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  • Title: Astronomy and Steward Observatory - The University of Arizona
    Descriptive info: .. UA Science Home.. Home.. Academic Program.. Outreach.. People.. News.. Research.. Resources.. Contacts.. News from the Mt.. Lemmon SkyCenter.. When our universe smiles for the camera.. Adam Block knows what visitors are about to see in his telescope won't look like the pretty pictures he sells in the gift shop.. more.. Adam Block and the Cosmic Canvas.. Adam Block has been selected to receive the Advanced Imaging Conference Hubble Award.. Comet Discovered at Mt.. Amateur astronomer discovers a comet using telescope at Mt.. Classroom on the Mountaintop.. Pacifica Sommers created a curriculum to allow students to explore the environment on Mt.. Lemmon.. Bok Fellowship.. The Department of Astronomy/Steward Observatory is soliciting applications for The Bart J.. Bok Fellowship in Astronomy and Astrophysics.. view flier.. view list of previous Bok Fellows.. Astronomical Facility Tours.. Tucson and various nearby mountaintops in Southern Arizona are especially active in astronomy and have many related attractions.. In the News.. Recently published news articles  ...   October he won a John D.. and Catherine T.. MacArthur Foundation 'genius grant' of US$500,000.. Decade's premier astronomy project being developed in Tucson.. The top-ranked astronomical project of the next decade is being developed in Tucson.. The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope, or LSST, promises a faster, wider, deeper look at our cosmos.. Departmental Overview.. The Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory on the campus of the University of Arizona form one of the world's leading astronomy research organizations.. Faculty Search.. The Department of Astronomy/Steward Observatory at the University of Arizona anticipates filling at least one tenure-track and/or tenured faculty position.. view flyer.. 2011 Annual Research Report Now Available.. 2010 Annual Research Report.. Steward Observatory/ NOAO Joint Colloquium Series.. Joint Colloquium Podcasts.. Theoretical Astrophysics Colloquium.. Public Evenings.. Public Lecture Podcasts.. Master List of Talks.. Future Events.. A full version of the Calendar of Upcoming Events is available.. here.. 2012 The Arizona Board of Regents.. All contents copyrighted.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Astronomy Academic Program
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the web site for the Department of Astronomy at the University of Arizona.. Our department offers one of the top astronomy academic programs in the world, with undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as a broad selection of general education courses.. The department is directly associated with Steward Observatory, one of the world's leading astronomical research centers.. All of our faculty members hold joint teaching and research appointments between the Astronomy Department and  ...   and graduate programs, our course offerings, our faculty, staff, and graduate students, research facilities and opportunities, and links to other astronomical and University web sites.. Browse the Steward Observatory web site for other information about the research being carried out at the University of Arizona and links to even more sites.. Class Schedule.. Graduate Program.. How to Apply.. Undergraduate Major Program.. Undergraduate Minor Program.. General Education.. Faculty.. Astronomy at Orvieto.. 2011 The Arizona Board of Regents..

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  • Title: Outreach Programs
    Descriptive info: Outreach Programs.. Astronomy is perhaps unique among the sciences in that it so dramatically captures our imagination, excites our curiosity, inspires our sense of wonder and awe.. all reflected in the simple beauty of the night sky.. Sharing this wonder is the foundation for public outreach programs at Steward Observatory.. Just as scientific endeavors depend critically upon public support via institutes like NASA and the National Science Foundation, the Tucson astronomical community returns to the public both scientific progress and unique educational experiences.. These public outreach programs are described below:.. Astronomy Camp.. Astronomy Camp offers an opportunity for campers to experience the universe in a new and exciting way.. Astronomy Camp offers a hands-on astronomy experience under a dark sky using a 12-inch Meade LX-200 telescope, the 20- and 16-inch Ritchey-Chretien telescopes, and the WIYN 0.. 9m telescope on Kitt Peak.. Depending on the camp, acesss to research-class telescopes on other mountains is also available.. Astronomy Camp participants interact with scientists and actually become astronomers during the camp.. Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory.. The Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory, located under Arizona Stadium, now offers tours to the public.. This tour will provide visitors with a behind the scenes look at cutting-edge optical technology and the revolutionary spin-casting processes that are involved in making giant telescope mirrors, from construction of the mold, to spin casting, grinding and polishing.. Mt.. Lemmon Sky Center.. Lemmon SkyCenter is a new public program initiative by the University of Arizona to make the world of astronomy and other sciences more accessible to Southern Arizona and its visitors by moving science off campus with hands-on-programs high atop Mt.. For the Summer of 2012 the Arizona in Italy - Orvieto program offers four Astronomy courses taught by UA Astronomy faculty..  ...   the general public.. NASA Center for Astronomy Education.. The Center for Astronomy Education is a program supported by contributions of the NASA JPL Exoplanet Exploration Public Engagement Program and the Spitzer Education and Public Outreach Program.. It is dedicated to the professional development of introductory astronomy instructors.. University of Arizona Science and Mathematics Education Center (SAMEC).. The mission of the Science and Mathematics Education Center (SAMEC) is to support, facilitate and promote collaboration among members of The University of Arizona, community colleges and local school districts, facilitating collective integration of UA science, mathematics, engineering and technology research into K-16 education.. Tours.. History of Steward Observatory.. Additional Outreach Programs.. Additional astronomy outreach programs in the region include:.. Project Astro.. Project ASTRO forms the core of the National Optical Astronomy Observatory s highly successful regional educational outreach program.. The Program s core element is the partnering of volunteer professional and amateur astronomers with K-12 teachers and community educators who want to enrich their astronomy and science teaching.. Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association.. The Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association brings the joy and excitement to astronomy through public programs, membership activities, and community outreach events.. Meetings are held every first Friday of the month (except holidays) at 6:30pm in the Steward Observatory Lecture Hall on the University of Arizona campus.. Meetings are free and open to the public, and membership is open to anyone interested in astronomy.. University of Arizona Astronomy Club.. The Astronomy Club's goal is to inspire and assist anybody with a passion or interest in astronomy and science.. We provide opportunities to work on astronomy projects with other students and astronomers who care deeply about astronomy education.. Please visit our website to learn more about us, or to join the club!.. History of Steward..

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  • Title: Steward Observatory - People
    Descriptive info: Steward Observatory and the Department of Astronomy employ more than 300 faculty, technical staff, and graduate students.. Search.. the department phone list.. Post Docs.. Graduate Students.. Group and Telescope Directory.. Master Department List.. (.. PDF print version.. ).. Postdocs.. Graduate Students A-G.. Graduate Students H-Q.. Graduate Students R-Z.. Master Departmental List.. 2009 The Arizona Board of Regents..

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  • Title: Astronomy and Steward Observatory - In the News
    Descriptive info: Steward Home.. Next.. >.. By Daniel Stolte, University Communivcations, (10/30/12).. Dedicated only six months ago as the nation s largest instrument of its kind devoted to public outreach and citizen science, the 32-inch Schulman Telescope at the Mt.. Lemmon SkyCenter has shown that it can do more than offer awe-inspiring glimpses into the universe to those who travel up the mountain to participate in a public program about objects in the night sky.. By Daniel Stolte, University Communivcations, (10/29/12).. Adam Block, astrophotographer and astronomy educator with the University of Arizona's Mt.. Lemmon SkyCenter, has been selected to receive the Advanced Imaging Conference Hubble Award to honor his work in bringing the cosmos to the people.. Block received the award at the annual Advanced Imaging Conference held Oct.. 26-28 in San Jose, Calif.. New Study Brings Doubted Exoplanet 'Back From the Dead'.. By Francis Reddy/NASA and Daniel Stolte/UANews, (10/25/12).. Taking a second look at data from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, a team of astronomers including University of Arizona graduate student Timothy Rodigas has reanimated the claim that the nearby star Fomalhaut hosts a massive exoplanet.. Their findings suggest that the planet, named Fomalhaut b, is a rare and possibly unique object that is completely shrouded by dust.. How Galaxies Grow Up.. By Francis Reddy/Goddard Space Flight Center and Daniel Stolte/UANews, (10/19/12).. Galaxies are in no hurry to grow up, a team of astronomers has discovered.. A comprehensive study of hundreds of galaxies observed by the Keck telescopes in Hawaii and NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has revealed an unexpected pattern of change that extends back 8 billion years, or more than half the age of the universe.. Seeking the Earliest Galaxies with Cosmic Telescopes.. By Shelley Littin, University Communications, (10/16/12).. The University of Arizona is renowned for making some of the world s largest and most precise optics for some of the world s greatest telescopes.. Now, UA scientists are making use of lenses that defy human ability to build: They are made up of clusters of galaxies and dark matter.. UA MacArthur Fellow Brings Alien Worlds to Your Backyard.. By Daniel Stolte, University Communications, (10/02/12).. University of Arizona astronomer and optical scientist Olivier Guyon has been named a 2012 MacArthur Fellow for his contributions and creative potential toward the study of planets outside the solar system and for his vision of involving the public in their discovery.. Looking Into the Abyss of Space and Time.. By Jennifer Chu, MIT, and Daniel Stolte, UANews, (09/27/12).. The point of no return: In astronomy, it s known as a black hole a region in space where the pull of gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape.. At the heart of most galaxies may reside black holes that can be billions of times more massive than our sun.. Such supermassive black holes are so powerful that activity at their boundary can ripple throughout their host galaxies.. UA Astronomers Help Identify Biggest, Brightest Galaxy Cluster.. By Jennifer Chu, MIT, and Daniel Stolte, University Communications, (08/16/12).. University of Arizona astronomers have helped identify the brightest and most rapidly star-forming galaxy cluster to date, as part of a multi-institution team led by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.. Largest Ever 3-D Map of the Universe Published with UA Help.. By Daniel Stolte, University Communications, (08/08/12).. The largest ever three-dimensional map of massive galaxies and distant black holes has been published by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III, or SDSS-III, with help from the University of Arizona.. It will bring astronomers closer to explaining the mysterious dark matter and dark energy believed to make up 96 percent of the universe.. Eyeing a Supermassive Black Hole.. By Daniel Stolte, University Communications, (07/27/12).. Combining radio telescopes in Arizona, Chile and Hawaii, an international team of astronomers has observed the area around a supermassive black hole with unprecedented sharpness - 2 million times finer than human vision.. Hubble spots spiral galaxy that shouldn't exist.. By Thomas H.. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times, (07/18/12).. Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered the oldest known spiral galaxy, a 10.. 7-billion-year-old anomaly that by all rights shouldn't exist.. The galaxy was present in the early universe, about 3 billion years after the Big Bang, at a time when galaxies were still forming and normally looked clumpy and irregular.. Making Mirrors for the Sun.. Daniel Stolte, University Communications, (07/05/12).. With $1.. 5 million from the Department of Energy, UA researchers are continuing to improve  ...   will speak during this year's graduation ceremonies.. Amateur Astronomers to 'Target Asteroids!'.. Lori Stiles, UA Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, April 18, 2012.. Researchers on NASA's robotic asteroid sample return mission, OSIRIS-REx, are turning to amateur astronomers for new data on near-Earth asteroids in a citizen science observing campaign called Target Asteroids! Amateur astronomers are about to make observations that will affect current and future space missions to asteroids.. For UA Astronomy Students, the Sky is Not the Limit.. Shelley Littin, NASA Space Grant Intern, University Communications, April 12, 2012.. UA astronomy students Kevin Hardegree-Ullman and Jake Turner designed, proposed, conducted and presented research on two recently discovered planets outside of our solar system while they were still undergraduates.. Photo Slideshow: The Magnificent Beauty of Minerals.. UANews, April 10, 2012.. Kenneth Don, an electronic technical services specialists at UA Steward Observatory, takes high-definition images of micromount gems, metals and mineral specimens.. Some of them are rare, and all are too small to view clearly with the human eye.. A self-taught photographer, Don produces the images for UA scientists and also volunteers for community organizations.. Astrophysicist Fang Lizhi Spent Two Decades at UA.. University Communications, April 09, 2012.. Fang Lizhi, a major voice for human rights and democracy and a pioneering scientist in his native China, continued to advance the field of astrophysics at the UA for more than 20 years before he died last week.. Sky Survey Maps Universe in 3D.. Daniel Stolte, University Communications, March 30, 2012.. Researchers with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey have made the most extensive 3D map of galaxies to date, which will help unraveling the nature of the mysterious dark energy that pulls the cosmos apart ever faster.. Brewer's 1st veto of year rejects electronic billboards.. Mary Jo Pitzl, Arizona Republic News, March 28, 2012.. Gov.. Jan Brewer used her veto pen Wednesday to shield Arizona's astronomy industry from the glow of electronic billboards, rejecting a bill that would have legalized the digital boards.. It was her first veto of the year and underscored her commitment to what she called "Arizona's unique position as a national leader in astronomy and stargazing.. ".. Echoes of The Big Bang.. Manjit Kumar, The Wall Street Journal, March 27, 2012.. "The theory is beautiful beyond comparison" is how Albert Einstein modestly described his theory of gravity, known as general relativity.. He believed that "scarcely anyone who fully understands this theory can escape its magic.. " In the years since 1916, when he published a paper setting out the theory, few have disagreed, yet buried within his greatest achievement was also what Einstein considered "my greatest blunder.. Even using just 1 of its 2 eyes, UA telescope redefines 'sharp'.. Tom Beal, The Arizona Daily Star, March 16, 2012.. Astronomers working at the Large Binocular Telescope on Mount Graham released a flurry of scientific papers Thursday to highlight images that, as predicted, are three times sharper than those gathered by the Hubble Space Telescope, using just one of the massive telescope's binocular eyes.. Keeping an Eye on the Universe.. University Communications, January 12, 2012.. The UA's Catalina Sky Survey keeps a watchful eye on asteroids that might cross the Earth's path.. A byproduct of that effort is the largest database compiling the brightnesses of 200 million objects in the universe, including supernovae and stars torn up by super-massive black holes.. Close Encounter of the Rocky Kind.. Daniel Stolte, University Communications, November 4, 2011.. Discovered by a UA astronomer six years ago, a city-block sized space rock will race past the Earth closer than the moon in what will be the closest encounter of an object of this size in more than 60 years.. My Daily Read: Chris Impey.. Evan R.. Goldstein for The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 19, 2011.. I read The New York Times and NPR online every morning, either getting up to peruse them over breakfast, or lounging in bed and using my iPhone.. Resisting the urge to open the Pandora's Box of email first thing is very important, although some days, I'll admit, I fail.. More occasionally, I'll go to the BBC online for a more global perspective.. Astro 101: The Last Science Class.. January 24, 2011; University Communications, Shelley Littin, NASA Space Grant intern.. Each year, nearly a half-million U.. S.. university students, most majoring in areas other than science, take a general-education Earth and space-science course.. 2.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. See News Videos.. Return to Home Page..

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  • Title: Astronomy Research
    Descriptive info: Steward Observatory offers an exceptionally rich environment for astronomical research.. In addition to the many researchers in the Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory, the proximity of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, Physics Department, College of Optical Sciences, and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory gives Tucson one of the largest concentrations of astronomers and allied scientists in the world.. There are a number of interest groups that  ...   Formation Group.. This group meets alternate Mondays in N305 at noon.. Steward / NOAO Galaxy Group.. Extreme Astrophysics Group.. This group meets every Monday at 3pm in N450.. Interdisciplinary Programs.. Information on the Theoretical Astrophysics Program and the Astrobiology Center can be found here.. Research Facilities.. Ground Based Telescopes.. Mirror Laboratory.. Laboratories.. Space Projects.. Next Generation Telescopes.. Telescopes.. Theoretical Astrophysics Program.. 2007 The Arizona Board of Regents..

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  • Title: Steward_Resources
    Descriptive info: Business Office.. The Steward Observatory Business office is located in the Annex building.. It provides support for the business activities of the department.. This link provides information about the Business Office and related policies and forms.. Computational Facilities.. Information about the computing environment and support at Steward Observatory can be found at this link.. Departmental Overview Document.. The Departmental Overview gives a concise description of the many programs and capabilities within the Department of Astonomy and Steward Observatory.. Job Openings.. Job openings at Steward Observatory can be found at this link.. Libraries and Science Center.. The Parker Room, the Astronomy Departmental Library, is located  ...   Center, located at the corner of Cherry St.. and the University Mall provides programs on astronomy and the sciences for the general public and the public schools.. The Flandrau Planetarium is also available for use in Undergraduate Astronomy courses.. The instrument projects all stars visible to the unaided eye (6.. 5 magnitude) on a 50-foot dome.. Safety.. Steward Observatory is committed to excellence in the areas of environment, safety, and security.. This link provides information related to maintaining a safe workplace.. Steward Observatory Newsletter.. College of Science undergraduate research website.. Telescopes Schedules and Forms.. Useful Astronomy Links.. Telescope Schedules and Forms.. Useful Astronomical Links..

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  • Title: Department of Astronomy and Steward Observatory Contacts
    Descriptive info: Contact Information.. Phone: (520) 621-2288.. Fax: (520) 621-1532.. Mailing Address.. Department of Astronomy/Steward Observatory.. 933 North Cherry Avenue, Rm.. N204.. Tucson, AZ 85721-0065.. Shipping Address.. Steward Observatory Annex.. 1540 East Second Street.. Tucson, AZ 85721-0064.. Undergraduate Program Contact.. Professor John Bieging.. Graduate Program Contact.. Professor Ann Zabludoff.. For website-related issues contact.. webmaster@as.. arizona.. edu.. Maps..

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  • Title: Previous Bok Fellows
    Descriptive info: Previous Bok Fellows.. Roger Angel 1973-74, Professor, Univ of Arizona, member National Academy of Sciences.. Harvey Butcher 1974-76, Director, Mt.. Stromlo & Siding Spring Observatory.. Paul Schechter 1976-78, Professor, MIT, member National Academy of Sciences.. Charles Lada 1978-80, Astronomer, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.. Tim Heckman 1980-81, Professor, Johns Hopkins.. Wil van Breugel 1982-83, Astronomer, Lawrence Livermore National Labs.. Dan  ...   Neal Katz 1989-90, Professor, University of Massachusetts.. Gary Bernstein 1991-94, Professor, University of Pennsylvania.. Julio Navarro 1994-98, Professor, University of Massachusetts.. Chuck Keeton 1998-01, Assistant Professor, Rutgers University.. Michiel Hogerheijde 2001-04, Universitair Docent (Assistant Professor), Leiden University, the Netherlands.. Yancy Shirley 2005-08, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona.. Dean Townsley 2008-10, Assistant Professor, University of Alabama Tuscaloosa.. Desika Narayanan 2010-Present..

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  • Title: Tours
    Descriptive info: They are listed below and include references to talks that occur during the academic year.. Each of the websites listed should have the information needed to schedule tours - including contact numbers.. The Mt.. Lemmon SkyCenter, located just north of Tucson on the summit of Mt.. Lemmon, is a unique science learning center.. Check their website for information about tours of their facility.. Hopkins - Fred Whipple Observatory.. Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory Visitors Center features displays and exhibits on astronomy and astrophysics, natural science, and cultural history.. It is 56 kilometers (35 miles) south of Tucson and just within the boundary of the Coronado National Forest at the base of Mt.. Hopkins in the Santa Rita Mountains.. Mount Hopkins is located off Interstate-19 north of Tubac, but south of Green Valley.. Graham International Observatory.. The Mount Graham International Observatory, operated by  ...   mid May through early November, weather permitting.. For information and reservations, please contact Discovery Park in Safford.. Graham is about two-hours drive east of Tucson.. Exhibits on the University of Arizona Campus.. The lobby area of the Sonett building on the northwest corner of the N.. Cherry Avenue and the UA mall there is an exhibit of several Mars Missions supported by NASA.. space missions in which the UA is currently involved.. The Lunar and Planetary Lab (just east of the Flandrau Science Center) has an area on the fourth floor with posters and displays describing various space missions.. The Phoenix Mars Mission, operated by the Lunar and Planetary Lab, has an exhibit area as well.. It is located at 1415 N.. 6th Avenue, just northwest of the UA campus.. The Flandrau Planetarium offers astronomy-related exhibits for children of all ages..

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  • Title: Astronomy and Steward Observatory - The University of Arizona
    Descriptive info: Links to news videos featuring Steward Observatory and the Astronomy Department.. Stunning New Space Images From the UA SkyCenter.. November 04, 2010; UA News | Adobe Flash | 00:02:21.. Recent Profile of the Steward Public Evenings by UA Journalism student Stephanie Maya Hamill.. November 04, 2010; Steward Observatory | Apple Quicktime.. Arizona Public Media Presents 'Wavelengths: Eyes to the Skies'.. November 13, 2009; Arizona Public Media, UA News | Adobe Flash | 00:02:02.. E.. T.. phone Rome?: Summit attendee Chris Impey explains why the Vatican held a five-day summit on the possibility of alien life.. November 13, 2009; CNN's American Morning with host T.. J.. Holmes | streaming | 00:03:54.. Streaming Videos of the LCROSS impact from MMT.. October 9, 2009; MMT Observatory - LCROSS Viewer.. MISS Adventure Program Prepares Middle School Girls for Science Careers.. July 29, 2009; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:02:19.. Project Sage: New Research Combines Light Gathering and Solar Cell Technologies.. July 22, 2009; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:03:01.. New Documentary Film Focuses on Hubble's Diversity.. July 9, 2009; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:02:16.. See also:..  ...   Visit.. February 27, 2009; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:01:43.. Rep.. Gabrielle Giffords Witnesses Solar Demonstration.. February 18, 2009; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:01:08.. Crafting the World's Largest Telescope.. February 5, 2009; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:03:21.. Catalina Sky Survey Keeps an Eye on the Skies.. January 6, 2009; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:03:03.. Lemmon SkyCenter has Star Gazers Enthralled.. September 17, 2008; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:02:18.. Adam Block Named to Astrophotography Hall of Fame.. September 12, 2008; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:03:41.. Lemmon SkyCenter to open to the public.. May 13, 2008; UA News, Will Holst | Adobe Flash | 00:02:25.. Revolutionary LSST Project Rooted at the UA.. March 19, 2008; UA News | Adobe Flash | 00:04:52.. LBT First Binocular Light.. March 5, 2008; UA News | Adobe Flash | 00:03:29.. Arizona Space Industry Generates More Than $250 Million Annually, Creates 3,300 Jobs.. December 5, 2007; UA News | Adobe Flash | 00:02:50.. Robert McCall Donation.. October 9, 2007; UA News | Adobe Flash | 00:02:35..

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  • Archived pages: 305