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  • Title: Southern Appalachian Botanical Society
    Descriptive info: .. Membership:.. Membership Information.. Membership Application (printable.. MS Word.. ).. About SABS:.. Awards.. Constitution.. (as pdf).. By-laws.. SABS History.. published in.. Castanea.. 51(4): 247-262.. Endowment other Funds.. Officers.. Committees.. Merchandise.. Publications:.. CASTANEA -.. *.. Castanea: Journal of the Southern Appalachian.. Botanical Society.. Castanea: Occasional Papers In Eastern Botany.. *Online.. manuscript submission.. for.. Placing an ad.. in.. (pdf).. webpage at Allen Press.. CHINQUAPIN -.. Chinquapin.. Links related to SABS:.. American Institute of Biological Sciences.. (AIBS).. Association of Southeastern Biologists.. (ASB).. The Society of Herbarium Curators.. (SHC).. Southern Appalachian.. Botanical Society.. publishing.. since 1936.. The Southern Appalachians.. - the nonglaciated mountainous areas of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and southwestern New York form an evolutionary center for native plant diversity for the northern temperate regions of the world.. In 1935.. The Southern Appalachian Botanical Club.. was formed at West Virginia University  ...   are interested in eastern botany, in the journal, and in the activities of the society.. Article by A.. B.. Brooks, 1937 on the American Chestnut tree,.. Castanea dentata.. 2(5): 61-67.. To view the.. Table of Contents.. from issues of the journal, Volume 1 (1936),.. click here.. Announcements.. :.. Starting in 2012, SABS membership categories now reflect how.. will be delivered to members.. Annual memberships will allow for electronic access to all issues of.. , volume 1 to current.. For an additional charge you may continue to receive the printed version of the journal.. Through an agreement with.. BioOne.. , SABS members may gain free access all.. articles published since 2004.. To gain access,.. ; you will then be prompted for a username and password.. If you do not know the username and password, please drop an e-mail to.. Charles Horn.. contact.. webmaster.. | last updated 4 September 2012..

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  • Title: SABS Membership
    Descriptive info: ABOUT OUR ORGANIZATION.. individual membership categories.. |.. membership application.. (MS Word) |.. library subscription information.. The Southern Appalachians.. the nonglaciated mountainous areas of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and southwestern New York form an evolutionary center for native plant diversity for the northern temperate regions of the world.. was formed at West Virginia University for "all persons interested in the botany of the Southern Appalachian Mountains" and in January 1936 the first issue of their journal was issues as The Journal of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Club.. Today, the name and purpose has changed slightly to the.. Membership in the society includes about 600 professional and amateur botanists and members may be found in many of the eastern states as well as a number of the central and western states.. Publications and Activities.. SABS publishes.. , a quarterly journal of botanical research with emphasis on plants in their natural environment.. Although much is known about plants, much still remains to be discovered about the habitat requirements and the actual geographic ranges of the many native species of eastern North America.. permits public communication of current scientific information about plants.. Articles cover such diverse topics as documentation of rare and endangered plants, flora of specific regions, changes in species distributions, and the ecological analysis of vegetation types such as grasslands, cedar glades, or deciduous forests.. The immediate beneficiaries are the individual members of SABS, but the approximately 200 institutional members make the  ...   some time a meeting will be close to most members.. The meetings combine the presentation of diverse papers on botanical subjects with field trips led by local experts.. Through SABS's outreach program, members volunteer to help interpret botanical wonders.. The major outreach thrust is the Wildflower Pilgrimage in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where about half of the leaders are SABS members.. Special Awards to Assist Botanists.. The.. Richard and Minnie Windler Award.. has been established to reward outstanding research in the area of systematic botany.. This award is given annually for the best article published in the pages of.. Since 1997 the society has been helping fund student research projects through the.. Earl Core Student Research Award.. Students may submit a research proposal that is then reviewed by a panel of professional botanists.. Both of these awards are announced at the annual meeting in April.. Opportunities for Special Support.. SABS recognizes the need for financial support beyond that provided by membership dues and subscriptions and so provides two categories of giving.. The SABS Endowment Fund was established to provide long-term support for the publishing of.. The principle of the endowment cannot be invaded and interest will be used only to aid in the production and distribution of the journal.. Earl Core Student Award Fund.. , named after the society's founder, was established to aid the society and currently is being transformed into an endowment fund to support student research projects.. SABS.. home page.. | updated 17 December 2011..

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  • Title: SABS Awards description
    Descriptive info: SOCIETY SPONSORED AWARDS.. The Southern Appalachian Botanical Society presents four awards annually at its April meeting.. ELIZABETH ANN BARTHOLOMEW AWARD.. The Society annually presents this Award in memory of Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew's untiring service to the public, to plant systematics, and to this organization.. This award is presented to individuals who have also distinguished themselves in professional and public service that advances our knowledge and appreciation of the world of plants and their scientific, cultural, and aesthetic values, and/or exceptional service to the society.. The first Batholomew Award was presented to Aaron J.. Sharp in 1989.. more information.. EARL CORE STUDENT AWARD.. Dr.. Earl Core was a major force in the founding of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Club in 1935.. The  ...   is designated for the best systematics paper published during the preceding year within our journal.. It was established by Dr.. Don Windler as a memorial to his parents.. The first award was presented to Martha Carolina Easley and Walter S.. Judd for their article published in volume 55 of.. (1990).. STUDENT PRESENTATION AWARDS.. The newest of the SABS awards was started at the annual meeting in April 2011.. Each year we will present two awards as follows:.. S.. ABS Outstanding Student Poster Award.. SABS Outstanding Student Contributed.. Paper Award.. Each award includes an honorarium of $150, and the winners are announced at the Association of Southeastern Biologists banquet.. more information.. SABS home page.. | contact.. | last updated 15 December 2011..

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  • Title: SABS endowment
    Descriptive info: THE CASTANEA ENDOWMENT FUND.. HISTORY OF THE SABS ENDOWMENT.. The function of the.. Endowment is to provide long-term financial security for the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society.. The society established the endowment in 1984 and began to solicit funds from its members.. In 1985 the society contributed $5,000 from it's treasury to form an investment base and a goal of $200,000 was set for the fund.. Pledges of $300 were solicited to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the organization in 1986.. It was envisioned that the goal would be reached in a few years.. By the end of 1990, after seven years of donations, the society had only accumulated 8.. 5% of the $200,000.. Under the supervision, encouragement, and relentless  ...   At that point, the total of the membership contributions had reached $149,910 with the rest of the funds coming from dividends and interest to the endowment accounts.. As of January 1, 2007 the endowment was valued at $236,145.. 70.. List of contributors.. Make a Contribution!.. A NEW ENDOWMENT DRIVE.. Recently, the SABS Council has recognized that the society funds are not enought to support to spirit of the Earl Core Student Award.. As a result, we are undertaking an endowment drive to get the Earl Core Student Award Endowment up to $30,000.. As of April 2007, the fund stood at $18,798.. Make a contribution to the Earl Core Fund.. back to SABS.. | this page last updated 03 September 2007..

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  • Title: SABS Officers and Committees
    Descriptive info: SOCIETY.. OFFICERS.. AND COUNCIL.. Note: all.. officers.. are elected by the membership and have terms as listed.. Click here for a.. historical listing of officers.. PRESIDENT (2012-2014).. Note: the President becomes Past President at the end of his/her term.. Wendy Zomlefer.. 2502 Plant Sciences.. University of Georgia.. Athens, GA 30602.. Phone.. : 706-583-0389.. E-mail.. :.. wendyz@plantbio.. uga.. edu.. PRESIDENT-ELECT ().. Note: the President-elect becomes President at the end of his/her term.. Currently there is no president-elect.. This position will be elected and announced at the April 2013 business meeting.. PAST PRESIDENT (2012-2013).. Lytton Musselman.. Department of Biological Sciences.. Old Dominion University.. Norfolk, VA 23529.. 757-683-3597.. lmusselm@odu.. TREASURER (2010-2014).. Biology Department, Newberry College.. 2100 College Street.. Newberry, SC 29108.. :  ...   above.. , the Editor-in-Chief for.. , the editor of.. , and three at-large members.. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF.. CASTANEA.. John Pascarella.. (2010-2013).. College of Sciences, Sam Houston State University.. Box 2209.. Huntsville, TX 77341.. 936-294-140.. 1.. jbpascarella@shsu.. EDITOR OF.. CHINQUAPIN.. Dan Pittillo.. (interim).. 675 Cane Creek Road.. Sylva, NC 28779.. : 828-293-9661.. dpittillo@gmail.. MEMBERS-AT-LARGE TO COUNCIL.. (two year terms).. Edgar B.. Lickey.. (2011-2013).. Bridgewater College.. 402 E.. College St.. , Box 125.. Bridgewater, VA 22812.. : 540-828-5426.. elickey@bridgewater.. Mac Alford.. (2012-2014).. 118 College Drive # 5018.. University of Southern Mississippi.. Hattisburg, MS 39406.. : 601-266-6531.. mac.. alford@usm.. Richard Carter.. (2012-2014).. Biology Department.. Valdosta State University.. Valdosta, GA 31698.. Phone:.. 229-333-5763.. E-mail:.. rcarter@valdosta.. back to.. | this page last updated 15 October 2012..

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  • Title: SABS Committees
    Descriptive info: COMMITTEES.. [Note: This page is in the process of being updated.. ].. All committees are as established in the.. bylaws (2010).. of the society.. The committee membership listed below is for xx-xx.. A.. Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award Committee.. shall consist of three members appointed for terms of three years, with a member appointed annually and serving as Chairman in the third year of her/his term.. This award is presented to individuals who have distinguished themselves in professional and public service that advances our knowledge and appreciation of the world of plants and their scientific, cultural, and aesthetic values.. Each year the committee shall solicit nominations and select the recipient of the Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew Award.. More on the Bartholomew Award committee.. Endowment Committee.. shall consist of a Chairman and four members appointed for terms of indefinite length.. The Committee shall devise and implement methods for increasing the endowment.. Chair.. Members.. C.. Finance Committee.. shall consist of the President-Elect, the Secretary-Treasurer, and two additional members one of whom shall be the appointed Chairman.. The committee shall advise the Council on all matters regarding financial policies, commitments, and investments of the organization.. D.. Nominating Committee.. shall consist of the Past President, the outgoing member of the Editorial Board,  ...   may be appointed to the committee to serve in an advisory capacity.. The recipient(s) of the Richard and Minnie Windler Award shall be the author(s) of the best systematic botany paper published the preceding year in.. The committee shall select the recipient(s) and present the award at the annual meeting.. More on the Windler Award committee.. F.. Symposium Committee.. shall consist of a chair and two members.. The chair shall be selected biannually by Council at its Spring meeting and shall be for a term of at least two years.. The committee shall select and present to Council potential symposium topics and speakers for approval at the fall meeting.. Symposia do not need to be proposed every year.. G.. Earl Core Student Award Committee.. shall consist of three members selected by the president, each serving a three year term and staggered such that one new member is selected each year.. The recipients of the award shall be selected from students who submit a research proposal.. Both the student and their research advisor shall be members of the society.. The committee shall select the recipient(s) and present a monetary award at the annual meeting.. More on the Core Award committee.. | this page last updated 21 December 2011..

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  • Title: SABS Merchandise available
    Descriptive info: MERCHANDISE.. Please conact Charles Horn if you are interested in any of the below items.. OLDER DESIGN T-SHIRTS.. A limited supply of the old T-shirts and polo-shirts are available at a discount price of $5 + shipping ($1 for 1-3 shirts, $2 for more).. We have:.. * long sleeve T-shirts (XL and XXL); beige with large SABS logo on back.. * short sleeve polo shirts (XL and XXL); beige with a small SABS logo on the front left paket area.. We also have some of the old SABS mugs.. The cost is $10, including postage.. 75TH ANNIVERSARY MATERIALS.. 2011 will be the 75th anniversry of the first publication of.. Will will commemorate the joyous event with T-shirts, mugs, hats and buttons.. The new hats and mugs ar available.. Mugs are $10.. The hats are one-size-fits-all and have  ...   meeting in Huntsville, AL and will be posted here on the website shortly afterwards.. SPECIAL ISSUES OF CASTANEA.. Over the last few years SABS has published several special Symposium issues.. These include:.. *.. Contributions of the Barrens Symposium.. ;.. volume 59, issue 3 (September 1994) - out of print.. Vegetation of the Blue Ridge Province.. volume 63, issue 3 (September 1998) - $15.. Southeastern Endemics: Speciation and Biogeography.. volume 66, issues 1-2 (March/June 2001) - $20.. Please contact.. if you are interested in ordering.. For information on other issues of.. , including the Table of Contents from each issue since 1997,.. CASTANEA: OCCASIONAL PAPERS IN EASTERN BOTANY.. This addition to.. was established in 2003 to supplement the journal with either lengthy manuscripts or papers from special symposia.. For more details,.. | this page last updated 12 April 2010..

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  • Title: Castanea, journal of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society
    Descriptive info: The Journal of the.. LINKS.. Subscriptions membership.. Submit a manuscript.. Contact.. editors.. Find an article in.. (including Table of Contents).. Castanea: Occasional Papers.. in Eastern Botany.. The Southern Appalachian Botanical Society.. publishes papers relating to the botany of the Eastern United States.. In addition, as the official publication of the Society, news and information of interest to the membership is also contained within the pages of this quarterly publication.. The journal was first started in 1936.. The journal name.. comes from the genus of chestnuts that must have been fresh in the minds of the founders of the Society when it was established.. The Chestnut blight ravaged the  ...   to 35% of the forests of the Eastern United States.. Please read an early journal article on.. Beginning in 2003, SABS started a new series entitled:.. Castanea: Occasional Papers in Eastern Botany.. This new publication, as a supplement to.. , will allow for publication of long manuscripts not appropriate for a regular issue of.. , collections of shorter manuscripts that treat topics not usually published in.. , and proceedings arising from symposia and conferences.. Publication will be irregular.. We accept botanically-oriented ads within the pages of.. Please see our current.. information sheet.. with journal data and details on how to submit an ad.. | last updated 18 December 2011..

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  • Title: Castanea- Occasional papers in Eastern Botany
    Descriptive info: Southern Appalachian Botanical Society.. in Eastern Botany.. was established in January 2003 and features long manuscripts not appropriate for a regular issue of.. (.. Guidelines for potential authors.. ).. Number 1.. (December 2002) - $15.. Foundations of Southeastern Botany: An Annotated Bibliography of Southeastern American Botanical Explorers Prior to 1824.. by Ronald W.. Gilmour.. Number 2.. (December 2004,.. published May 2006.. ) - $15.. Proceedings of the Andre Michaux International Symposium.. editor, Michael  ...   of Kentucky Woody Plants.. by Ross C.. Clark and Timothy J.. Weckman.. Copies of an issue of.. are available from the Treasurer,.. Special offer: you may purchase Occasional Papers #1, 2 and 3 for $45.. To purchase, please write a check to "Southern Appalachian Botanical Society" and send to Charles Horn, Biology Department, Newberry College, 2100 College Street, Newberry, SC 29108.. return to SABS.. | more about.. | last updated 02 December 2008..

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  • Title: Publish
    Descriptive info: LINKS.. Castanea.. Castanea: Occasional Papers.. PROCEDURE FOR SUBMITTING A MANUSCRIPT TO.. CASTANEA.. STEP 1.. - Review the guidelines for publication.. Please look at the.. Instructions for Contributors.. (a printable MS Word document) [revised December 2009].. STEP 2.. - Prepare your manuscript.. Save the file in.. Word.. ,.. WordPerfect.. , or.. Rich Text.. format.. Please do.. not.. submit your manuscript as a pdf (Adobe).. Use proper citation methods as outlined in the document.. Format for Literature Cited in.. (a printable MS Word document).. All tables and figures must be in electronic format.. Figures should be saved as TIFF, EPS, PDF, or JPG files.. STEP 3.. - Submit your manuscript electronically to Allen Press.. The link to get started is:.. http://castanea.. allentrack2.. net/cgi-bin/main.. plex.. If you have not been to the site before, you will need to  ...   journal.. Your manuscript will be checked by at least two reviewers and one of our editors.. The process will result in your manuscript being either:.. 1) accepted with minor revisions, 2) accepted after major revisions, or 3) rejected in its current format.. In any case you will have an opportunity for revision and resubmission within a clearly defined time frame.. STEP 5.. - Once accepted, the manuscript will be slated for publication in a future issue of.. Our managing editor is Jean Baldwin.. She can be contacted at.. jbaldwin@allenpress.. At that point you will need to arrange for payment of page charges.. If you have questions at any point in the process, please contact our Editor-in-Chief:.. College of Sciences, Sam Houston State University, Box 2209, Huntsville, TX 77341.. : 936-294-1401.. | last updated 9 July 2012..

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  • Title: Chinquapin
    Descriptive info: is the.. Newsletter.. of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society and is published four times a year.. It has now become an extremely important means of communication with and for the members.. It carries sections on letters to the editor, endowment news, wild ideas, botanical gardens, notes on specific plants, botanical excursions and other topics.. The name.. is the Indian name for.. Castanea pumila.. (L.. ) Miller.. ,.. the dwarf chestnut, a smaller member of  ...   issues of.. available as pdfs:.. Spring 2011:.. 91(1).. | Summer 2011:.. 19(2).. | Fall 2011:.. 19(3).. | Winter 2011: 19(4).. Archives:.. Volumes 1-18.. If you are not a member and would like a free copy of the current issue.. sent to you, please e-mail your name and address to.. , or send him a note at Biology Department, Newberry College, 2100 College St.. , Newberry, SC 29108.. | this page last updated 14 January 2012..

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