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  • Title: NRAO Safe Server
    Descriptive info: .. National Radio.. Astronomy Observatory.. NRAO Home.. Safe.. Current Resources.. The.. NRAO Public Wiki.. is now here (formerly.. wikio.. nrao.. edu.. ).. NRAOPapers.. (public interface, NRAO Library).. Coming soon!.. Special areas for collaboration with NRAO partners (e.. g.. ESO, NAOJ).. Areas we have set up include:.. alma.. aoc.. for the Array Operations Center.. cal.. for Calendar Functions.. ccs.. for Central Computing Services.. do.. for the Director's Office.. fiscal.. for content from the Fiscal Office.. gb.. for Green Bank.. gbt.. for the Green Bank Telescope.. hr.. for Human Resources.. library.. for the NRAO Library.. mis.. for Business Computing.. obs.. for Observatory Business Services.. saa..  ...   (Summer etc.. ).. vla.. for the (Expanded) Very Large Array.. vlba.. for VLBA.. web.. for Webmasters.. Not all of these are yet in use, but are available for stakeholders to use.. Flexible Authenticated access mechanism.. We hope to leverage a new authentication system that may in the future encompass both.. my.. and.. BOS.. Watch this space.. Staff.. |.. Contact Us.. Careers.. Directories.. Site Map.. Help.. Policies.. Diversity.. Search.. Copyright 2009 Associated Universities, Inc.. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.. Modified on Friday, 13-May-2011 12:47:02 EDT by Pat Murphy..

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  • Title: 302 Found
    Descriptive info: Found.. The document has moved.. here..

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    Descriptive info: Redirecting to NRAOPapers..

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  • Title: WebHome < Main < NRAO Public Wiki
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. Main Web.. WebHome.. (2012-04-29,.. PatrickMurphy.. Edit.. w.. iki text.. E.. dit.. A.. ttach.. P.. rint version.. THIS IS.. NRAO's "PUBLIC" WIKI.. We have a separate.. NRAO Staff Wiki.. , which is restricted by authentication to NRAO Staff.. Please read the.. PasswordPolicy.. for information on your NRAO Public Wiki password, including advice on how to set it, and links to the change and reset password topics.. You can.. Change.. or.. Reset.. your password/phrase.. Edit Buttons.. With the migration to FOSWiki, the edit tabs have changed:.. the.. [EDIT WIKI TEXT].. link at top right uses the "raw" old editor.. [EDIT].. button starts the "Fancy" TinyMCE wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor.. The NRAO "Public Wiki", built on the.. FOSWiki.. system, is a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple web-based collaboration platform.. It can be used to run a project development space, a document management system, a knowledge base or any other groupware tool.. For users of NRAO's separate Staff Wiki, note the different background in the top bar above.. Registered and (manually) approved "known" users can edit any of the pages in this site except for certain restricted areas.. For documentation and tutorials about how to use this platform, visit.. WelcomeGuest.. If you want to collaborate, you can get things started by.. Registering.. Newly registered users do not have write or edit privileges.. until they contact the webmasters under separate cover.. See.. UserRegistration.. for details.. There are several tutorials on the.. page; check them out.. The links below bring you to other wiki installations at NRAO and ESO/ALMA.. Visit the NRAO "Staff" wiki:.. (NRAO Staff only; sorry!).. Visit the.. GB webs.. (now here, formerly the seperate GB wiki)..  ...   the Frequency-Agile Solar Radiotelescope.. collaborate on FASR development.. GB.. Top-level meta-web for GB related content.. collaborate on many things related to NRAO's Green Bank site.. HPC.. High-Performance Computing.. collaborate on HPC topics such as clusters, GPGPU, cell processing, etc.. Kbandfpa.. Collaboration on the K Band Focal Plane Array.. collaborate on the K Band Focal Plane Array.. Library.. The NRAO Library External Collaboration Area.. collaborate with our partners and others on various Library technologies and topics.. Main.. Metrics.. NM.. OSAA.. OSX.. Sandbox.. Software.. Collaboration on NRAO Software.. collaborate on development, deployment, maintenance, and use of NRAO software.. Splat.. Documentation on the Splatalogue.. find out everything you might need to know about the Splatalogue.. System.. VLBA.. VLBA Collaborative Resources.. collaborate on VLBI: observation preparation, data reduction, and more.. Main Web Utilities.. - for first time visitors.. Registration.. - become a NRAO Public Wiki user.. WebTopicList.. - all topics in alphabetical order.. WebChanges.. - recent topic changes in this web.. WebNotify.. - subscribe to an e-mail alert sent when topics change.. WebRss.. ,.. WebAtom.. - RSS and ATOM news feeds of topic changes.. WebStatistics.. - listing popular topics and top contributors.. WebPreferences.. - preferences of this web.. H.. istory.. : r6.. r5.. r4.. r3.. B.. acklinks.. V.. iew wiki text.. M.. ore topic actions.. Topic revision: 2012-04-29,.. Log In.. Register.. Create New Topic.. Index.. Changes.. Notifications.. RSS Feed.. Statistics.. Preferences.. - NRAO Public Wiki.. NAASC.. SCIIPT.. Littlethings.. project'>.. Computing.. Data.. Dynamic.. Electronics.. Gbtpipeline.. Knowledge.. Mechanical.. Observing.. Obsreports.. Operate.. PTCS.. OOF.. ServoImprovementsHome.. ServoSiteAcceptTestProcs.. Pennarray.. Projects.. Recreation.. Scicenter.. TACTool.. Algorithms.. Copyright by the contributing authors.. All material on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors.. Ideas, requests, problems regarding NRAO Public Wiki?.. Send feedback..

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  • Title: Broken Link
    Descriptive info: Not Found.. This URL does not exist.. The URL you typed does not exist.. Please check that you typed your URL correctly..

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  • Title: WebHome < Main < NRAO Public Wiki
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  • Title: PatrickMurphy < Main < NRAO Public Wiki
    Descriptive info: WikiUsers.. UserList.. (2012-05-15,.. Hello There!.. Welcome to my NRAO Public wiki page.. Here you may find things I am collaborating on with colleagues at other institutions and organisations.. If what you want isn't here, try my.. work.. home.. pages, my.. NRAOStaff:Main.. PatrickMurphy.. Staff wiki page (if you're NRAO Staff that is), or my ALMA Softwrae.. AlmaESO:Main.. PatMurphy.. wiki page.. Tradidional Wiki Info.. Name:.. Patrick.. Murphy.. Email:.. pmurphy+foswiki nraonospam.. example.. Messaging:.. LinuxGuyInVa.. (for aim, yahoo, skype,.. facebook.. ).. Company Name: National Radio Astronomy Observatory.. Company URL:.. http://www.. edu/.. Location: Charlottesville, Virginia.. Country: USA.. My GPG key.. Show Key.. Hide key.. -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- Version: GnuPG v1.. 4.. 10 (GNU/Linux) mQGiBEi1gDoRBADiuWxWKozvz2ec7o2Iqos0NBu0H/5dARfB44011r0PApRi+agj xe+VyHCrrbPHe0ODjPZcNq9zRI5RLo6esGUW3ema/1BqJ2E8mJXqKgNkO1gyT4QF oUSpN3iTcfWBNQ9BUaoPE3e687J5ZubR0uRR0YVlaVU5lzajFlvthfX4xwCgpV4y LNenuxsoyK6AIZ1g1oCdr4MEAM2MOSJ4NioZlX9PrLEj2ue0uwIipqH2QIKFRvmX dzTxTCq9p9B+4NmSmonqxyNMtkhkKaLjqWMphQ2HbiFBb60ev+uIno2fjRRqG9Ig zBV5bGqD0+KTP4vrT/aQK5BEY1QAUfc/VT3mgkdMLJPtmzXdEU/E/n1g6SQGfTUT aHPiA/9i5RKRN3M1agNF4YqUsfKC8CF5LA9YJg9XnSFx6cove4Lh2ESDwRSaFcr+ T1B5rJFAeQl1R4n72+sYIrKZFLTqtncTrtzDslDIwGRh5YC6woe29KbGBBmIEUIp 7lXJNPdJ+yFKUOpXOQa1/viZCx8lHl609iP05Wbl92MOQyGwKbQzUGF0cmljayBQ LiBNdXJwaHkgKE5vbi1JREVBIEtleSkgPHBtdXJwaHlAbnJhby5lZHU+iGAEExEC ACAFAki1gDoCGyMGCwkIBwMCBBUCCAMEFgIDAQIeAQIXgAAKCRCXUo5YXdiizbqJ AJ90obhmhqZfBk+JM278cdrbkvUK9wCfYTgSAiJ9DR+kg3W4DrD0RDBR2m60OVBh dHJpY2sgUC4gTXVycGh5IChNeSBnbWFpbCBhY2NvdW50KSA8cHBtdXJwaHlAZ21h aWwuY29tPohgBBMRAgAgBQJJXiDYAhsjBgsJCAcDAgQVAggDBBYCAwECHgECF4AA CgkQl1KOWF3Yos1odwCggXN6IXvxNfmufbOIhrRpqO/K4I8AoIpNfJ1A+nM+ZrsM oaW990S8CvqutC9QYXQgTXVycGh5IChob21lIGFjY291bnQpIDxjZWx0QGNoaWVu LW5vaXIuY29tPohgBBMRAgAgBQJJXiEeAhsjBgsJCAcDAgQVAggDBBYCAwECHgEC F4AACgkQl1KOWF3Yos1WsgCgkl51LS31uXxtqpkyVywY8NNkmdYAn37l2L8kZf04 PwkDVys9cyAb4l+PuQINBEi1gEAQCAD/FB5s3ZzFmxjlGMYihCZtUZVoygfU9a5A XjmOyVCO8NCY0DSbZsIEynqSXDL3jOMH+neg4zZPLwaiYWPQH4eIOnTjpnEKCux4 aqUc2zsF8fVJvvitGYKwqHoslSD69HXpjkkY7ig5rFdj4AbLLcXpdjS7aC4V5/hX O3yQvPJS9duWSqPI2daaAGzNlf5Nw6eJBTGXYichATEddu3pY03uue/ieBhqAXVe x20uUxMKUgFmT5RUqhZiJYwNLWf04ZfSN2qi1ZycT3CNmvxcgUeiLfjP63qMf9qe BEEtBgnKJKQFND94PCOZhWIq/GnBsClg2ihVYXid7ehLrb7ML907AAMGB/9Ms01X JWjUWB/O+aE2a1EggaTvLou5sYPqlwf8hMemr8P7gT48We4lyrXddLgePcfxfgfR iL4tifq5xZ5lSaexIPIiR9v1mQNw2o6Y3HZqMsYLrVFL7g3J2FBaZzvaCfUdu2qW /rBVf/4Y2+QCS+XaAefLBM0+ZUy0dPcsvCjKvt8EXQLrMxutI94P2hrlf2lDfI7K UPXKyjvD/iWFgm0VkpfuTc6FauNXEYl3RWOLjQ1/617lIa1pXkOspUmRn8mPVhbE V7F2uQqaHWAD27JjjsoTgYXv+pBtQWYruOLeNUa/B0dQr4J9OVeBt9S+qDqb0/8M QC867yCECjZQFnpMiEkEGBECAAkFAki1gEACGwwACgkQl1KOWF3Yos0i0QCfbL7K 4Zg/C8GMwNf36ReuTbXHif0AnjhWXWtbbXvIs1Bcgc/PgVZahdtx Gt4C -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----.. Personal Preferences (details in.. Macros.. Horizontal size of text edit box:.. Set EDITBOXWIDTH = 72.. Vertical size of text edit box (default was way too small for me):.. Set EDITBOXHEIGHT = 30.. Style of text edit box.. width: 99%.. for full window width (default),.. width: auto.. to disable.. Set EDITBOXSTYLE = width: 99%.. You can't edit this page, only I can:.. Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE =.. 1 Various Tests and Demos.. 1.. 1 Image Plugin and Checklist.. 1.. 1 Image.. MurphysTest.. (Image Plugin) shows how to use the Image Plugin.. 2.. Is this done?.. Click me to change my state from 'done' to 'todo'.. t: 2012-05-15 - 13:50 - Main.. PatrickMurphy, last state: todo.. 2 Comments.. Here's a comment done with.. %COMMENT{type="below"}%.. :.. Why does everyone say "testing" when they're testing? Why not something more descriptive? --.. - 11 May 2012.. Testing --.. - 27 Apr 2012.. And here's another done with.. %COMMENT{type="threadmode"}%.. There is no needle in this thread.. --.. - 2012-05-14.. Who.. needs.. a needle  ...   "$file was.. not.. locked (.. =$.. ) but it is now!\n";.. "Press ENTER to unlock it.. "; $foo = STDIN ;.. # unlock the file.. (MSG, LOCK_UN);.. "$file is now unlocked.. Press ENTER to quit.. (MSG); }.. 2 Python.. And a Python sample:.. # (Experimental) A more advanced 2D drawing interface for PIL images,.. # based on the WCK interface.. #.. # @param im The image to draw in.. # @param hints An optional list of hints.. # @return A (drawing context, drawing resource factory) tuple.. def.. getdraw(im=.. None.. , hints=.. ):.. # FIXME: this needs more work!.. # FIXME: come up with a better 'hints' scheme.. handler =.. hints.. or.. "nicest".. in.. hints:.. try.. import.. _imagingagg handler = _imagingagg.. except.. ImportError.. pass.. handler.. is.. ImageDraw2 handler = ImageDraw2.. im: im = handler.. Draw(im).. return.. im, handler.. 7 Math Mode.. Here's the Riemann Zeta function (what facebook says I'm most like):.. This was done like so:.. latex \zeta(s) \sum {n 1}^{\infty} \frac{1}{n^s} /latex.. 8 Rendered lists.. Type this.. And get this.. RENDERLIST{ org } NRAO CV (HQ) Edgemont Road icon:person Phil NTC Green Bank Jansky Lab icon:person Karen Science Center New Mexico DSOC (AOC) icon:person Dale VLA NRAO/Chile Santiago icon:person Eduardo.. NRAO.. CV (HQ).. Edgemont Road.. Phil.. NTC.. Green Bank.. Jansky Lab.. Karen.. Science Center.. New Mexico.. DSOC (AOC).. Dale.. VLA.. NRAO/Chile.. Santiago.. Eduardo.. |--.. - 2012-04-17.. Attachments.. 9.. Topic attachments.. I.. Attachment.. Action.. Size.. Who.. Comment.. jpg.. almalogo.. jpg.. manage.. 109.. 2 K.. 2009-09-08 - 14:34.. test, ignore this.. png.. gbtsens.. png.. 6 K.. 2012-05-15 - 12:23.. sample.. hadoop1.. 45.. 2009-12-06 - 22:52.. zip.. jhuJul1112AntennaLogs.. zip.. 228.. 5 K.. 2010-07-13 - 15:04.. test, please ignore.. nrao-phpbb-logo.. 7.. 7 K.. 2012-04-27 - 14:17.. nrao-plone.. 5.. 3 K.. 2012-04-27 - 14:08.. nrao-staff-plone.. 0 K.. 2012-04-27 - 14:16.. pmurphy.. Pat Murphy in a grumpy mood.. vla-bg.. 392.. : r35.. r34.. r33.. r32.. Topic revision: 2012-05-15,..

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  • Title: WebHome < Main < NRAO Public Wiki
    Descriptive info: --- This topic: Main.. WebHome.. Topic revision:.. 2012-04-29,..

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  • Title: ResetPassword < System < NRAO Public Wiki
    Descriptive info: System Web.. UserToolsCategory.. ChangePassword.. ResetPassword.. (2010-11-18,.. ProjectContributor.. Reset Password.. After submitting this form, you will receive an e-mail with your new, system-generated password, and a link to a page where you can change it.. You.. must.. have at least one valid registered e-mail to be able to reset your password.. If none of your registered e-mail addresses is valid, and you have  ...   instead.. If you have any questions, please contact.. Related topics:.. ChangeEmailAddress.. AdminToolsCategory.. : r1.. Topic revision: 2010-11-18,.. Toolbox.. Users.. Groups.. Statistics.. User Reference.. BeginnersStartHere.. TextFormattingRules.. FormattedSearch.. QuerySearch.. DocumentGraphics.. SkinBrowser.. InstalledPlugins.. Admin Maintenance.. Reference Manual.. InterWikis.. ManagingWebs.. SiteTools.. DefaultPreferences.. Categories.. Admin Documentation.. Admin Tools.. Developer Doc.. User Documentation.. User Tools.. Webs.. All material on this site is the property of the contributing authors..

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  • Title: WelcomeGuest < System < NRAO Public Wiki
    Descriptive info: (2010-09-02,.. Welcome to NRAO Public Wiki!.. Welcome to NRAO Public Wiki! This site is a meeting place to work on common interests.. Anyone can contribute using any web browser.. NRAO Public Wiki looks like a normal web site.. except that it encourages contribution and.. editing.. of pages, questions, answers, comments and updates.. "Wiki" systems are fundamentally editable web pages.. It's a fun and useful way of communicating asynchronously over the web for many existing intranet and public internet sites.. NRAO Public Wiki is simple to learn and use.. It aims to provide a transparent way for you to publish and exchange your ideas with others over the web.. You  ...   can change or add to anything you see in a NRAO Public Wiki topic.. Use regular text or.. wiki syntax.. Try.. Do not worry that anything could go wrong.. When you change a topic, its previous versions are saved and can be recovered.. Start to figure it out.. Some good places to start:.. is a short introduction training course for beginners.. TwentyMinuteTutorial.. is a 20-minute tour of NRAO Public Wiki essentials.. WikiReferences.. links to selected articles and books about wiki technology and online collaboration.. You have some time and want to really get into NRAO Public Wiki? Then the.. UsersGuide.. is what you are looking for!.. Topic revision: 2010-09-02,..

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  • Title: UserRegistration < System < NRAO Public Wiki
    Descriptive info: (2010-08-03,.. User Self-Registration.. Note:.. Registered users can.. change.. reset.. their passwords.. PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE PROCEEDING!.. Registration on NRAO's public wiki is only required if you need:.. Access to restricted content.. Edit or Write privileges.. Otherwise, just go read stuff.. If you find a need to do one of the above, you can register later.. Newly registered users have NO WRITE OR EDIT PRIVILEGES.. See step 4 below for details.. If you wish to restore an old account, contact the webmaster directly.. HOW TO REGISTER.. By registering, you agree to abide by NRAO's.. policies.. including the.. Public Wiki Account Policy.. Fill in the form below and submit it; you will get an automated e-mail with a confirmation link.. Click on the confirmation link in your e-mail (or copy/paste it into the URL bar of your browser).. If you need edit and/or write privileges (and.. only.. if you do):.. For.. non-NRAO.. registrants, a.. separate.. manual e-mail MUST be sent by you after registration, to the webmaster, to request write/edit privileges.. We regret this extra step, but it is necessary to keep 'wiki spammers' at bay.. A "non-NRAO" registrant is anyone using an e-mail address that.. does not end in.. nrao.. For ALL users, the addition of write/edit privileges is.. a manual process.. NRAO users should contact the webmaster if there is a long delay between registration and granting of these privileges (we normally let you know when they're granted).. Any non-NRAO registrant who does not respond and whose account fails a password integrity check will have their account removed.. Violation of NRAO's Password Policy may have their wiki accounts removed.. Fields marked.. *.. are required.. First name.. Last name.. Wiki name.. Your name as displayed online.. Note, this must be a unique.. By default it is derived from your first and last name.. Email address.. Your email address will be kept confidential.. Your password/passphrase.. Minimum 15 characters.. Confirm password/passphrase.. If you have any questions about registration, send an e-mail to.. webmaster@nrao.. All the topic sections.. The main section is form , INCLUDEd when REGISTRATION DISABLED is not DISABLED.. Other sections define the fields and extra info text.. div class registration form name registration action SCRIPTURLPATH{ register } / USERSWEB / HOMETOPIC method post div class foswikiFormSteps div class foswikiFormStep p em MAKETEXT{ Fields marked span class required /span are required } /em /p ul !-- REQUIRED FIELDS -- INCLUDE{ TOPIC section requiredField firstName } INCLUDE{ TOPIC section requiredField lastName } INCLUDE{ TOPIC section requiredField wikiName } IF{ $ALLOWLOGINNAME then INCLUDE{ TOPIC section requiredField loginName } else !-- -- } INCLUDE{ TOPIC section requiredField email } IF{ context passwords modifyable then INCLUDE{ TOPIC section requiredField password } else !-- -- } !-- START OPTIONAL FIELDS -- !-- remove EXCLUDED from section names to show fields -- IF{ $REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE one OR $REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE multiple OR $REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE automatic then $percentINCLUDE{ WEB.. TOPIC section extraField groups warn off }$percent else !-- -- } INCLUDE{ TOPIC section EXCLUDED extraField organisationName warn off } INCLUDE{ TOPIC section EXCLUDED extraField organisationUrl warn off } INCLUDE{ TOPIC section EXCLUDED extraField country warn off } !-- SUBMIT BUTTON -- INCLUDE{ TOPIC section requiredButton submit } /ul /div /div INCLUDE{ TOPIC section EXCLUDED privacyInformation warn off } IF{ context BlackListPluginEnabled then input type hidden name rx value $percentBLACKLISTPLUGIN{action $quotmagic$quot}$percent / else !-- -- } input type hidden name topic value TOPIC / input type hidden name action value register / /form /div ADDTOZONE{ head id UserRegistrationStyle text style type text/css media all.. registration.. foswikiFormSteps { margin:.. 5em 0 1em 0; }.. foswikiFormStep { clear:both; }.. registration form { width:100 ; margin:0; padding:0; } / horizontal layout / / for the 3 columns we use: 25 30 40 /.. registration label { width:25 ; }.. registration li div { float:left; width:70 ; padding:0 0 0 1em; }.. foswikiInputField,.. foswikiTextarea { width:40 ; }.. registration li em { display:block; margin:0 0 0 43 ;  ...   label for Fwk1Password span class required /span MAKETEXT{ Your password/passphrase } /label div input type password id Fwk1Password name Fwk1Password size 40 class foswikiInputField value tabindex 6 onblur / em MAKETEXT{ Minimum 15 characters } /em /div /li IF{ NOT {Register}{DisablePasswordConfirmation} then li label for \ Fwk1Confirm\ span class \ required\ /span $percntMAKETEXT{\ Confirm password/passphrase\ }$percnt /label div input type \ password\ id \ Fwk1Confirm\ name \ Fwk1Confirm\ size \ 40\ class \ foswikiInputField\ value \ \ tabindex \ 7\ onblur \ \ / /div /li } Optional field join group enable by setting REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE in the USERSWEB.. DefaultPreferences topic to automatic, one, mulitple.. IF{ $USERNAME ingroup AdminGroup and REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE automatic and not defined REGISTRATIONGROUPS then blockquote span class \ foswikiAlert\ Caution! Registering a user while logged in as an Administrator will add them to ALL GROUPS in the system.. /span REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE is set to automatic , and no groups are set in REGISTRATIONGROUPS.. /blockquote } IF{ $ WIKINAME! WikiGuest and $USERNAME not ingroup AdminGroup and REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE automatic and not defined REGISTRATIONGROUPS then blockquote span class \ foswikiAlert\ Caution! Registering a user while logged in will add the new user to all groups you have permission to change.. /blockquote } FORMAT{ IF{ defined REGISTRATIONGROUPS then REGISTRATIONGROUPS else GROUPINFO{ show allowchange IF{ $ WIKINAME WikiGuest then (RegistrationAgent) } format $name separator , } } header $percentINCLUDE{$quot WEB.. TOPIC $quot section $quot IF{ REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE automatic and $ WIKINAME WikiGuest then hidden } rendergroupheader$quot multiple $quot IF{ REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE multiple then Groups else Group } $quot}$percent footer $percentINCLUDE{$quot WEB.. TOPIC $quot section $quotrendergroupfooter$quot}$percent zeroresults !-- no groups available -- format $percentINCLUDE{$quot WEB.. TOPIC $quot section $quotrendergroup$quot groupname $quot$topic$quot inputtype $quot IF{ REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE automatic and $ WIKINAME! WikiGuest then checkbox } IF{ REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE automatic and $ WIKINAME WikiGuest then hidden } IF{ REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE one then radio } IF{ REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE multiple then checkbox } $quot inputother $quot IF{ REGISTRATIONGROUPTYPE automatic then checked readonly } $quot }$percent separator } Section nochange !-- nochange// -- Section rendergroup parameters: groupname, inputtype input type inputtype inputother name Fwk0AddToGroups id cb groupname value groupname / label for cb groupname IF{ istopic USERSWEB.. groupname then USERSWEB.. groupname ] groupname ]] else groupname } /label Section rendergroupheader parameters: li label for Fwk0AddToGroups MAKETEXT{ Select Group 1] to join args multiple } /label div class joinGroups Section rendergroupfooter parameters: /div /li Section hiddenrendergroupheader parameters: li class foswikiHidden div class joinGroups Optional field organisation name li label for Fwk0OrganisationName span class required /span MAKETEXT{ Organisation name } /label div input type text id Fwk0OrganisationName name Fwk0OrganisationName size 40 class foswikiInputField value tabindex 8 onblur / /div /li Optional field organisation url li label for Fwk0OrganisationURL span class required /span MAKETEXT{ Organisation website } /label div input type text id Fwk0OrganisationURL name Fwk0OrganisationURL size 40 class foswikiInputField value http:// tabindex 9 / /div /li Optional field country li label for Fwk0Country MAKETEXT{ Country } /label div select class foswikiSelect id Fwk0Country name Fwk0Country size 1 tabindex 10 SEARCH{ ^\ ^\ \ ] \ topic CountryList web SYSTEMWEB type regex multiple on nosearch on nototal on format option $pattern(^\ (.. ?) \.. ) /option } /select /div /li Required submit button li label nbsp; /label div input type submit tabindex 99 class foswikiSubmit value MAKETEXT{ Register } / /div /li Optional privacy information p MAKETEXT{ Important: the information provided in this form will be stored in a database on the web server.. This database is accessible to anyone who can access the server through the web (though passwords will be encrypted, and e-mail addresses will be obfuscated to help prevent spamming).. Your country, or the country where the server is hosted, may have Data Protection laws governing the maintenance of such databases.. If you are in doubt, you should contact 1] for details of the Data Protection Policy of this web server before registering.. args mailto: WIKIWEBMASTER ?subject Data 20Protection 20Policy] WIKIWEBMASTER ]] } /p.. Topic revision: 2010-08-03,..

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