosophy from Hokkaido University in Japan and is currently working on a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environment Society at UAA.. She is working on diagrams and illustrations for various ecological projects, using Microsoft Office, Adobe software (including Illustrator and Photoshop) and Mapping software.. Megumi is interested in the concepts of ecology and looking forward to know about it more.. When not working, she enjoys playing the cello, hiking, cooking and learning Chinese.. Matt Carlson.. Assistant Professor / Program Botanist.. 907-786 6390 AKNHP / 907-786-1327 Biology Dept.. mlcarlson@uaa.. Matt Carlson received a BS in Biology and in Art from the Willamette University and a Ph.. D.. in Biology from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.. Matt has worked as a botanist with the Alaska Natural Heritage Program since 2002.. He has conducted floristic plant inventories across the state and manages the  ...   lcschneller@alaska.. Laura received a B.. in Mechanical Engineering from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and B.. in Languages from the University of Alaska Anchorage, and is currently working on an M.. in Biological Sciences at the University of Alaska Anchorage.. Her research investigates the impacts of invasive plants on plant-pollinator communities in interior Alaska.. Prior to this research, she gained field work experience working with arctic and alpine Alaskan plant ecology.. Casey Greenstein.. 907-786-6351.. cbgreenstein@uaa.. Casey received a B.. in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Biology and Environmental Studies from Green Mountain College in Vermont, and an M.. in Environmental Management from the University of San Francisco.. Her background includes horticulture, organic agriculture, habitat restoration, and invasive plant management.. At the Alaska Natural Heritage Program, Casey works on a variety of projects with the Botany and Aquatic Ecology departments.. Tracey Gotthardt.. Program Zoologist.. 907-786-6352.. tagotthardt@uaa.. Tracey Gotthardt received a BS in Biology from Radford University and an M.. S in Biology from the University of Alaska.. Tracey has been the AKNHP Program Zoologist since 2000 and has a strong commitment to biodiversity conservation.. She has designed and conducted surveys in aquatic and terrestrial environments in both remote and urban locations in Alaska, and has studied taxa ranging from seals, seabirds, landbirds, fishes amphibians, invertebrates, and more recently, invasive species.. She also has a keen interest in landscape level planning and is currently the coordinator for the Alaska Gap Analysis Project.. In her spare time she enjoys any and all activities outdoors, with her adorable son, River, in tow.. Kelly Walton.. Assistant Zoologist.. 907-786-6349.. kmwalton@uaa.. Kelly Walton has a B.. in Environmental Biology from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a M.. in Biology from the University of Alaska Anchorage.. She works with GIS and Access to compile information on rare species and to develop methods for ranking invasive species.. Kelly has a background in classifying and mapping moose habitat using remote sensing and assisting with nutritional studies on tame moose in Alaska.. She also has experience radio-tracking tortoises, trapping lizards, and using dendrochronology to understand the impacts of a forest pest on the growth of New England trees.. Miles Spathelf.. 907-786-6399 |.. mospathelf@uaa.. Miles Spathelf received a B.. in Evolution and Ecology from the Ohio State University and is currently a Ph.. Candidate in Conservation Biology from the Ohio State University.. His work focuses on global biodiversity prioritization using phylogenetic diversity as a key metric.. He uses GIS and database programs for mapping and ranking areas of high conservation value.. Miles also has experience working with Bald Eagles, Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, and migrants birds while at the Arizona Game and Fish Department.. While not at work Miles enjoys backpacking, birding, cooking, and spending time with his wife and pets.. Data Management.. Nancy Norvell.. Acting Data Manager.. 907-786-6385.. |.. nnorvell@uaa.. Nancy Norvell received a BS in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University.. She worked in the field biology world before focusing on GIS and databases.. Nancy worked in a variety of environments; avian studies on mid- Pacific Ocean islands, vegetation mapping in the Arctic, trapping shrews on the Pribilof Islands to bird-banding in the San Francisco Bay.. Horses, gardening, traveling and curiosity about the natural world keep her busy outside of work.. Dan Rinella.. Aquatic Ecologist.. 907-786-4963.. djrinella@uaa.. edu/a.. Dan Rinella has a B.. in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from Lake Superior State University, a M.. in Biology from Auburn University, and a Ph.. His work focuses on the ecology of Alaska’s fresh water ecosystems, including baseline biological surveys of water bodies throughout the state.. Dan Bogan.. 907-786-4964.. dlbogan@uaa.. Dan Bogan earned a BA in Botany and a Masters in Environmental Science from Miami University.. Dan s research focuses on biological water quality monitoring using diatom and macroinvertebrate community data.. He is also actively involved with watershed and water quality education and committed to forming water quality monitoring partnerships.. He also curls, packrafts, kayaks, skis, fishes, hunts, and plays double disc court.. Becky Shaftel.. 907-786-4965.. rsshaftel@uaa.. Rebecca has a BS in Earth Systems from Stanford University and a MS from Baylor University.. She grew up in Anchorage and returned in 2001.. Her background includes water quality assessments, wetlands and vegetation mapping, and stream ecology.. She is currently researching fish distributions, trends in abundance, and general ecology for projects in Western Alaska and Bristol Bay.. She enjoys skiing and hiking.. Dustin Merrigan.. dwmerrigan@alaska.. Dustin has a B.. in Environmental Sciences from Alaska Pacific University.. He have worked on research projects around the state of Alaska mapping physical habitats, surveying spawning salmon, sampling aquatic macroinvertebrate communities and studying overwintering juvenile coho salmon.. Dustin enjoys most activities that are on or near water in either its solid or liquid states..

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  • Title: Contact us | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
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  • Title: admin | Alaska Natural Heritage Program
    Descriptive info: Author Archives:.. test where am i going.. February 11, 2011.. Posted in.. Test category.. December 10, 2010.. Major funding from: NPS, Southwest Alaska Network The Southwest Alaska Network (SWAN) of the National Park Service (NPS) is assessing status and monitoring long-term trends of key natural resources or vital signs in its five national park units, including Alagnak.. Continue reading.. Zoology projects.. Hello world!.. September 22, 2010.. Welcome to WordPress.. This is your first post.. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!.. Uncategorized.. 1 Comment..

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