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  • Title: Forest Science Labs - Research Network
    Descriptive info: .. Corvallis Forestry Research Community.. Peavy Hall.. Richardson Hall.. Forestry Sciences Laboratory.. Access your Email via the Web:.. User Name: forestry\ your username.. Research Projects.. Agencies.. |.. Resources.. Related Sites.. Associated Agencies, Organizations, and Institutions:.. OSU Forest Science Department.. OSU College of Forestry.. Oregon State University.. USFS Corvallis Forestry Sciences Laboratory (FSL).. USGS Forest and Rangeland Ecosystem Science Center (FRESC).. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODF W).. Research/Science Projects.. Andrews Experimental Forest LTER (HJA).. Spatial Data Management Group (SDMG).. Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) system.. Laboratory for Applications of Remote Sensing in Ecology (LARSE).. Terrestrial  ...   Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study (CLAMS).. Long-Term Ecosystem Productivity (LTEP).. Watershed Processes Group (WPG).. Five Rivers: An Experiment in Adaptive Management.. Northwest Tree Improvement Cooperative (NWTIC).. Cooperative Chemical Analytical Laboratory (CCAL).. LEMMA | Landscape Ecology, Modeling, Mapping and Analysis.. Aquatic Ecology and Management Team (AEM).. Useful Resources.. Helpdesks:.. The Forestry Helpdesk.. The GIS/RS Helpdesk.. Related Sites/Resources.. Pacific Northwest Research Station.. Pacific Northwest Region.. USDA Forest Service.. Last Reviewed: Friday, 09-Nov-2012 15:08:31 PST.. Information found at this site, or arrived at from this site, is governed by one or more of the following.. Disclaimers and/or Legal statements..

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  • Title: Northwest Tree Improvement Cooperative (NWTIC)
    Descriptive info: College of Forestry.. :.. Forest Engineering.. Forest Resources.. Forest Science.. Wood Science and Engineering.. Northwest Tree Improvement Cooperative (NWTIC).. Mission and Goals.. The mission of NWTIC is to assist and coordinate members in developing and managing their forest gene resources in the Pacific Northwest.. Accordingly, NWTIC is committed to the following goals:.. Enhancing forest productivity by assisting members in developing genetically improved forest trees that yield more and better wood products.. Assisting members in developing and utilizing adapted seed in forest regeneration programs in order to provide for healthy, vigorous forests that are sustainable in the long term.. Promoting the development and sharing of technical information and technologies pertaining to applied forest genetics.. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining adequate levels of genetic diversity in forest regeneration programs and encouraging participation in local and regional gene conservation efforts.. Promoting and supporting research to further the mission of NWTIC through partnership with the Pacific Northwest  ...   data, extent of parent tree selections, and present and projected planting requirements.. Genetic improvement of forest trees is best described by the tree improvement cycle of selection, testing and breeding in which the genetic quality of a species is improved, and the gains are delivered to the field through gentically improved seed from seed orchards or as rooted cuttings, if feasible.. Tree improvement does take time - it may be 10 years before seed orchards begin to produce significant quantities of improved seed for reforestation.. Concurrent research is aimed at reducing the time required to complete the cycle, and improving methods of selection, testing and breeding.. Click on one of the following to view:.. Links to Related Sites.. NWTIC Annual Reports.. Contact:.. Dr.. Keith JS Jayawickrama.. Director, NWTIC.. Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society.. Corvallis, OR 97331-5752.. tel (541) 737-8432.. E-mail NWTIC Director.. For WWW-related questions E-mail:.. NWTIC Data Manager.. Copyright.. 2003,.. Disclaimer..

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  • Title: Land Use Land Cover Dynamics
    Descriptive info: Home.. Research.. Scientists.. Publications.. Climate Change Reports.. Clients and Partners.. Links.. Research Areas.. We are an informal group of scientists in Corvallis, Oregon conducting national, regional, and sub-regional natural resource economics research.. Key Team research areas include: 1) investigating the role of the forest sector in mitigating and adapting to climate change, 2) projecting national and regional forestland development; 3) evaluating forest fragmentation and potential effects on ecosystem services; 4) examining development effects on private forests and their management; and 5) identifying factors affecting public values and preferences regarding forestland conservation.. Team research often is interdisciplinary and frequently involves scientists and natural resources professionals from government agencies, academia, and conservation organizations.. Ralph J.. Alig, Research Forester.. Jeffrey D.. Kline, Research Forester..  ...   changes and forestland development: Commonalities and distinctions between the eastern and western USA.. E White, R.. Alig and S.. Stein.. Journal of Forestry.. Woody biomass for bioenergy and biofuels in the United States—a Briefing Paper.. E.. White.. PNW General Technical Report.. Recent Science Findings Reports.. Looking at the Big Picture: The Importance of Landbase Interactions Among Forests, Agriculture, and Climate Mitigation Policies.. Reporting on the research of Ralph Alig.. We're All in This Together: Decisionmaking to Address Climate Change in a Complex World.. Land Use Planning: A Time-Tested Approach for Addressing Climate Change.. Reporting on the research of Jeff Kline and Jim Cathcart.. Eric M.. White, Assistant Professor.. Department of Forest Engineering, Resources and Management.. 204 Peavy Hall.. Phone: 541-737-8561.. Fax: 541-737-4316..

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  • Title: CLAMS Project Home
    Descriptive info: Coastal Landscape Analysis and Modeling Study.. CLAMS is a multi-disciplinary research effort sponsored cooperatively through OSU's College of Forestry, the US Forest Service's Pacific Northwest Research Station, and the Oregon Department of Forestry.. Our main goal is to analyze the aggregate ecological, economic, and social consequences of forest policies of different land owners in the Coast Range.. Oregon State Universiy College of Forestry.. USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station.. Oregon Department of Forestry.. National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry.. News.. Introduction.. Overview.. Projects.. People.. Tour.. Data.. Maps.. Updated: 5 May 2004.. Contact the Webmaster.. Return to top..

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  • Title: Home
    Descriptive info: This presentation contains content that your browser may not be able to show properly.. This presentation was optimized for more recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.. If you would like to proceed anyway, click.. here..

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  • Title: TERRA-PNW Home
    Descriptive info: Affiliations.. Employment.. site last updated 8-23-2001.. web contact..

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  • Title: SBexpert: an expert system for spruce beetle management in southcentral Alaaka
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  • Title: LEMMA | Landscape Ecology, Modeling, Mapping and Analysis
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  • Title: Disclaimers and Legal Statements
    Descriptive info: Disclaimers and Legal Statements.. USDA Forest Service Disclaimer Page.. This information service operates on a U.. S.. Government computer system.. This system is monitored to ensure proper operation, to verify the functioning of applicable security features, and for other like purposes.. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, system personnel may provide the evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement officials.. Unauthorized attempts to upload or change information; to defeat or circumvent security measures; or to  ...   State University Web is provided by many different people.. While we try to keep it accurate and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee that it always will be.. If you see something in an OSU document that should be corrected or updated, send mail to the address on the document.. Unless otherwise noted, the web information does not represent official statements or views of Oregon State University.. OSU Computing Facilities Acceptable Use Policy.. For information about the disclaimers and legal statements contained on this page, please visit the available links provided.. Last Updated:..

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  • Title: LARSE
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  • Title: Welcome to the Watershed Processes Group
    Descriptive info: Geomorphology Brown Bag.. Fall 2012 Tuesdays, 12-1pm.. **Wilkinson 203**.. In the News.. Bad news for fish: lowest fall stream flows.. moving closer to summer's high temperature.. The Oregonian 11/1/12.. M.. a.. rmot Dam removal publication reveals how rivers change afer dams are removed, providing.. guidance for future removals.. Press Release USGS/USDA Forest Service 6/14/12.. Elwha sediment not just mud, it's nourishment.. Seattle Times 4/30/12.. September 15, 2011: Dam Removal begins at Glines Canyon Dam, Elwha River, WA.. Image courtest NPS.. (http://www.. video-monitoring.. com/construction/olympic/js.. htm).. Recent Publications.. Safeeq, M.. Grant, G.. , Leiws, S.. and Tague, C.. early view.. Coupling Snowpack and Groundwater Dynamics to Interpret Historical Streamflow Trends in the Western United States.. Hydrological Processes.. DOI: 10.. 1002/hyp.. 9628.. E.. , O'Connor, J.. and Wolman, M.. G.. in press.. A River Runs Through it: Conceptual Models in Fluvial Geomorphology.. In: Shroder J.. (Editor in Chief), Wohl, E.. (Eds), Treatise on Geomorphology.. Academic Press, San Diego, CA vol.. 9, chapter 2.. Tague, C.. L.. , Choate, J.. , and Grant G.. Estimating streamflow responses to climate variability in data limited envirnments: the importance of hydrologic parameter uncertainty in the Western Oregon Cascades.. Hydrology  ...   C.. R.. , Bondre, N.. , Orem, C.. A.. , Grant, G.. , Henry, C.. D.. , Turrin, B.. 2012.. Owyhee River Intracanyon Lava Flows: Does the River Give a Dam?.. GSA Bulletin DOI:10.. 0030/b30574.. 1.. Major, J.. J.. , Podolak, C.. , Keith, M.. K.. , Spicer, K.. , Pittman, S.. , Bragg, H.. M.. , Wallick, J.. , Tanner, D.. Q.. , Rhode, A.. , Wilcock, P.. Geomorphic Response of the Sandy River, Oregon, to removal of Marmot Dam.. US Geological Survey Profesional Paper 1792, 64 p.. Lancaster, S.. T.. , Nolin, A.. , Copeland, E.. and Grant, G.. Periglacial debris-flow initiation and susceptibility and glacier recession from imagery, airborns LiDAR and ground-based mapping.. Geosphere 8 (2) DOI10.. 1130/ges00713.. The Geomorphic Response of Gravel-bed Rivers to Dams: Perspectives and Prospects.. In: Church, Biron and Roy (Eds).. Gravel Bed Rivers VII: Processes, Tools, Environments.. John Wiley Sons, Ltd.. p 165-181.. McKenzie River.. Marmot Dam Removal.. Oregon Field Guide.. Clackamas River Gravel Augmentation.. A Peculiar River (the book).. (the research).. Bretz Club.. Mt Hood Glaciers Climate Change.. Watershed Processes Group.. for information contact.. lewissa@for.. orst.. edu.. page last updated November 12, 2012..

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  • Archived pages: 359