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  • Title: ROHAN Academic Computing WWW Server
    Descriptive info: .. ROHAN Academic Computing.. only search Rohan.. Account and General Computing Information.. Campus Information Technology Services.. Computing Handouts, Manuals, and Help Files.. Guide to Making a Home Page on ROHAN.. ROHAN/Email Accounts (via Web Portal) for Students.. SDSU Home Page Indexes.. Secure email settings now required.. This page last modified on July 29,  ...   edu.. The statements found on the ROHAN Academic Computing web server (pages administered by Information and Digital Technologies staff in the.. Library.. ) are for informational purposes only.. While every effort is made to ensure that this information is up to date and accurate, official information can be found in the University publications..

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  • Title: About the ROHAN Web Server
    Descriptive info: About the ROHAN Web Server.. ROHAN, the Academic Computing Web Server at San Diego State University is administered by Information and Digital Technologies staff in the Library.. This web server will focus on items that assist academic users with their computing experience at SDSU, as well as other SDSU Library resources.. The mission of ROHAN and its many services is to enhance the instructional mission at San Diego State University by providing to the Faculty, Staff, and Students of Academic Affairs and its affiliated departments and organizations academic computing resouces for classwork and research.. ROHAN's webmasters are.. Ron Nash.. ,..  ...   to.. The ROHAN name is taken from a geographical area of J.. R.. Tolkien's Middle Earth saga "Lord of the Rings".. ROHAN inhabitants were a nomadic and highly skilled equestrian people.. All that is gold does not glitter,.. Not all those that wander are lost.. --- J.. Tolkien ---.. ROHAN is.. web software.. For further information and assistance, see.. ROHAN Web Responsiblities.. Guide to Making a Home Page on ROHAN.. About the ROHAN Graphics.. SDSU Web Style Guide.. Account and General Information.. This page last modified: 02/09/11.. SDSU Faculty and Students may send questions about software on ROHAN to.. problems@rohan..

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  • Title: Accounting and General Computing Information
    Descriptive info: Account and General Computing Information.. Accounts Forms and Information.. Obtaining a Computer Account.. Academic Computing Account Forms.. (PDF format).. ROHAN/Email Accounts for Students.. Change ROHAN/Email Password for Students.. Student Responsibilities for Academic Computer Use.. Guidelines for Responsible Email Use.. General Information.. About the ROHAN Web Server.. About Streaming Media at SDSU.. Glossary of Academic Information Technology Terms.. Happy Endings for Old Technology.. Hours  ...   The Ethical And Legal Use Of Software For Members Of The Academic Community.. Workshops, Seminars, and Classes.. Workstation Standards.. Other Information Solutions.. SDSU.. Computer Help for Faculty and Staff.. Computing Services.. How to Obtain.. How to Access.. Finding Computing Solutions.. Other Links of Interest.. And Beyond.. Academic Computing Handouts, Manuals, and Help Files.. |.. Campus Information Technology Services.. This page last modified: 01/23/09..

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  • Title: Campus Information Technology Services
    Descriptive info: SDSU Academic Staff Home Pages.. SDSU Departmental Home Pages.. SDSU Faculty Home Pages.. SDSU Student Home Pages.. SDSU Student Organization Home Pages.. SDSU Information Technology.. Minimum Workstation Standards at SDSU.. SDSU Domain Name Service Registration.. SDSU ITSNet On-line Media Catalog.. (username: ITSPUBLIC).. SDSU Library Periodicals, Indexes, and Databases.. SDSU Phone and MailCode Directory.. SDSU ROHAN Anonymous FTP Archive.. SDSU ROHAN Listservs.. SDSU ROHAN Checking Web Error Logs.. SDSU ROHAN File Recovery.. Software Licenses at SDSU.. Academic Computing Handouts, Manuals, and Help Files.. This page last modified: 08/26/10..

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  • Title: Academic Computing Handouts, Manuals, and Help Files
    Descriptive info: Academic Computing Handouts,.. Manuals, and Help Files.. Handouts.. #0200 Guide to Using ROHAN.. Student Computer Center: Guides.. Manuals.. Apache Ant.. ColdFusion.. Elm.. Debian Linux Tutorial.. Java.. Oracle 10g.. Nu Prolog.. PSIM - PowerPC(tm) Architecture Simulator.. Ruby.. SAS.. Sun Studio.. Compilers.. Software Manuals at the Circulation/Reserves.. Technical Briefs and Help Files.. Choosing the Right Computer Passwords.. ROHAN help Files.. ROHAN Software and Documentation.. ROHAN System Overview.. Topics by Subject.. Computing Topics at Other Sites by Subject.. College of Sciences - Multimedia.. On-Line Guides.. Sciences Computing and Electronics Center.. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.. This page last modified: 05/24/11..

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  • Title: Guide To Making a Home Page on ROHAN
    Descriptive info: Guide To Making a Home Page on ROHAN.. ROHAN Web Server.. Features and Services.. of the ROHAN Web & Real Media Servers.. Guidelines.. on Content Creation and publication of URLs for ROHAN web pages.. Minimum Requirements.. for Personal, Departmental, Course, and Student Organization web pages.. Resources for Web Page Creation.. from off-campus and SDSU sites.. Using Copyrighted Works on Your Web Site.. (.. Word) - Explains some of the relevant copyright laws and fair use guidelines.. Includes a sample letter you can use to request permissions.. ATI (Accessibility  ...   a ROHAN account.. Transfer your Files via FTP.. Create your HTML and/or Graphic Files.. Refresh the browsers Cache to see changes.. Create your CGI Script Files.. (Optional).. See also.. Guide to CGI on ROHAN.. for further information about CGI.. Set permissions for your home directory.. Create your public_html Sub-directory.. Publish your URL.. To view documents in Word format (DOC) may require Microsoft Viewer,.. download Word viewer.. To view pdf files you may need to.. download Adobe Reader.. Faculty.. Student.. Academic Staff.. Home Pages.. This page last modified: 05/02/12..

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  • Title: ROHAN/Email Accounts (via Web Portal) for Students
    Descriptive info: If you are a student and wish to get a ROHAN email account, login to the.. WebPortal.. and click on the button titled.. Get a ROHAN/Email account.. An account will be added for you.. The account information will be displayed on the screen, and will be emailed to your email address on file with  ...   password, you may create a new password by logging in to the SDSU.. Instructions on how to change your ROHAN password.. are here.. If you need assistance, go to the.. Student Computing Center.. in LL-200.. For Faculty/Staff, Department, Student Organization or Class accounts, go to.. Obtaining a ROHAN Computer Account.. This page last modified: 09/27/10..

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  • Title: rohan.sdsu.edu - webmail
    Descriptive info: NOTE: Logout by clicking this icon.. Beware.. of.. Phishing Scams.. We never ask for your password!.. Spam Filtering Guide.. Need a.. Rohan Email account?.. Forgot your.. Rohan password?.. Rohan email client settings.. Username:.. Password:.. Keep me signed in.. Info.. [Don't check on a shared computer].. About.. Help Desk.. Phonebook.. SCC.. Search.. Webmail skins provided by.. NutsMail.. , powered by.. SquirrelMail 1.. 4.. 19.. SDSU Faculty and Students may send questions or suggestions about ROHAN to.. This page last modified on July 29, 2011..

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  • Title: Carol M. Phillips
    Descriptive info: Information and Digital Technologies.. Library and Information Access.. Academic Affairs.. San Diego State University.. Mail Code: MC 8050.. Location: LL-408J.. Hours: Monday - Friday.. Email: carol.. phillips@sdsu.. Voice: 619.. 594.. 4216.. FAX: 619.. 8982.. This page was last updated on June 5, 2009.. Available information.. within includes:.. Current Job.. SDSU Employment History.. Personal Data.. Other Interests.. My current job is Operations Manager, Information and Digital Technologies (IDT) unit of the SDSU Library and Information Access (LIA) department.. As in past jobs, I wear many hats.. My responsibilities (to name a few) include Software/Hardware Coordinator, IDT data administration, etc.. Reporting workgroups are InfoSys Service Desk, Info & Tech Support, Operations, SANS and the Media Center.. My committee activities include for the Library and Information Access:.. Library Council.. Previous committees:.. Awareness Task Force.. Communications and Business Processes GIG.. For the campus:.. IACC.. MWSSLS.. I'm an Information Technology Consultant (ITC) and acronyms are not necessarily my life.. Sometimes though,.. my identity.. is confused with another Carol on campus.. In reality, we are truly two different people.. A few quotes, I find useful in my job:.. Do all you can with what you have in the time you have in the place you are.. -.. Nkosi's Mantra.. The basic ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team -.. John Wooden.. I serve the captain, but I stand for the crew -.. Lt.. Worf.. A team only exists when each player understands how his/her actions affects everyone else -.. Unknown.. Return to.. September 1970, I arrived on campus to work for the Computer Center (2nd floor-East Commons) as a keypunch operator.. One of five keypunch operators, I punched address and add/drop changes, system and application programs, survey results, etc.. and processed grade sheets into punched cards for five years.. New job opportunites with Campus Information Systems (department renamed) brought computer account, and on-line information and vendor manual library maintenance duties for several different mainframe computers (IBM 360/40 50, PDP 11/45, and later the VAX 11/750).. 1977, I began writing, editing, and producing the OUTPUT newsletter on Northridge's Cyber 174 timesharing computer.. This task was done using a text editor before moving to the new technology of the day -- word processing on a DECmate with 8 inch diskettes.. Now in a new area on the 1st floor of  ...   on-line and hardcopy computing information were consolidated.. A Computing Guide for Faculty and Staff and a Data Communications Handbook debuted.. In October 1993, the UCS Information Center dissolved with the department.. It was now Goodbye UCS, Hello Academic Computing Technologies and new computing projects (i.. e.. Academic Information Technology Guide).. 24 years and counting later as 1994 came to an end, I was still working with computers, but reassigned to Library and Information Access.. Luckily the World Wide Web and other technology innovations make my job far more interesting, then punching holes in little cards was in 1970.. To be sure there is nothing so constant as change at SDSU.. SideBar: September 1970, I walked to my new job past a big hole that would soon become the Malcolm A.. Love Library.. Almost 25 years later, I walked to my new office in that building overlooking construction in another big hole for the Malcolm A.. Love Library Addition.. Deja vu.. I'm a DINK (Double Income No Kids).. However, my 2 siblings produced 3 nephews (Jeremy, David, and Kevin) and 2 nieces (Kayleen and Kelly) for me to enjoy.. Family.. photos.. Kayleen married on September 21, 2002.. (12.. 3 MB QuickTime 6 movie).. Friends.. Kevin Boyle.. (4.. 8 MB QuickTime 6 movie).. My nephew, Kevin, had a near-drowning accident just before turning 3 yrs old and underwent (experimental) HyperBaric Oxygen treatments.. Since that time and after completing 300 HBO treatments, there were improvements.. However on April 22, 2003, Kevin passed away.. Our precious little boy is missed.. My husband of 35 years, David Phillips, was the owner/general manager of Sunlight Press (est.. 1969 - closed 2002) in Lakeside, CA.. He is now running the Typesetting/Graphics department for Economy Crafted Printing in El Cajon, CA.. David and I are avid AZTEC Football fans purchasing season tickets each year (since 1973).. Our game jackets read --.. We cheer for two teams - the Aztecs and whoever is playing BYU.. It's a friendly rivalry with my brother-in-law.. My interests run a wide gamut.. Macintosh, Desktop Publishing and Multimedia computing.. Photographer -.. Hawaiian Trip.. Moab Adventure.. Catalina Visit.. Gilroy/Monterey.. Walt Disney World.. Vacations.. Star Trek/Science Fiction enthusiast.. Anne McCaffrey and DOOL fan.. Carousel Horse and Teddy Bear collector.. Family Genealogist.. and a LEO to boot.. My "often used".. Web Links..

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  • Title: Sandra A. Neer
    Descriptive info: Location: LL-453.. Email: sandra.. neer@sdsu.. 1172.. This page was last updated on January 21, 2009.. Information available:.. SDSU Computer Account Coordinator.. Personal Information.. Roller Hockey.. I am currently the Account Coordinator for the.. ROHAN.. computer.. Located in LL-453, I can be found most days between 7:30 a.. m.. and 4:00 p.. If you are interested in obtaining a student account on ROHAN, login to the.. SDSU Webportal.. , and click on the button titled.. If you are faculty or staff, obtain.. #0510 ROHAN Computer Account Application.. , or pick up a hard copy application in LL-200.. Other responsibilities are assisting in Web Administration, Documentation Support, and.. InfoSys Service Desk.. supervision.. I am employed at.. as an Instructional Technology Consultant.. I have been with SDSU for 32 years, starting in September of 1976.. My employment started with the Computer Center (under various names) and continued for 18 years.. I began working for Campus Information Systems as a Clerical Assistant II in 1976.. Many years later the name changed to University Computer Center and I was upgraded to a Clerical Assistant III.. The name later changed to University Computing Services and I was upgraded to a Clerical Assistant IV and became the Office Manager.. University Computing Services was dissolved in October, 1993 and was split into three separate departments.. Two of the departments are now under Business Affairs - University Computer Operations and Network Services.. The department I was assigned to stayed with Academic Affairs and was called Academic Computing Technologies.. This is when I assumed the job as Computer Account Coordinator.. A little over a year later, January 1995, Academic Computing Technologies was dissolved and I was reassigned to the University Library.. I am continuing as Account Coordinator and assisting in Web Administration, Documentation, Training and Consulting Support, and Service Desk supervision.. On March 1, 1997 I  ...   daughter, Nicole (Nikki) got married on March 3, 2000 to Chris Oberg.. They have two daughters,.. Kaya.. , who was born on June 16, 2000 and Marley, who was born on September 4, 2008.. Nikki graduated from Granite Hills High School in El Cajon, CA on June 20, 1996, received her BA in Accounting from the University of Phoenix in May of 2004, and works as an Account Executive.. at Manhattan Financial Group, Inc.. My middle daughter, Wendy, got married on March 27, 2004 to Frank Luera.. They have two sons, Frankie, who was born on May 12, 2006 and Ayden, born on September 22, 2007.. Wendy graduated from Granite Hills High School on June 18, 1998, received her AA degree in Nursing from Grossmont College and is now a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery at Kaiser Hospital.. My son, Thomas William Neer III (Tommy) graduated from Granite Hills High School on June 14, 2002, received his AS degree in Grahpic Design in May, 2005 at Cuyamaca Junior College and graduated from SDSU with a BA degree in Graphic Design in December, 2008.. Tommy does free lance graphic design (.. Neer Perfection Designs.. ) and does Graphic Design/Web Maintenance for.. NARCh (North American Roller Championship Hockey).. He plays ice hockey and Pro Roller Hockey.. I have a sister,.. Linda Schmalzel.. , who also works for SDSU in Administration, Rehabilitation and Post Secondary Education (better known as ARPE).. Linda has two kids, Jess and Jaimie and 4 grandchildren, Jake (age 4), Ryan (age 1) Kelsey (age 2) and Justin (age 2 months).. Roller/Ice Hockey.. NARCh.. Mission Roller Hockey.. SDSU Ice Hockey.. My Penalty Box.. Com.. Roller Hockey Alliance.. You are the.. visitor to this page as of 8/23/96.. For suggestions/comments:.. Send me E-mail at.. neer@rohan.. The Rotate Images code used on this page is from.. dyn-web.. com..

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  • Title: ROHAN Academic Computing WWW Server
    Descriptive info: ROHAN Web Responsibilities.. ROHAN has approximately 36,000 accounts which all include web page storage capabilities.. ROHAN URLs that start with one of the following are NOT controlled by Information Systems and Technology (Library) personnel:.. http://www-rohan.. /~xxxxxx.. /~xxxxxx/pppp.. html.. Rather the URL is maintained by the account owner of whatever xxxxxx account is in that portion of the URL, including all pages (pppp.. html) and any sub-directories located therein.. Any comments about these pages received by webmaster@rohan.. edu is passed along to the appropriate account owner.. Information and Digital Technologies staff in the Library are responsible for maintaining the web server software that controls ROHAN's web capabilities, as well as ROHAN's hardware and web pages  ...   listing takes place once student's web page has been properly completed.. Only student home pages residing on ROHAN will appear on this Index.. The inclusion of faculty or staff listings in either the.. Faculty Home Page Index.. edu/faculty/index.. or the.. Staff Home Page Index.. edu/staff/index.. is NOT automatic.. Each faculty or staff (listed in the indexes) has sent an email message to.. requesting inclusion on the Index (regardless of which web server their page resided on).. To have a listing on these Indexes, each faculty or staff (not currently on their respective Index) needs to send their URL to.. and indicate whether they are faculty or staff, and the appropriate Index will be updated..

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  • Archived pages: 989