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  • Title: ISU Public Homepage Server
    Descriptive info: .. Iowa State University.. Public Homepage Web Server.. User and Locker Served HTML Document Service.. IT @ ISU.. Directory.. Registration.. Statistics.. Search Index.. The information content provided by this server is from individuals with accounts and/or lockers at Iowa State University.. These individuals assume responsibility for this information subject to.. ISU's Code of Computer Ethics and Acceptable Use.. The following links are available for information providers:.. A.. directory.. of personal and locker homepages.. User/Locker Setup Registration.. Weekly server usage.. statistics.. A Beginner's Guide to HTML.. Copyright 2011, Iowa State University of Science and Technology.. All rights reserved.. pubmaster@iastate.. edu..

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  • Title: Iowa State Public Homepages
    Descriptive info: Directory Totals.. cgi.. public.. Total Homepages: 551 lockers + 20588 users = 21139 registered homepages.. Locker Pages (academic, project, etc).. User Pages (personal).. This page was last built on: Tue Nov 13 02:56:02 CST 2012.. Copyright 2005, Iowa State University of Science and Technology..

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  • Title: Setting Up and Registering a WWW Page at ISU
    Descriptive info: Setting Up and Registering a Home Page on.. www.. iastate.. General Information.. The goals of this project are to provide a mechanism which provides an easy and convenient way for users and groups in the ISU community to publish documents on the World Wide Web.. PLEASE NOTE:.. By registering a user or locker, you are implicitly granting permission to use your.. REAL NAME.. and.. electronic mail address.. in the directory of homepages.. If you do not wish to have this information available, do not register for this service.. For example, a user entry will look similar to this:.. sqpub -- Susan Q.. Public.. A locker entry will look similar to this:.. public -- The "public" software locker (sqpub@iastate.. edu, Susan Q.. Public).. To register, go to.. ASW.. and complete the registration procedure.. Forming URL's on.. After your account or locker has been registered with.. , there is a file-system  ...   directories.. Uploading Files.. SFTP.. Files may be uploaded using any client that supports the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).. Examples of such clients include:.. FileZilla.. WinScp.. Fetch.. psftp.. (command line client included with.. PuTTY.. ).. sftp.. OpenSSH.. Connect using the following information:.. Host/Server:.. User/Login:.. your_NetID.. Protocol:.. (NOT ftps).. Webfile.. The.. Webfile service.. provides a web-based interface for accessing AFS file space.. Where To Go For Help.. For assistance on general WWW issues, including how to create a page, there are a few links below that may be helpful:.. Creating Net Sites.. Remember, every document you look at is an HTML example.. You can always select.. "Document Source".. from the.. "View".. menu in Netscape, or.. "View Source.. ".. "File".. menu in Mosaic.. User- and Locker-Served HTML Document Service (.. ) Information.. Contact the.. Solution Center.. , 195 Durham, 294-4000 for assistance.. Copyright 2012, Iowa State University of Science and Technology..

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  • Title: Iowa State Public Homepages
    Descriptive info: Locker-Served Homepages.. There are 551 locker-served homepages registered.. Lockers:.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. -A-.. aao.. - ISU Affirmative Action Office.. (.. aastudies.. - African American Studies.. aaup.. - American Association of University Professors.. abc.. - The ABC Locker.. Pete Boysen.. absolut.. - Absolut WEB.. accreditation.. - accreditation.. acct.. - The Department of Accounting in the College of Business.. acl.. - The Adaptive Computing Laboratory.. acslocal.. - Americal Chemical Society, Ames Local Section.. Cynthia Jenks.. aer_e.. 311.. - Class: aer_e.. 311.. (Academic Locker, auto-registered).. 572.. - AerE 572.. Paul Durbin.. aere462.. - Aerospace Engineering 462, Design of Aerospace Systems.. Jim Wellman.. aere661.. - Aerospace Engineering 661, Perturbation Methods.. aero311l.. - Aerospace Engineering 311L, Gas Dynamics Laboratory.. aero411.. - Aerospace Engineering 411, Aerospace Vehicle Propulsion I.. aero442.. - Aerospace Engineering 442, V/STOL Aerodynamics and Performance.. R G Rajagopalan.. aero591x.. - Aerospace Engineering 591x, Graduate Student Seminar Series.. afscme870.. - dwestbro.. Douglas D Westbrook.. ageds.. - Ag Education and Studies Department Homepage.. aiaa.. - ISU Student Branch of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.. ailab.. - The Artificial Intelligence Research Group in the Department of Computer Science.. Vasant Honavar.. airforce.. - Air Force Aerospace Studies.. ait.. 201.. - Class: ait.. 201.. aitvideos.. - AIT Videos Locker.. Joe Struss.. alhep.. - Ames High Energy Physics Group.. alpha.. - Alpha High Energy Physics Group.. an_s.. 216.. - Class: an_s.. 216.. 352.. 352.. 399a.. 399a.. 415.. 415.. 417x.. 417x.. 699a.. 699a.. anime.. - The Anime Locker.. anomaly.. -.. ans.. - AnS Homepage.. Philip L Spike.. ansa.. - Association of Norwegian Students Abroad.. answers.. - Answer Center.. ao.. - Christianity in the Workplace.. apling.. - TESL/Applied Linguistics.. Carol A Chapelle.. appleipm.. - sarathom.. Sara J Helland.. april.. - april.. arac.. - arac.. arch.. - Class: arch.. 404.. 404.. 490a.. 490a.. 490h.. 490h.. 505x.. 505x.. 588.. 588.. 590.. 590.. arcview-xgobi.. - ArcView-XGobi link stuff.. Di Cook.. arg.. - Academic Research Group.. armyrotc.. - Army ROTC.. arscornbreeding.. - The ARS Corn Breeding Project Locker.. art.. 698i.. - Class: art.. 698i.. artgr.. 275.. - Class: artgr.. 275.. artis.. 229.. - Class: artis.. 229.. 308.. 308.. 408.. 408.. asee_ied.. - asee_ied.. Sigurdur Olafsson.. asg.. - African Specialty Group.. ashrae.. - ASHRAE Student Organization.. astro.. - ISU Astronomy Group Homepage.. 120.. - Class: astro.. 120.. 125l.. 125l.. 150.. 150.. 250.. 250.. 342.. 342.. 346.. 346.. 505.. 505.. astro_120.. - Astro 120: The Sky and the Solar System.. Steven Kawaler.. athletics_info.. - Athletics.. Diana J Pounds.. atmos.. - ISU Atmospheric Physics Group Homepage.. audit.. - Internal Audit.. -B-.. BACON_CENTER.. - Murray Bacon Center For Ethics in Business.. bap.. - Beta Alpha Psi - The accounting honor society.. bb.. - The Big Brother Project.. bbhorseshow.. - BB Horse Show.. Peggy Miller-Auwerda.. bbmb.. 541.. - Class: bbmb.. 541.. 607.. 607.. 681.. 681.. benandlisa.. - Campaign on-line for Lisa and Ben.. bha.. - Buchanan Hall Homepage.. biocareerday.. - lora.. Lora N Schultz.. biocom.. - Locker for Bio Com.. biol.. 302l.. - Class: biol.. 302l.. bioplastic.. - bioplastic.. James Schrader.. biorenew.. - biorenewables.. bmes.. - Biomedical Engineering Society.. bot.. 484.. - Class: bot.. 484.. 512.. 512.. bot356.. - Botany 356.. John J Gardner.. botany.. - ISU Botany Department Homepage.. budget.. - University Budget.. budgetmodel.. - Budget model information.. businesscac.. - The Public Locker for Business Computation Advisory Committee.. buslabs.. - The College of Business Computer Labs.. bwr.. - BWR residence website.. -C-.. c_r_p.. 293.. - Class: c_r_p.. 293.. - Sustainable Communities.. Tara Lynne Clapp.. 491.. - Introduction to Environmental Law.. 492.. 492.. 504x.. 504x.. cac.. - Computation Advisory Committee.. cadcam.. - The CADCAM affiliated with ME and ICEMT.. career_info.. - Career Planning and Placement Services.. carveracademy.. - Carver Academy.. catalog.. - The Courses and Programs locker.. Charlene Hulsebus.. cccatt.. - Carrie Chapman Catt Center.. cce.. - Civil and Construcion Engineering Locker.. cclabs.. - Computation Center Labs Locker.. ccweb.. - Test Pages.. Jeffrey T.. Sorensen.. ceah.. - Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanties.. centrals.. - Central Stores Homepage.. Andy L Terry.. cfcs.. - College of Family and Consumer Sciences.. cfr1.. - The Center for Family Research and Rural Health.. cfr2.. - A Guide to Statistics.. ch_e.. - Chemical Engineering Web.. Donald H Schlagel.. 430.. - Class: ch_e.. 430.. chem.. 576.. - Class: chem.. 576.. chem155.. - General Chemistry for Engineering Students.. Stephen A Heideman.. chem163.. - General Chemistry 163/163L.. chem164.. - General Chemistry 164/164L.. chem165.. chem167.. chem321.. - Chem 321 locker.. Nancy J Qvale.. chem572.. - Chemistry 572 locker.. William S Jenks.. chemistry.. - The Chemistry Locker.. Stephen W Veysey.. cicgru.. - Corn Insects and Crop Genetics Research Unit.. Keith Bidne.. cif.. - Chemical Instrumentation Facility.. cip.. - Council on International Programs.. class.. 12003.. engl.. 313.. - English 313 Summer 2003.. classics.. - classics.. clearlake.. - Clear Lake Watershed Study.. John Downing.. clst273.. - CLST 273.. cmpexp.. - Experimental Condensed Matter Physics.. cmpthy.. - The Condensed Matter Theory Group at Ames Laboratory.. cnc101.. - cnc101.. cobclass.. - College of Business Class Pages.. Arnold R Cowan.. codi.. - codi.. Brent Danielson.. collegeforsen.. - collegeforseniors.. cone351.. - ConE 351.. conserve.. - Power saving tips for computers.. creditgonewild.. - kmelson.. crp.. - CRP Project Webpages.. crsp.. - Financial Databases.. crumpets.. - The Crumpet Locker.. crystallake.. - Crystal Lake Diagnostic / Feasibility Study.. cucurbitipm.. - cucurbitipm.. Daren Mueller.. CYBERSTACKS.. - CyberStacks(sm) Home.. Gerard Mckiernan.. cyrideweb.. - CyRide website group project.. -D-.. deltasig.. - The official Delta Sigma Phi web page of the Beta Alpha Chapter, ISU.. delts.. - Delta Tau Delta.. design.. - Design College Home Page.. destination.. - destination.. Kerri Stover.. dietetics.. - Dietetics locker.. Mary J Oakland.. disclosure.. - Information Disclosure for Students and Employees.. Nadine K Dobbe.. diverse.. - dpounds.. dmrwqn.. - DMRWQN (Des Moines River Water Quality Network).. dor.. - Department of Residence.. dummy.. 123.. - Class: dummy.. 123.. -E-.. e2tech.. - Emerging Educational Technology Event.. e_m.. 274.. - lschmerr.. Lester W Schmerr.. 274h.. 327.. - Class: e_m.. 327.. 350.. 350.. 378.. 378.. 424.. 424.. 514.. 514.. 518.. echem1.. - Echem Group 1.. ecommerce.. - University E-Commerce.. Kevin D Rowedder.. edadm.. 556.. - Class: edadm.. 556.. educate.. - homepage for the classes I teach at ISU.. eeb.. - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.. Rolf R.. Koford.. eeob.. - eeob web locker.. em306.. - Engineering Mechanics 306, Statics and Mechanics of Materials.. Leroy D Sturges.. emeiseltest.. - test.. engl.. 101d.. - Class: engl.. 101d.. 104.. 104.. 105.. 105.. 105h.. 105h.. 260.. 260.. 302.. 302.. 313.. 314.. 314.. 339.. 339.. 362.. 362.. engl101c.. - public -- English 101c, Section 1 (engl101c)..  ...   Fluid Flow.. mebbs.. - Mechanical Engineering Building Blocks to Success.. mgmt.. 472.. - Class: mgmt.. 472.. mgt.. - Department of Management.. micromech.. - Micromechanics locker.. micronet.. - The Micronet Web Page.. Wayne J.. Hauber.. mis.. 434.. - Class: mis.. 434.. monitors.. - AEEM monitors locker.. morrill.. - Morrill Hall information.. mpa.. - yonglee.. mrc.. - Media Resources Center.. mstar.. - mstar.. mvprogram.. mwalt.. - mwalt_page.. Dan Douglas.. mwps_dis.. - MidWest Plan Service.. -N-.. nastudies.. - Native American Studies Program.. navy.. - ISU Naval ROTC.. netatalk.. - Netatalk file sharing.. newplan.. - Strategic Plan 2005-2010.. newspaperphys.. - Newspaper Physics course.. nmrchen.. - NMR.. nmrksr.. - Schmidt-Rohr group (Chem).. npexp.. - The Nuclear Physics Experimental Group.. Athanasios Petridis.. npthy.. - Nuclear Theory Locker.. nscentral.. - University Relations News Service.. nse.. -O-.. olivetree.. - Olive Tree.. ombudswww.. - Ombuds Office.. onecommunity.. - naparis.. opptag2.. - OPPTAG Course Locker.. opptag_info.. - Office of Precollegiate Programs for Talented And Gifted.. orm.. - Office of Risk Management.. ouc.. - Office of University Counsel.. Sharon J Zenor.. oz.. - What a World.. -P-.. parkslib.. - ISU Library Home Page.. per.. - Physics Education Research Group.. pfa_gis.. - LA GIS.. Michael C Miller.. phil.. - Class: phil.. phys.. 106.. - Class: phys.. 106.. 112.. 112.. 198.. 198.. physics.. - Dept.. of Physics and Astronomy.. physics_106.. - Physics 106 information.. Laurent Hodges.. pigmap.. - US Pig Genome Coordination Project.. plexfiles.. - PLEXdb data files.. pol_s.. 101.. - Class: pol_s.. 101.. 215.. 215.. 241.. 241.. 251.. 251.. 306.. 306.. 340.. 340.. 356.. 356.. 357.. 357.. 358.. 358.. 359.. 359.. 406.. 406.. 453.. 453.. 504.. 504.. policies.. - ISU Policies and Procedures.. Tammy J Michel.. pops.. - Durham Center Operations.. PremCourses.. - Courses offered by Dr.. Premkumar, MIS Faculty, College of Business.. Premchand Sreedharakurup.. president.. - The Strategic Plan.. prisum.. - Team PrISUm -- The Iowa State University Solar Car Team.. James C Hill.. provostsearch.. - Provost Search -- 2006.. pslab.. - Schnable Lab.. An-Ping Hsia.. pts.. - Pi Tau Sigma - ME Honorary Fraternity.. puertorico.. - span 322 project.. purchasing.. - Purchasing.. pvports.. - Project Vincent Software Porting Project.. -Q-.. qt.. - The Qt Locker.. -R-.. readme1st.. - Advise, Suggestions the occasional stab at Best Practices.. Tracy J.. Di Marco White.. registrar.. - Office of the Registrar.. reilly2.. - PJR Locker.. resev.. 550.. - Class: resev.. 550.. RGR.. Richard G.. Ramirez, MIS Faculty.. rhetoric.. - Rhetoric Locker.. Helen R Ewald.. rhtheory.. - Rhetorical Theory.. Jean Goodwin.. rockcreek.. - Rock Creek Lake Diagnostic Feasibility Study.. rsa.. - rsa.. rted.. - Run-Time Error Detection Testing.. James J Coyle.. -S-.. s2002.. - Engineering Mechanics 510, Continuum Mechanics.. Thomas J Rudolphi.. pol_s.. - Pol Sci 406 S2002.. James L Hutter.. s2003.. - English 313 Spring 2003.. zool.. 454.. - UMEB.. s2005.. - Astro 150: Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology (Spring 2005).. - Sociology 134 web site.. 401.. - Sociology 401 web site.. s2007.. - Astro 250 - Astronomy Bizarre - Spring 2007.. - s2007.. s2008.. 202.. - arch202Studio.. - Astro 120 - The Sky and the Solar System - Spring 2008.. - Astro 250: Astronomy Bizarre - Fall 2008.. - soc 327 web site.. s2009.. 580.. - Astro 580: Stellar Astrophysics.. relig.. 377.. - Soc 377 web site.. - Soc 134 web site.. s_g_t.. - Sigma Gamma Tau Homepage.. sa.. - Student Athlete Services.. sae.. - Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. saff.. - Division of Student Affairs.. sart.. - Story County Sexual Assault Response Team.. savp.. - Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention.. sbi.. - International Statistical Institute Committee on Statistics in Business and Industry.. William Q Meeker.. sc.. - Summer Conferences for the Department of Residence.. Martha M Royer.. sdg.. - The Project Vincent Software Development Group Locker.. securid.. - ITS SecurID Service Resources.. shanes.. - Shanes Locker.. sigmachi.. - Sigma Chi - Beta Omicron Homepage.. simw.. - Step Into My World.. skunkworks.. - Black Projects.. John Hascall.. so.. dps.. - SO.. soairisu.. - AirISU.. Scott M Hamilton.. soc.. - Class: soc.. 134.. 331.. 331.. 351x.. 351x.. 401.. sonofman.. - Christians.. sp_cm.. 212.. - Class: sp_cm.. 212.. spires.. - Joe's SPIGopher WWW Locker.. splida.. - SPLIDA software locker.. SreeCourses.. - Sree Nilakanta Courses Locker.. Sree Nilakanta.. stat.. - Statistic Department Locker.. William J Kennedy.. - Class: stat.. 432.. 432.. stat227.. - Statistics 227 - Introduction to Business Statistics Home Page.. stat415.. - Stat 415.. Frank Poduska.. stat451.. - Stat 451.. stat528.. - stat528.. stat533.. - Stat 533.. statics.. - Engineering Mechanics 274, Statics.. stc_isu.. - Society for Technical Communication.. stdt_couns_info.. - Student Counseling Services Homepage.. stdtcouns.. - Student Counseling.. Tammy J Miller.. stormshall.. - Storms Hall.. strategicplan.. - Iowa State University Strategic Plan.. studays.. - New Student Days Homepage.. study-abroad.. - Information for the Iowa State Univ.. Study Abroad Center.. sup_con_info.. - Supervisory Confidential Council.. Harrison Moore.. suwg.. - Student Unix Working Group.. synthesis.. - Iowa State Synthesis Homepage.. -T-.. t_c.. 245l.. - Class: t_c.. 245l.. tbp.. - Iowa Alpha Chapter of Tau Beta Pi.. tc-ext.. - Iowa State Textiles and Clothing Extension.. tc_info.. - Department of Textiles and Clothing Locker.. terfenol.. - A link to research at ISU on a new material called Terfenol-D.. theta_xi.. - Theta Xi Fraternity.. things.. - A place for some things.. Brian Smith.. tigercub.. - Tigerpaw's Tigercub.. towers.. - Towers Residents Association Info.. tpfkav.. - KQuiz 2003.. treasurer.. - Receivables Office.. treg.. - treg.. turf2surf.. - Agro-Oceanic Nutrient Flux Center.. twothirtynine.. - twothirtynine.. -U-.. u-bill.. - Accounts Receivable u-bill.. Lori J Whipple.. ua.. ucw.. - University Committee on Women.. ugradgen.. - Undergraduate Genetics.. ur.. - University Relations.. usda-gem.. - USDA-ARS Germplasm Enhancement of Maize.. userve_docs.. - User Services Documentation.. userve_src.. - The User Services Source locker.. usnctam.. - U.. S.. National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.. uw.. - United Way.. -V-.. v_c_s.. 412x.. - Class: v_c_s.. 412x.. v_mpm.. 608.. - Class: v_mpm.. 608.. varieties.. - Varieties Website.. vote.. - Project Vote.. -W-.. wallacehall.. - The Wallace Hall Home Page.. Justin L Wheeler.. water.. - Water Quality Group, Dept.. of Animal Ecology, ISU.. water-skiing.. - water-skiing.. waterresource.. - Water Resources.. webdev.. - AIT Web Development Services.. wiggs2.. - Netscape, Isca Clients, Fvwm2 and other things.. winden.. - wind energy.. woi.. - WOI Radio -- Public Radio at Iowa State University.. Efrem D Jackson.. wok.. - Ways of Knowing.. Susan L Carlson.. womenstu.. - women studies.. wsprogram.. - Women's Study Program.. wss.. - wss.. -X-.. xcoral.. - Xcoral Version 2.. 5.. xforms.. - The XForms Library.. -Y-.. -Z-.. zoogen.. - Zoology and Genetics/Sakaguchi Lab Locker.. Donald S Sakaguchi.. zool.. 155.. - Class: zool.. 155.. 156.. 156.. 255.. 255.. 255l.. 255l.. 433.. 433.. 454.. 533.. 533.. 554.. 554..

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  • Title: Iowa State Public Homepages
    Descriptive info: User-Served Homepages.. There are 20588 user-served homepages registered.. Alphabetized by ISU Net-ID:.. Alphabetized by last name:..

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  • Title: AAS
    Descriptive info: Home -.. About AAS.. Courses.. Legacy of Excellence.. Contact AAS.. Links..

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  • Title: ABC - An Object-oriented Instructional System
    Descriptive info: ABC - An Object-oriented Instructional System.. ABC is an object-oriented programming system which was designed to development instructional applications but can also be used to develop non-instructional applications.. Its characteristics include:.. Object-oriented.. A real object-oriented programming system with types, inheritance etc.. Portable.. runs on Unix/Motif, MACs and DOS/Windows platforms.. Multi-media.. supports graphics, imaging, audio and video.. Extensible.. significant programming support to develop new capabilities.. Extremely cheap.. Its  ...   Loading Guide.. Installation Guide.. Getting Started in ABC Programming.. ABC Programming Fundamentals.. Exploring Types.. The Basic Types.. Collections.. Processing and Storing Text.. Graphics.. Miscellaneous ABC Capabilities.. Designing an Application.. Designing new Types.. Designing Views outside ABC.. Designing Bitmaps.. Adding New Shapes and Behaviors.. Calling External Functions.. Using ABC Assembler.. Using System Mode.. Useful Methods.. For information on the lead designer, see.. Last Update:.. 9 Nov 1995.. Copyright Notices..

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    Descriptive info: |.. Sitemap.. Feedback.. Iowa State University is accredited by the.. Higher Learning Commission.. , a commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.. This web site serves as Iowa State University's self-study report for its next accreditation review by the Higher Learning Commission scheduled for March 27-29, 2006.. Feedback from the university community on the accuracy and completeness of this self-study is welcomed.. |Overview.. Mission Integrity.. The Future.. Learning Teaching.. Knowledge.. Engagement Service|.. Ames, Iowa 50011, (515) 294-4111.. Copyright © 2006, Iowa State University of Science and Technology..

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  • Title: ACS Ames Local Section
    Descriptive info: American Chemical Society (ACS).. Ames Local Section Home Page.. 2006 Events.. August 31.. Travel award applications due.. Four $150 travel awards will be awarded for travel to the 2006 Fall National ACS Meeting Completed applications should be sent to.. Cynthia Jenks.. 221 Spedding Hall.. Ames Laboratory.. Iowa State University.. Ames, IA 50011.. Applications are due by August 31 at 5 pm.. You will be notified by email by September 8th if you will be receiving an award.. Please see the application for details on the selection  ...   Section Officers.. Ames Local Section Bylaws.. Student Affiliates.. ISU Chemistry Club.. Drake Chemistry Club.. Jobs/Career Information.. Local Area Employment Listing.. ACS Job-Info.. ACS Career Management Info.. ChemJobs.. Net.. Scientist Career Web Resources.. Career Guide for Scientists.. Other Online Resources (tons of links!).. American Chemical Society.. American Chemical Society - Other Local Sections.. Links to Other Important Sites.. Past Coover Lecturers.. Previous Ames Local Section Events and Solicitations.. Last Updated December 5, 2006.. If you need more information or would like to submit information, E-mail our.. Webmaster..

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  • Title: AerE311
    Descriptive info: AerE 311.. Syllabus.. Supplemental material:    .. Isentropic flow..    .. Normal shocks.. Oblique shocks.. Expansion fans.. Duct and Nozzle flows.. Critical airfoils flows.. Formula Sheet..   Homework  #1:  7.. 4,  7.. 8,   7.. 9,   7.. 10,   8.. 2..   Homework  #2:  8.. 3,  8.. 5,     Additionally, write computer program to replace table A: In particular..   Homework  #3:  8.. 7,  8.. 8,   8.. 16,   8.. 17..   Homework  #4:  9.. 1,  9.. 2: also find the value of the turning angle, theta,   9.. 3..   Homework  #5: Probs 9.. 7,  9.. 8,  9.. 9   And, write a program to solve eq.. 9.. 23:..  ..   Homework  #6:   Probs 9.. 10,  9.. 11,  9.. 13,  9.. 15   and..   Homework  #7:  9.. 16..           Midterm Wed.. 7 March 2012 print.. Formula Sheet.. and bring it; otherwise, Closed Book! Bring paper, pencil, calculator.. COMMENT --!>..   Homework  #8: probs   10..  ...   A, for both Mach numbers.. Provide sample output for A/A*=2 and 5.. --!>..   Homework  #9:..     10.. 9.. In this problem regard the stated pressures to be P_a.. Add e) P_a=0.. 4atm f) P_a=0.. 1atm;.. 10;  10.. 12 (note that `sea level conditions' mean P=1atm and T=288K inside the test section.. )..   Homework  #10:.. 10.. 13 and..   A converging-diverging nozzle diverges linearly after the throat:..   for x> 0..   If A_exit=4A_throat and P_ambient=0.. 5P_0 what is the sonic area after the shock, i.. e.. , A*_2/A_throat?..   What are the Mach numbers on either side of the shock? What is the position, x_s/x_exit, of the shock?.. (Use the formulas derived in class, or your method of solution to 10.. c..   Homework #11: 11.. 3, 11.. 4, 11.. 7..   Homework #12: 12.. 1, 12.. 3; but do not compare to 9.. 14.. The problem should cite fig.. 36.. Final exam May 3 9:45-11:45 a.. m..   Print.. and bring it..

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  • Title: AerE661 - Perturbation Methods
    Descriptive info: AerE 661.. Perturbation Methods.. Introduction to the fundamentals of perturbation methods, matched asymptotic expansions and multiple scales analysis.. Introduction to solvability conditions and adjoint equations.. Applications to boundary layer theory, resonant vibrations, homogenization and nonlinear waves.. Course Information.. Instructor: Alric Rothmayer (.. roth@iastate.. Course Resources.. Course Information & Syllabus.. Homework.. All materials.. Copyright © 2003.. by A.. P.. Rothmayer.. [.. home.. ] [.. course information.. homework.. ]..

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