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  • Title: Community Toolbox - Bringing Solutions to Light
    Descriptive info: .. The Community Tool Box.. Our Mission.. Promoting community health and development by connecting people, ideas and resources.. English.. |.. Español.. Search the CTB.. Search.. Table of Contents.. Do the Work.. Solve a Problem.. Use Promising Approaches.. Connect with Others.. Workstation Sign-In.. Services.. The Community Tool Box is a global resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities.. It offers more than 7,000 pages of practical guidance in creating change and improvement.. Subscribe to our newsletter.. We are proud to support implementation for.. Healthy People 2020.. , which provides national objectives for improving the health of all Americans.. Learn more.. Ask an Advisor.. Seek guidance on your  ...   to improve community health and well-being.. Providing Clean Water to Villages in Kenya.. Engaging Women of Color in Ending Disparities in Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment.. From the Field.. Home.. About Us.. Guestbook.. What Users Say.. Add a Link.. Contact Us.. Donate.. Use Policy.. The Community Tool Box is a service of the.. Work Group for Community Health and Development.. at the University of Kansas.. Copyright © by the University of Kansas for all materials provided via the World Wide Web in the ctb.. ku.. edu domain.. Community Tool Box materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.. 0 License.. Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.. 0 United States License..

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  • Title: Community Toolbox - Hacemos Relucir Soluciones
    Descriptive info: Caja de Herramientas Comunitarias.. Nuestra Misión.. Promover la salud y desarrollo comunitarios conectando personas, ideas, y recursos.. Buscar en la CHC.. Contenidos.. Hacer el trabajo.. Resolver un problema.. Usar enfoques prometedores.. Conectarse con otros.. Sitios de Trabajo.. Servicios.. La Caja de Herramientas Comunitarias es el recurso más amplio del mundo con información gratuita acerca de las habilidades esenciales para construir comunidades más sanas.. Ofrece más de 7.. 000 páginas de guía práctica en la creación de cambio y mejora comunitaria, y está creciendo como un recurso global para este trabajo.. Para utilizar la Caja de Herramientas Comunitarias, haga clic sobre una de las etiquetas de color morado en la parte superior de la página, o a la derecha, debajo de "Que hay en la Caja de Herramientas Comunitarias".. Nosotros lo motivamos a firmar nuestro.. Libro de visitas.. , visitarnos por.. Facebook.. ,.. Twitter.. , nuestro.. Blog.. Contáctenos.. ,o.. Done.. a este recurso global.. Que hay en la.. Caja de Herramientas Comunitarias:.. Recursos prácticos para su trabajo.. Tomar acción en la comunidad.. Servicios personalizados.. Nosotros ofrecemos servicios hechos a la medida tanto en línea como para imprimir, basados en la CHC y capacidades relacionadas.. Sistemas de evaluación y Documentación  ...   debajo de la base de esta pantalla.. Esto le llevará a una página donde usted puede revisar las guías para hacer preguntas y enviar sus propias interrogantes.. Usted también podrá revisar preguntas y respuestas enviadas anteriormente haciendo clic en la función de ".. Hojear.. " en dicha página, y después haciendo clic sobre la pregunta relevante.. ¡Esperamos tener noticias suyas!.. Lo que los usuarios dicen.. “Estas herramientas me sirven en el diseño de proyectos de promoción y protección de la salud de algunas comunidades.. ¡Gracias!”.. -Jorge Cadavid, Antioquia, Colombia,.. Líder comunitario muy interesado en la promoción de la salud.. Le gusta trabajar basado en la estrategia de Municipios Saludables de la OPS/OMS.. Ver otros comentarios.. ¡Firme el Libro de visitas!.. Inicio.. Nosotros.. Los usuarios dicen.. Añadir vínculos.. Políticas del uso.. La Caja de Herramientas Comunitarias es un servicio del.. Grupo de Trabajo para la Salud y Desarrollo Comunitario.. de la Universidad de Kansas.. Copyright © por la Universidad de Kansas para todos los materiales proporcionados a través de la Web en el dominio ctb.. edu.. Los materiales de la Caja de Herramientas Comunitarias están bajo una licencia de.. Creative Commons Reconocimiento-No comercial-Compartir bajo la misma licencia 3.. 0..

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  • Title: Donate to the Community Tool Box
    Descriptive info: Donate to Support the Community Tool Box.. We are working to sustain the Community Tool Box for future generations, add new content and resources, and broaden our reach through cultural adaptation and translation into new languages.. To continue this vital work, we need your support.. As a supporter, your donation allows the Community Tool Box to support local, national and international efforts to build healthier communities through free, online guidance for community building.. With your contribution, people around the globe can more effectively engage in community work – learning to assess, plan, evaluate and sustain their efforts.. For faculty and students using the Community Tool Box for academic work, we urge  ...   a donation to the Community Tool Box, and then share our resource with those who work in and with communities.. No gift is too small and all gifts are greatly appreciated.. We thank you for your support.. Yours in community,.. The Community Tool Box Team.. How to Give.. Give online.. :.. http://www.. kuendowment.. org/ctb.. Mail a gift or pledge to.. KU Endowment.. Community Tool Box/KU Work Group Development Fund 04049.. PO Box 928.. Lawrence, Kansas 66044-0928.. Contact Us:.. Work Group for Community Health and Development, University of Kansas.. A World Health Organization Collaborating Centre.. 1000 Sunnyside Avenue, Room 4082.. Lawrence, Kansas 66045-7555.. http://communityhealth.. By Email:.. toolbox@ku.. By Phone: 866.. 770.. 8162..

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  • Title: Healthy People 2020
    Descriptive info: Community Tool Box: Implementation Supports for Healthy People 2020.. The Tool Box is proud to support implementation for.. Supports from the Community Tool Box are serving as “how-to” information for those working to improve conditions in their states and communities.. Healthy People uses the MAP-IT Process (Mobilize, Assess, Plan, Implement, Track) as a guide for people looking to implement Healthy People in their community.. Click on any phase of the MAP-IT process below to view an overview of that process, as well as resources to support implementation (that’s where the Tool Box comes in!) For example, if you visit.. Mobilize.. , you will see how the Community Tool Box provides supports relevant to that process.. We’re proud to play  ...   up” our Tool Box resources with Unnatural Cause’s call to action.. Unnatural Causes is a documentary series exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health.. We helped them provide in-depth supports for users wanting to take action on health equity through their.. Action Center.. Our Tool Box tools were created for people to use them to improve their communities, so we are thrilled when we can serve in this way.. We are Creative Commons licensed, and always encourage groups to link to Tool Box resources if it’s helpful.. If you are interested in a partnership with the Community Tool Box, contact us at.. For more on linking to the Tool Box or using/citing Tool Box materials, visit our.. usage guidelines..

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  • Title: Community Toolbox - Bringing Solutions to Light
    Descriptive info: Welcome to Ask an Advisor.. Ask an Advisor is a service that provides brief, personalized responses to some of your questions about community work (for example, questions about planning, assessment, participation, publicity, program development, leadership, advocacy, or evaluation).. We are not able to answer all questions, including those about grant-seeking, legal issues, or those requiring specialized research; but we will try to answer  ...   answer your question, we will respond to you directly, and also post both question and answer (though without your name or other identifiers) on our web site.. Thank you for contacting us, and best wishes to you in your important work.. Question:.. Name:.. Email:.. Security Question:.. To help us cut down on spam, please enter:.. View Ask An Advisor Questions/Answers.. Meet Our Advisors..

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  • Title: Out of the Box Innovators
    Descriptive info: An abundance of innovative work is being undertaken across the globe to help communities improve their health and well-being.. Through the.. Out of the Box.. competition, we learned of hundreds of stories of change.. Although the competition has concluded, the fantastic work of these great initiatives is still continuing, and we are proud to shine the spotlight on the continuing work of the ten Out of the Box Prize finalists--and soon other innovators—on this page.. We hope that you find inspiration in these stories of change, and that you will check back often as we feature additional stories from around the world.. Health.. Environment.. Disaster Management.. Economic Development.. View.. Community Innovators.. on a larger map.. Community Empowerment Programme.. ALAY BUHAY Community Development Foundation (ABCDF) - Manilla, Philippines.. Our Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) was tailored-fit to respond to the needs of our partner-communities.. The CEP utilized a participative process from community organizing, people’s empowerment, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and most importantly, decision-making.. In the process, members learned to take greater responsibility for the future of their communities.. (.. more.. ).. Community Health Initiative (Maharashtra).. Impact India Foundation - Maharashtra State, India.. IIF’s Community Health Initiative (CHI) covers 1.. 5 million backward tribals in the State.. CHI aims at the reduction of existing disabilities and incidence of future disabilities through prevention and cure using existing delivery systems and available infrastructure, in partnership with Government, NGOS and local community.. Community-Led Development Project.. Landirani Trust - M'bang'ombe and Mtema, Malawi.. Using a network of local volunteers organized into local based committees (LBCs), we trained them as specialists in one of 5 areas, orphan care, health, water and sanitation, education and agriculture.. Comprehensive Community Strategic Planning to Revitalize the Rural South.. Southern Bancorp - Philips County, Arkansas, United States.. Southern Bancorp has the mission to revitalize struggling rural communities in Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta.. For years, Southern Bancorp invested millions of dollars to mitigate poverty in these communities, but the effort failed to have a significant impact on reducing poverty.. Southern’s innovative strategy is to build long-term partnerships with residents, local leaders, the business community, nonprofits, and other stakeholders to establish community goals, build capacity to achieve them, and maintain momentum until the goals are achieved and the community begins to turn around.. ).. Drug Free Communities Coalition - Genesee County.. Genesee/Orleans Council on Alcoholism Substance Abuse - New York, United States.. We work with and foster collaboration among persons and organizations from almost all community sectors – including business, education, media, youth, parents and faith-based, encompassing all demographics and operating across the socio-economic spectrum – to address ATOD use - with particular attention to alcohol and tobacco – in Genesee County, especially among youth.. Janamanas (The Collective Mind).. Anjali Mental Health Organization - West Bengal, India.. Janamanas was launched in November 2007, as one of Anjali’s definitive steps towards de-institutionalisation, community care and demanding every citizen’s right to mental health/wellness.. It is a collaborative project with the State Government Department of Municipal Affairs, to work in 3 peri-urban municipalities, with the most neglected, marginalized and economically backward section of the population using available Government infrastructures.. Jikaze IDP Resettlement Village.. Uhuru Child - Maai Mahiu, Central Province, Kenya.. We worked with Jikaze, a group of 900 Internally Displaced Persons following the Kenyan Post-Election Violence of 2008, to create a sustainable re-settlement village.. The problems plaguing the community were as follows: Lack of consistent food; lack of clean water; limited access to health care; women forced into prostitution with Lorry Drivers; overcrowded classrooms and limited access to school fees; half of the community still living in tents; no electricity or easy access to cooking fuels; no financial capital to start businesses; semi-arid region with little rainfall and inaccessible water table.. (.. Monrovia Area Partnership - Leadership Training Development Team.. City of Monrovia - Monrovia, California, United States.. Incidents on Sherman Avenue prompted the City of Monrovia to develop a Neighborhood Strategy Team (NST) with key staff representing all City services.. The purpose of the NST was to review issues, elicit input from the community and apply their expertise toward resolving them.. The NST developed the Monrovia Area Partnership (MAP) as a comprehensive approach to address the Sherman Avenue crisis.. MAP’s goals are to eliminate crime and blight while empowering neighborhoods by fostering citizen activism, volunteerism and community pride.. Sanitary Towels Project to Girls Orphaned by AIDS/Girls in Extreme Poverty Education Support to Children Infected/Affected by HIV/AIDS.. Fountain of Hope Youth Initiative Group - Kiambu, Kenya.. In 2007, we started supporting needy girls with sanitary pads.. When an orphaned girl under the care of her aunt was brought for counseling in our tiny office, she had stained her dress in school when the piece of cloth she was using got soaked, letting the blood stain her dress.. She vowed never to go back to school after boys scolded her and fellow girls made her a gossip topic.. We counseled her back to school, gave her pads then it dawned on us that this wasn’t a one-time need.. We later realized there were other girls who go through similar problems, so we began to solicit support from supermarkets and well-wishers.. Currently we support over 200 needy girls and a bunch of widows.. The results are these girls never miss school as they used to and recover their self-esteem.. SPARK MicroGrants.. SPARK MicroGrants - New York, United States.. We have created a dynamic model for community organizing and granting that can be adapted for any community in need.. We work with enthusiastic local facilitators who want to help an impoverished community that they know of and care for.. Our involvement in each community is succinct.. A local facilitator organizes community meetings, asks the community to define their most pressing social problem, come up with ways to solve that problem, and implement the best one with funding from a MicroGrant.. Vocational Skills Training for People Affected by HIV / AIDS.. Annah Orphanage Vocational Center (Annovoc) - Uganda, Africa.. At Annovoc, we have been working closely with a Japanese church located in Mbarara District to improve the quality of life for the children in the area.. We have provided counseling to victims of HIV/AIDS and the victims’ families.. The vocational skills that we taught to the children and widows have helped the community reduce poverty, become self-sustaining, and also to start up small, income-generating businesses.. Nutrition / Healthy Lifestyle Education Classes.. School Health Clinics of Santa Clara County - San Jose, California, United States.. In order to combat the childhood obesity epidemic, our Registered Dietitian and Health Education Manager developed a series of nutrition/healthy lifestyle education classes presented to children in their classrooms at 4 schools in San Jose, CA.. These classes consist of learning how to fuel your body by choosing healthy food options, the importance of physical activity, the risk factors of obesity, how to read food labels, and taking responsibility for your choices.. The classes include demonstrations and lots of interaction.. Preparing Communities in Santiago Texacuangos for Natural Disasters.. Colectivo CEIBA - San Salvador, El Salvador.. We began by conducting assessment studies in 8 communities in Santiago Texacuangos, one of the regions in El Salvador that sustained the most damage during Hurricane Ida (Nov.. 2009).. Based on these studies, we chose to work with 3 communities who were most in need of social reconstruction, determined by levels of damage and the communities’ expressed desire to “get organized.. ” A 6-person team implemented the chosen projects.. We consulted with the local governments of Joya Grande, El Sauce, and Shaltipa and then launched the projects in February 2010.. Providing Sustainable, Affordable Housing in Montana.. homeWORD - Missoula, Montana, United States.. homeWORD created a process for affordable housing development that incorporates several core values: serves working families, community-designed, models new strategies for green building, and demonstrates sustainable methods.. This process, which we call the charrette process, is now a signature of homeWORD’s affordable housing development.. The charrette is a public design meeting where interested community members come together to brainstorm ideas for the design, site plan, development and management of homeWORD’s proposed housing.. Palliative Care Department Community Volunteer Project.. Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board Integrated Hospice Unit - Cameroon, Africa.. The palliative care team aims to provide holistic care to terminally ill patients.. This care includes physical, psychosocial and spiritual aspects and most often takes place in patients’ homes.. We recruited local volunteers from 5 regions in North West Cameroon with knowledge to identify patients for the palliative care team to care for.. The volunteers were trained to provide basic health care and to address psychosocial and spiritual aspects of care which accompany terminal illnesses.. This has led to a huge increase in the number of patients able to access essential symptom control medicines and holistic care.. Prescription Drug Awareness.. Ten Sixteen Recovery Network - Gladwin, Michigan, United States.. In 2008, Gladwin county had 3 deaths related to drug overdose, and in 2009 that number doubled to 6 deaths.. We wanted to be proactive and find ways to stop the troubling upward trend in drug overdose deaths.. Our first project was to sponsor two dinners that were hosted by The County Prosecutor.. The dinners were an opportunity to have a discussion about the problem with local law enforcement and those in the medical community.. Each event left us with specific action steps to make our community aware of the problem that prescription drug abuse had become.. Dance Group Educates on Malaria Prevention.. Netos de Bandim - Guinea Bissau, West Africa.. Netos de Bandim has extensive experience in designing community education campaigns that use dance, theater, music, and poetry to convey public education messages.. In this case we worked with UNICEF to educate over 2000 families in 10 Bissau neighborhoods about malaria prevention and protection.. The project enabled over 100 young people of the dance group to learn about malaria and to exercise leadership through teaching their community about malaria prevention.. The campaign focused on changing attitudes and behaviors about malaria through ethnic dances, street theater, music, poetry, and community dialogues.. Domestic Violence Shelter and Outreach in Victorville.. "A Better Way" Domestic Violence Shelter - Victorville, California, United States.. The founders of "A Better Way" Domestic Violence Shelter and Outreach first established a 24-hour hotline and recruited volunteers who provided victims of domestic violence with referrals and support.. With the help of the community, “A Better Way” was soon able to provide emergency hotel vouchers.. Now they operate a 26-bed shelter and serve over 1500 victims a year in the Victor Valley and surrounding areas, providing a multi-service program based on the original philosophy of the agency's founders.. In addition to the shelter, educational classes are provided to the community free of charge.. Victims and their children can live violence-free lives and the shelter will continue to show victims "A Better Way.. " (.. Advocating for Cleaner Air in Ramat Yohanan.. Kesem - Kiryat Tivon, Israel.. Kesem (Hebrew for “magic”) invited 3 air monitoring experts from a worldwide association, "Global Community Monitor" to help conduct a 4 day seminar for 30 people from the community of Ramat Yohanan.. In the seminar, the community learned the Bucket Brigade method in which the community uses a simple means (buckets) that are effective and inexpensive tools for monitoring pollutants in the air.. In the last day of the seminar the community went to monitor the air near the refinery that is next to the kibbutz.. The goal of this act is to lower the air pollution from the industry in the Haifa Bay area by pressuring factory owners and the authorities with real scientific evidence of the contamination.. Youth Challenge Grants.. Violence Prevention Coailition of Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California, United States..  ...   landmark collaboration led by Conservation Corps North Bay, and in partnership with the College of Marin and the University of California Cooperative Extension – Marin.. Motivating for Personal Hygiene and Community Sanitation Services.. WASH United - Braanfontein, Gauteng Province, South Africa.. The WASH United Programme’s mission is to motivate and mobilize people in Sub-Saharan Africa and around the world to improve hygienic practices.. The campaign targets everyone and every sector because the importance of health and hygiene cuts across many issues.. Since its inception in January 2010, over 100,000 people within Sub-Saharan Africa from both rural and peri-urban areas have been touched by WASH United’s work.. The WASH United campaign targets mainly children, women, and vulnerable communities.. Solar Energy Initiative for Homeless Shelter.. Green Las Cruces - Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States.. Las Cruces, New Mexico is a poor community facing increasingly high energy costs and more extreme seasons.. Green Las Cruces recognizes that by using our natural resource, the sun, to produce power, the city can address its energy needs in a sustainable fashion.. On October 10, 2010, they installed the first two (of a planned total of twelve) solar panels on housing for the chronically homeless.. Their efforts serve as a symbol, showing community support for green energy and helping to leverage city-wide implementation of renewable energy.. Kwala Fund.. NTC - Kwala, Tanzania, Africa.. Kwala is a rural community of 3,000 people, mostly subsistence farmers.. It hosts a primary and secondary school but ranks in the bottom 5% of community education in Tanzania.. Kwala has failed to produce any secondary school graduates, preventing Kwala’s families from breaking the vicious cycle of poverty that has plagued the community for generations.. So, the NTC Kwala Committee was established, with 12 members from Kwala’s schools and community and NTC’s 2 project managers.. The Kwala Committee meets monthly to consider proposals from the community for meeting its goals for education, and to vote on which project to undertake.. The aim of their work is two-fold: to provide aid that will result in the most significant progress toward the village’s educational goals, and to develop the community’s ability to eventually do this without NTC’s help.. Supporting Seniors in Rural British Columbia.. Aging With Ease in Rural Communities (AWE) - Seymour Arm, British Columbia, Canada.. The rural community of Seymour Arm, British Columbia is remote and isolated, and as a result many of our senior citizens lacked easy access to important primary health services.. So we formed the nonprofit organization Aging With Ease in Rural Communities (AWE) to address this issue.. By reaching out to our vulnerable seniors and those with disabilities, empowering them and including them, we help them maintain an active lifestyle within their community.. Fight Stigma and Improve Health.. SORAK Development Agency - Kampala, Uganda, Africa.. In Uganda, tuberculosis and HIV contribute 60% of the disease burden in the population according to the Ministry of Health, and yet TB/HIV collaborative interventions are not moving as fast as would be expected.. The HIV prevalence remains high at 7% and continues to be a risk factor for tuberculosis in the community.. SORAK Development Agency developed a project that reached out directly to 12,000 persons affected with tuberculosis and HIV with accurate prevention messages using participatory theatre approaches as well as mobilizing them for TB and HIV preventative and treatment services.. This led to increased TB case reporting, treatment adherence, psychosocial support with 80% of tuberculosis patients getting cured and the remaining 20% continuing with treatment by the end of this project.. Training Hospital Staff in Teaching Child Patients How to Play.. Life is Good Foundation, Playmakers Initiative - Boston, Massachusetts, United States.. The Life is Good Kids Foundation helps kids overcome life-threatening challenges such as violence, illness and extreme poverty.. Our Playmakers Initiative provides training, resources and support to the adults dedicated to caring for these children so that all involved lead healthier, more joyful lives.. The Playmakers Child Life Training Retreat adapted and transformed a teacher-designed program for use in a medical setting for a new segment of caregivers serving children with life-threatening challenges.. Playmakers delivered this training outside of a traditional conference setting, through a 2-day retreat featuring lectures, yoga classes, video, dialogue, and games instruction.. Rehabilitation, Empowerment, and Leverage of Defiled, Abused, and Devastated Youths and Women (REAL DADY).. African Community Team Support - Mbale, Eastern Uganda, Africa.. African Community Teams Support (ACTS) is a charity organization that defends, rehabilitates and empowers victims of violence, marginalization and exploitation, helps them make peace and live harmoniously through formation of socio-economic community networks and teams.. Beginning as a family effort, we worked to address the psychosocial misery of defiled, abused, and devastated youths and women (DADYs) with counseling and care, but realized that this alone was not enough.. By training and deploying restored DADYs, we address not only psychosocial restoration but also the skills dilemmas, gainful occupation and socio-economic empowerment.. For instance, we initiated a community-led nursery school not only to solve a community need for nursery education, but also to occupy and empower restored DADYs.. SimplyHelp Cambodia.. SimplyHelp Foundation - Los Angeles, California, United States.. SimplyHelp is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles dedicated to relieving poverty by providing emergency disaster relief, vocational training, and shelter and care.. SimplyHelp established a branch called ‘SimplyHelp Cambodia’ with two vocational training schools – a computer school and a tailoring school – in Cambodia.. SimplyHelp Cambodia was set up with the help of passionate local Cambodians.. The schools are run.. by.. Cambodians,.. for.. Cambodians.. To date, SimplyHelp Cambodia has graduated over 4000 students, of which 85% find a job either working for a big company, in banking, for an NGO, or they open up their own shop, or go on to higher education.. Ecological Sanitation Closes the Loop Between Health, Sanitation, and Food Security.. Association of Locally Empowered Youth - Libertad, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.. The Association of Locally-Empowered Youth in Northern Mindanao has as its members children of poor farmers.. Our aim is to improve ecology and sanitation by implementing appropriate solutions to the lack of water and resources.. We knew that the local communities did not have toilets and would defecate in the open.. This is because water is very scarce in these mountainous areas and the communities had few resources.. The lack of toilets often results in health problems such as diarrhea and worm infestation, and affects children especially.. Our solution for the issue is to implement eco-sanitation (ecosan) urine diverting dehydration toilets and use human waste as fertilizer thereby saving on expensive chemical fertilizers.. Summer Enrichment Program.. Neighborhood-based Family Intervention Center, a Division of Children's Aid Society of Mercer County - Sharon, Pennsylvania, United States.. The program started out with a grant from Mercer County Juvenile Probation 16 years ago with a focus on reducing recidivism.. But the program was popular and expanded quickly; soon we began partnering with the local schools, social services, CYS, YMCA, Behavioral Health Commission, and many other partners to provide a summer camp for children and teenagers between the ages of 12 to 18.. The camp aimed to bring youth together that normally would not interact with one another, and reduce anti-social behavior in the community and keep youth from committing any crimes or getting involved with gangs while out of school.. New Life Education Project for Remand Home Children.. Rainbow Gate Foundation Nigeria - Nigeria, Africa.. Rainbow Gate Foundation Nigeria, a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Nigeria, was founded in 2009 to help youths and underserved individuals in Nigeria.. One of Rainbow Gate Foundation’s projects is the New Life Education Program for Remand Home Children, which helps at-risk children.. Project volunteers work with children known for anti-social behaviors to increase their knowledge about social life through a Guardian and Counseling initiative.. Additionally, the New Life Education Project developed a skill acquisition program to train the children in the areas of catering, computer skills, snail rearing, aqua-culture, and poultry management.. The children are counseled, trained, and empowered in order to transform their attitudes positively.. Seabee Battalion Community Leadership Program for Youth.. Marvin Shields Seabee Battalion - Polk County, Florida, United States.. The mission of the Marvin Shields Seabee Battalion is to provide youth of Polk County, Florida a drug-free environment where they can learn life leadership skills and at the same time help their community.. Cadets with Marvin Shields Seabee Battalion work with several local community leaders on projects such as feeding the hungry, packing care boxes for the troops, and helping with Habitat for Humanity.. Empowering Girls Through Skills, Knowledge, and Leadership.. Sindh Community Foundation - Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan.. Sindh Community Foundation conducted a survey in the slum settings of Tando Muhammad Khan and opened a dialogue with community members about girls’ education and community needs.. They developed a project designed to train the girls on basic and advanced computer skills, provide career counseling, awareness, and job skills training, establish a Girls Youth Resource Center, and build the girls' capacity on social activism and understanding of social issues ranging from confidence building, life skills, HIV/AIDS, RH problems, gender, human rights, social activism, and leadership.. Downtown Dollars.. Ardmore Initiative - Ardmore, Pennsylvania, United States.. The Downtown Dollars program was created to support "buying local” in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.. The Ardmore Initiative began by holding a focus group with business owners and financial experts to craft and design the program.. The program’s goal was to provide Downtown Dollars at a discount of 50% of their face value to shoppers in the Ardmore community, who could then spend the Downtown Dollars at local Ardmore businesses.. $15,000 Downtown Dollars were released in the community in May 2010, generating, in five months, total sales of $19,000+ at 47 local businesses.. Healthcare and Community Empowerment Programme.. Life Community Based Organization - Kariobangi, Nairobi, Kenya.. In 2007, The Life Community Based Organization was formed, with the mission of serving the poor and marginalized communities in the Kariobangi and Korogocho slums through participatory engagements aimed at addressing their felt needs and aspirations for better health.. The program had four components: HIV/AIDS prevention, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Support, Community Pharmacy and Essential Drug Supply, and Comedy in Healthcare Initiative.. Providing Access to Fitness Facilities.. YMCA of Greater Cleveland - Cleveland, Ohio, United States.. The YMCA of Greater Cleveland began their go!FIT initiative with a large scale community outreach in December 2009.. The goal of this program was to provide adults in Cuyahoga County with the tools necessary to improve their overall health through exercise, weight loss, and increased healthy lifestyle habits.. Majaso Human Development (MAHUDE) - Bungoma, Kenya.. Majaso Human Development (MAHUDE) is an NGO working in Kenya to provide the local villages with clean water.. Since 70% of East African hospital visits are due to contaminated water, we mobilized the members of the community to work on solving the dirty water usage problems and reduced hospital visits as a result.. Since open water sources typically are more susceptible to being contaminated, polluted, or depleted by evaporation, we determined that an important part of reducing water-borne illness was protecting the springs.. Gilda's Club South Florida - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.. Breast cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death among African American women, surpassed only by lung cancer.. The incidence of being diagnosed with breast cancer is 10% lower among African American women than white women and yet the mortality rate for African American women is 37% higher.. This disparity is attributed to later-stage detection and unequal receipt of high-quality medical treatment, according to the American Cancer Society.. Gilda’s Club South Florida (GCSF) is a free cancer support community for women, men, children, and teens with all types of cancer and their families and friends, that seeks ways to address this healthcare disparity issue..

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  • Title: Providing Clean Water to Villages in Kenya
    Descriptive info: Contributed by: Zedekiah Otsulah Chunge, Chief Executive Officer, MAHUDE.. Members of the community who have benefited from MAHUDE's efforts to improve water quality.. Summary.. We used public health officers of the government to educate members of the Butsotso Central community through Self-Help Women and Youth groups and Church committees in Kakamega County.. The groups provided information on how to protect springs and the importance of boiling water before drinking it.. The rural community members in Butsotso Central were facing numerous water-born and water related diseases and complications.. At least up to 45 percent of those that had access to our programs now handle water issues with awareness.. Additionally, many people who did not participate in the program have still gained the knowledge from others and are benefiting significantly; as a result, instances water-borne diseases have been reduced by 20%.. Taking Action in the Community.. Assess:.. In order to determine the scope of the problem, we did site mapping and identification, using the government’s planning and strategy paper of 2007-2009.. We administered a baseline survey to those who lived in the area, and then held a one day workshop with them.. During the workshop we were able to identify the local needs that were considered the greatest priorities.. Together, we prioritized the needs as: improving water sources to make clean water available, community education for adults and youths to create awareness on water-borne diseases, food availability to boost immunity, improving educational opportunities for children, peace initiatives, conflict resolution, social cohesion and tapping of both local and external resources.. Plan:.. After the baseline survey and priority setting, we held a workshop to map out steps to address the problems.. Our mission was to provide clean water to eliminate water-borne diseases.. We targeted two springs within one year to benefit 300 people.. We invited self-help groups of women and youth that were already registered by the ministry of gender and culture  ...   with the technical experience to implement the spring protection.. Evaluate:.. One of the springs that MAHUDE improved with grass cover.. We carried out a program evaluation to help us gauge what was being done and achieved.. We conducted periodic on-site visits and checks, which enabled us to evaluate the results that were being achieved.. The information from our regular evaluation visits enabled us to adjust the program along the way, such as replacing those who were unable to complete their work in a timely manner.. Our evaluation showed that we had 95% success in terms of participation and achievement of the goals we had set.. Sustain:.. An unprotected spring that MAHUDE plans to protect and improve in the future.. The springs operate under local oversight committees that monitor them and make repairs as needed.. We continue to provide training to the committees on group dynamics and operational strategies and the oversight committees hold review meetings with the stakeholders quarterly.. And for the financial component of sustainability, they donate half a dollar (USD) for each member’s annual subscription; this money is for buying spare parts to help maintain the springs, or for responding to any needs related to the management and operation of the spring.. Impact/Results.. Children who are able to consistently attend school now that the possibility.. of water-borne illness has been reduced.. Our work with the local groups has resulted in two springs now being protected, offering a safer water supply, and in stronger efforts by the community members to use safe practices such as boiling water before drinking it.. The use of clean water has considerably reduced water-borne infectious diseases and resulted in less hospital visits.. The dropout rate in school attendance per term due to water-borne diseases has been reduced by 30 percent.. The performance results in schools have therefore also gone up due to less water-borne diseases among school aged children.. View All Community Innovators..

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  • Title: Engaging Women of Color in Ending Disparities in Breast Cancer Detection and Treatment
    Descriptive info: Gilda's Club South Florida (GCSF).. - Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States.. Contributed by: Dr.. Elizabeth Wynter.. Sadly, the 5-year survival rate for African American women is 77% compared to 90% for white women.. Gilda’s Club South Florida (GCSF) is a free cancer support community for women, men, children, and teens with all types of cancer and their families and friends, and we have been actively seeking ways to address this healthcare disparity issue.. When GCSF determined that we needed to be more proactive in connecting women of color in Broward County to support services for cancer diagnoses, the CEO and Program Director began by brainstorming with our members at a town hall meeting.. Through this member-driven process many ideas emerged, and one dynamic member, an African American woman and breast cancer survivor, volunteered to become a Member Advocate to engage women of color.. Assess:.. Each year, GCSF facilitates a town hall meeting with its members and a strategic planning meeting with its board to identify local needs and resources.. Research on local, state, and national cancer statistics and trends is conducted to provide a foundation for these conversations.. In Broward County, 1175 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.. While 15% of those diagnosed will be African American women, only 7% of GCSF’s members are African American.. Recognizing the disparity between the number of women of color diagnosed and the number of African Americans served at Gilda’s strengthened our resolve to engage underserved minority populations.. Gilda’s Club CEO and Program Director reached out to cancer experts, Gilda’s Club Members, to develop a plan to help us engage women of color.. The group began by “keeping the end in mind.. ” This end was our mission “to reduce breast cancer disparities among women of color by providing them crucial prevention and educational information.. ” Once the mission had been established, the group’s objectives and strategies evolved naturally.. The group identified the following objectives: Engage 50 women of color for 3 lectures and increase awareness about breast cancer disparities.. Strategies to achieve these objectives included: throwing a Kickoff Party at Gilda’s to generate interest, developing marketing materials, determining where and how to market the lecture series, recruiting a diverse group of medical professionals to facilitate lectures, and pinpointing dates and times for the Kickoff Party and lectures.. Once the plan was developed and our Member Advocate was in place, the 1st activity  ...   increase awareness about breast cancer disparity, through surveys completed at the end of each lecture.. Ninety-nine percent of the participants rated the program as excellent and indicated that they would recommend it to a friend.. Comments included, “I learned the importance of having frank discussions with my family about cancer history,” “It increased my awareness about breast cancer,” and “What I heard was life changing.. ”.. The evaluation did not indicate any need for adjustments, although the success of the social networking approach has encouraged the development of a Member Advocate Group to support additional outreach efforts.. We have created a new Member Advocate group to ensure that our innovative efforts to engage underserved populations through Member Advocates and personal social networking will be sustained.. Gilda’s Club is honored to have Member Advocates speak on behalf of the organization.. There can be no substitute for having members share their expert knowledge about cancer and their personal stories about learning to LIVE with cancer.. This group of inspirational cancer survivors embodies the quote by Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.. ” With the support of our Member Advocates, Gilda’s Club will expand on the successful “Out of the Box” approach as we look to engage the LGBT community and seniors touched by cancer.. Our Member Advocate, Glenda, communicated the message of breast cancer disparities through word of mouth, emails, hand written letters, and presentations.. Glenda was on a mission to educate women of color about the resources available for cancer support and the importance of early detection.. The message about GCSF’s upcoming culturally sensitive lectures spread like wildfire through social networking channels in the African American community which included churches, hair salons, and doctor’s offices.. Thanks to the Member Advocate social networking approach, GCSF successfully facilitated a Kickoff Party and 3 lectures on breast cancer prevention and education for women of color.. A diverse group of medical professionals presented lectures entitled, “Genetics, Breast Cancer, and You,” “Okay…Breast Cancer, Now What,” and “Learn, Live, Support.. ” Each of the sessions attracted more than 50 women of color to Gilda’s where they got an opportunity to share their own stories, and hear those of others, as well as learn about the opportunities for support that are available to them.. Gilda's Club South Florida's Website:.. www.. gildasclubsouthflorida.. org..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: Welcome to the Community Tool Box (CTB).. What is the Community Tool Box all about?.. Our vision is of people—locally and globally—taking action together to change conditions that affect their lives.. The purpose of the Community Tool Box is to build capacity for this work—to make it easier for people to bring about change and improvement in their communities.. The Community Tool Box connects people with resources for learning the many skills required for this work and applying this knowledge in diverse cultures and contexts.. Our dream is probably the same as yours.. We want to see our communities, our states or provinces, our countries, and our world become healthier places to live.. Our belief is that we, as individuals or as members of small groups, can do quite a lot.. We have seen countless people around the world quietly (or not so quietly) change their communities for the better.. The Community Tool Box was created to help leaders bring about the changes they envision.. While the power of one is tremendous, that one needs help.. He or she needs the knowledge, information, and  ...   by the.. Work Group for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas.. , and partners nationally and internationally.. Because of our work building capacity for community health and development work and our participatory research to extend the evidence base for community efforts to promote health and development, we have been designated at as World Health Collaborating Centre since 2004.. Our team has worked to identify what users might need to know to be able to do this work of building healthier and more equitable communities.. The Tool Box provides more than 7,000 pages of practical information to support community health and development work.. The focus is on specific practical skills, such as conducting a meeting or participatory evaluation, that help create conditions for health and human development.. We hope you will browse through the Tool Box and use it to support your change and improvement efforts.. Related Information.. Staff and Development Partners.. Meet the Ask an Advisor Team.. WHO Centre Fellows.. WHO Centre Collaborators.. More Information.. Community Tool Box Funders.. Using the Community Tool Box.. Framework for Action.. Features.. Learn a Skill..

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  • Title: Community Toolbox - Bringing Solutions to Light
    Descriptive info: The Community Tool Box team greatly appreciates your visit to our site and we'd love to hear from you, and learn more about you and how you are using the resources on the site to support your community work.. We encourage you to browse guestbook entries from visitors to our site  ...   eNewsletter to keep in touch and learn about new resources as they become available.. First Name:.. Last Name:.. Organization:.. City/Town:.. State/Province:.. Country:.. Zip Code:.. Please tell us a little bit about yourself:.. How are you using the Community Tool Box to support your work?.. Links.. Browse Guestbook Entries.. Subscribe to eNewsletter..

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  • Title: Community Toolbox - What Users Are Saying
    Descriptive info: What Users Are Saying.. Chris Jones.. Tulsa, Oklahoma.. Kendal-Whittier resident.. “I come back to it year after year as a refresher course on the fundamentals of neighborhood advocacy and community activism.. Syed Abid Gilani.. Islamabad, Pakistan.. Social worker.. “… it is really a very helpful site for those who want to contribute in the development of community and society.. Very good guidelines for people like me working in this field, particularly in.. Pakistan.. where there is no such training.. a great job, continue serving humanity with your good ideas.. Kathi J.. Bivens, MS.. Hendersonville, NC.. “I wanted to say "THANKS" for the incredible website with so many terrific resources for communities to access.. The Community Tool Box is fantastic!.. I am charged with the creation of a.. primary.. prevention program for rape and child sexual abuse in rural western.. North Carolina.. There is very little research on these primary prevention rape programs and virtually no models to use as templates.. One of the requirements for the program is that is must be evidence-based.. Your website not only reminds me to slow down, back-up and assess accurately what actually constitutes my community, it provides excellent guides on how to do that.. I have shared a link to this site with the other 15 rape prevention educators in.. , and I am sure they will find it as valuable as I have.. The.. University.. of.. Kansas.. has provided me with very hard to find tools.. I wanted to voice my appreciation.. Verne Kleinsmidt.. Pretoria, South Africa.. Researcher at the Department of Home Affairs in.. South Africa.. “I found the Community Tool Box while searching for information on developing a framework for Integration of Migrants in our country.. Many thanks for the information.. I have found it very useful.. Ana Alvarez.. Brisbane, Australia.. Policy officer working in the.. de.. velopment and establishment of early intervention responses to homelessness.. “I have used the Community Tool Box as an information source on culturally competent service delivery.. Jacob Kahemele.. Dar es salaam, Tanzania.. Tanzanian professional working in areas of health and development.. Has a background in Theology and development studies and has worked with a number of faith-based institutions in development work, HIV and AIDS, and Health in general.. Currently working with an International NGO with main focus on youth.. “I just found out about this tool and already I am seeing great potential for its utilization in a number of areas of my work, so I hope to make use of it.. Gwen Murphy.. Durham, North Carolina.. I am a nutritionist and education specialist in the Community Health Division at Duke.. Medical.. Center.. “I love your site and have used it many times.. It is a complete, well organized framework that fits well with many different projects.. Thank you!”.. Michael Wilson.. Boston, Massachusetts.. RN who has worked for 13 years in a hospital burn intensive care unit and for three years as a hospice visiting nurse.. Also a board member of the.. Massachusetts Coalition for Compassionate Care and a founding member of a community coalition called Palliative Care Coalition.. “I have found the [CTB] articles and how-to guides wonderful in my attempt to pull a community coalition together.. I am a nurse, I have never done such work, but this website makes it possible for me to feel like it is possible to surmount the difficulties of placing three hospitals, two hospices, two family health centers and representatives from several other agencies at the same table, rise above territorial and political issues and find a common path to our shared goal of improving the care we give to the dying.. I thank you for all your efforts.. Pam Rask.. I am the Manager of 3 programs at the Tulsa Health Department - School Health, Healthy Communities Access Program, and Tulsa Fetal and Infant Mortality Review.. “We are always looking for tools to use where we do not have to reinvent the wheel and also for best practices and models to implement within our community.. Daniel Borrero.. Shonto, Arizona.. Dentist with the USPHS at the Inscription House Clinic, located in the Diné Nation (Navajo).. “I have been working to start a patient education program in our clinic.. I'd like to begin by establishing a participatory community coalition to deal with numerous health promotion issues.. [starting with] how to prevent early childhood caries.. I'd like to see our program use the latest knowledge from cognitive science as well as to do everything in a culturally competent way, so we build over the foundation that is already in place.. I just found the Tool Box site today.. I will use it  ...   who have and are still putting it together.. Ann Salazar.. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.. Project Coordinator for Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy KIDS COUNT.. “I am constantly referring my Leadership group to this site as a resource for what they are doing in their communities and for their KIDS COUNT Leader Projects.. Every time I go to this site I am amazed what is offered.. I always find something new.. I have never found another site to equal this one as an available usable resource for positive community change.. ”.. Rolf Luyendijk.. The Netherlands.. International Development Worker.. “I use it as a quick reference / reminder for the many things once learned, worked with, or seen but slightly forgotten.. I also use it to get additional practical ideas for tackling all kind of communication and community development related issues.. Thank you for making this toolbox so accessible and available to all!”.. Kathleen O'Malley.. Christina Lake, British Columbia, Canada.. Project facilitator.. “I am facilitating the creation of safer communities for women, children and other vulnerable people in our rural communities.. We have just completed the development of an Action Plan using data collected through community consultations.. developed by 50 people representing all sectors of the community.. We are now seeking funding for its implementation.. I think this is one of the most useful sites that I have found on the Internet.. Sylvia Rickard.. Mold, Flintshire, North Wales, United Kingdom.. Health Promotion Specialist working to support an increase in breastfeeding rates, particularly in poorer communities.. “Having downloaded the information will share with breastfeeding mothers and health professionals in the area to discuss how best to move forward.. Thank you for access to the site and sharing the expertise and experience.. Laurie Call.. Divernon, Illinois.. Consultant in the substance abuse prevention field.. “It is an absolutely incredible resource.. The most comprehensive resource I have found for skill and knowledge based information for our field.. Eva Yakutis-Mcniel.. Riverside, California.. Office of Neighborhoods, Manager for the City.. “Am on my way to give a presentation on Asset Based Community Development and Community Organizing to the Crime Free Multi Housing International conference and am taking the good news about the CTB with me!”.. Rodrigo Cantarero.. Lincoln, Nebraska.. Faculty with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.. “I am collaborating with a local organization (Health Partners Initiative) on a project working with two local neighborhoods on developing a "neighborhood service exchange" program.. We are initially working in the areas of access to health (neighborhood is heavily minority population, especially Latino) and safety.. Your site is a wonderful source of ideas and tools.. Jairo Viafara.. Winnipeg, Canada.. Urban Planner and Sociologist.. “I am preparing to work with a community group assisting them in the implementation of a community safety program.. Three years ago, I implemented two community safety programs.. From the beginning to the end, every time I advanced to a new phase in the program, I … read your pages for guidance, and reference.. Your tools were extremely useful.. Thank you.. Parker Plitz.. Oneida, Wisconsin.. Community Planner for the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin.. “Techniques are presented in the Toolbox that are transferable to community planning in many ways from strategic thinking to task completion.. Thank you for providing such a broad and in-depth service.. Sondra Myers.. Crowley, Louisiana.. Educator of 33 years - teacher, principal, currently 10 years as Director of Head Start within a parish school system.. “Head Start management involved a cycle of planning and assessment.. With the Head Start Act needing reauthorization every 5 years, there are constant changes in program regs and services.. TOOLBOX IS WONDERFUL!!!!!!!”.. Ghazi Kayali.. Balamand, Lebanon.. Instructor/researcher at the Faculty of Health Sciences of the.. University of Balamand; doing research on illiteracy and health awareness.. “CTB proved over and over again that it is a great resource for both teaching and conducting community-based programs.. I refer my students to CTB as the first choice for resources relevant to our work.. Maritza Castillo.. Barquisimeto, Lara Venezuela.. “I am working in a ‘barrio’.. I download many of your pages.. I will read them.. I am thankful.. Gareth Thomas.. Swansea, Wales, Great Britain.. Works as a manager of a community development programme at Cardiff University.. “I have used this toolbox over many years and find it invaluable.. Where else can you get this information in such a user-friendly format and for free.. I would like to thank you for the hard work that must go into designing these pages and for all your help over the years.. This really is a gift to us workers in the field.. Click here to add your own comments to the Guestbook!..

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