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  • Title: UCSF Biochemistry & Biophysics Dept
    Descriptive info: .. RESEARCH CENTERS.. BIOCHEM - P2 - PURCHASING SYSTEM.. COUNSELING CRISIS RESOURCES.. FACULTY POSITIONS, 2012-2013.. POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP INFO.. updated October 2012.. TO RESEARCH SCIENTISTS IN THE BIOCHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT.. All methodology and experimental notebooks, and related data and records,.. are the property of the University of California.. These materials may not.. be removed from any researcher's affiliated lab.. When leaving a UCSF lab,.. researchers may make photocopies of these materials.. for their own records.. ©2000-2012 University of California Regents.. All rights reserved.. Comments and changes to.. WebManager..

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  • Title: Biochemistry Dept Research Centers
    Descriptive info: HIV Accessory and Regulatory Complexes Center.. Alan Frankel, Director.. Robert Stroud, Director.. Center for Structures of Membrane Proteins.. home.. |.. administration.. department.. faculty.. journals.. grant applications.. postdocs.. programs.. search.. seminars.. students.. computer support.. UCSF directory.. A-Z web..

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  • Title: UCSF Biochem Committee on Well Being
    Descriptive info: Emergency Resources and Crisis Counseling.. Crisis counseling is available to UCSF employees, faculty, postdocs.. and students by appointment or by telephone,.. 24 hours a day.. UCSF Student Health Services.. Rutter Center, Mission Bay.. 1675 Owens St, 3rd Fl, Ste 330.. Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm (not holidays).. 415 / 476-1281.. After business hours:.. 415 / 476-1281 option 7.. ER locations in SF.. Faculty Staff Assistance Program.. UCSF, 3333 California St.. , Ste.. 293.. M-F by appointment.. Counseling Service for  ...   24-hour crisis line.. 415 / 781-0500.. Westide Crisis/Outpatient Clinic.. Outpatient counseling.. 888 Turk St at Gough.. M-F: 9 AM - 6 PM.. 415 / 353-5050.. SFGH Psyciatric Emergency Services.. 1001 Potrero Avenue.. 24-hour facility.. 415.. / 206-8125.. Mobile Crisis Treatment Team.. Available to all adult residents (at least age 18).. in crisis, regardless of insurance.. M-F: 8:30 AM - 11 PM.. Sat/Holidays: 12 noon - 8 PM.. 415 / 970-4000.. email.. jobs.. |.. shop orders.. site map.. computer svcs.. LLast updated: 01/05/10..

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  • Title: Biochemistry Faculty Positions
    Descriptive info: FACULTY POSITION SEARCH.. Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics.. University of California, San Francisco.. There are two faculty positions available in 2012.. Please click the links below for complete information about each position, including the application deadline.. FROM CELL TO ORGANISM.. QUANTITATIVE BIOLOGY.. tech support..

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  • Title: Postdoctoral Fellowships
    Descriptive info: Information about available.. POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS.. are listed.. by funding agency.. in alphabetical order.. Click on the correct category to view the list.. A.. K.. :.. L.. U.. : V Z.. This site is provided as a service of the Department of Biochemistry Biophysics.. Updated information will be posted as it becomes known.. Please contact the relevant agencies with any questions.. you have regarding fellowships.. [Last updated September-October 2012].. Lastcccccccc..

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  • Title: Biochemistry Dept Contact Info
    Descriptive info: T.. he Department is located at the UCSF.. Mission Bay campus.. Department of Biochemistry Biophysics.. Genentech Hall, MC 2140.. 600 16th Street, Suite S222.. San Francisco, CA 94158-2517.. (415) 476-4324 phone; (415) 514-4151 fax.. GRAE DAVIS.. , Chair.. JOE DERISI.. , Vice Chair.. PENNY KNIERY.. , Department Director.. Alan Frankel.. Geeta Narlikar.. Didier Stainier.. Departmental Committees.. MISSION BAY.. Genentech, Rock, Byers Halls.. Meeting Room Classroom Schedules.. Shuttle Schedules.. MB TMA Shuttle.. Directions..  ...   = use specific faculty or staff room number.. Mission Bay Campus.. UCSF, MC xxxx.. Rock Hall.. , Room ----.. 1550 4th Street.. San Francisco, CA.. 94158-2324.. Mission Bay/QB3.. Byers Hall.. , Room ----.. 1700 4th Street.. 94158-2330.. Parnassus Hts Campus.. Medical Sciences Bldg.. UCSF.. 513 Parnassus Ave.. , Rm ----.. 94143-xxxx.. Courier and direct deliveries for faculty staff at all UCSF locations go to the recipient's room address (check.. faculty page.. for specifics)..

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  • Title: Biochemistry Administration
    Descriptive info: Administrative Staff.. (by function).. Faculty and Staff.. (alpha list).. Emergency Action Plan (pending).. Problems Solutions for MyExpense.. Contacts.. for meeting rooms at.. Computer Support website.. Mail@UCSF.. The Source.. - UC computer store.. GRANT FELLOWSHIP APPLICATIONS.. Procedures for processing applications and.. awards at UCSF.. Links to agency information and application.. system log-ins.. | administration |..

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  • Title: UCSF Graduate Programs
    Descriptive info: In the UCSF School of Medicine, the two major graduate programs through which.. students earn the PhD are the.. Markey Program in Biological Sciences.. (PIBS) and the.. Biomedical Sciences.. (BMS) Graduate Program.. The.. TETRAD.. program within.. PIBS.. provides training in four.. programmatic areas:.. BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY.. CELL BIOLOGY.. GENETICS.. DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY.. Online application for admission to Tetrad program.. There are four additional.. The following links.. connect to those program sites for admission information.. Biophysics.. Chemistry Chemical Biology.. Immunology.. Neuroscience.. PIBS also sponsors journal clubs, seminars, symposia and retreats.. BMS.. offers training with an emphasis in disease-related.. research..

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  • Title: Biochemistry Primary Faculty
    Descriptive info: PRIMARY FACULTY.. Research Summaries.. -for Tetrad faculty.. For New Biochemistry Faculty.. Link to.. JOINT FACULTY.. Page Bottom.. AB.. C.. DE.. FG.. HI.. JK.. LM.. N.. OP.. QR.. ST.. UVW.. |XYZ.. Mailing and delivery addresses.. Underlined FACULTY names = website links.. Underlined ASSISTANT names = email links.. Area code 415; phone number prefixes: 2 = 502; 6 = 476; 4 = 514.. FACULTY.. PH/FAX/EM.. RESEARCH.. ASSISTANTS.. JOHN ABELSON.. Adjunct Professor.. Box 2200; GH: N-372D.. johnabelson@gmail.. com.. x2-8187.. x6-4705 Lb.. x2-5306 Fx.. Structure and Function of Nucleic Acids.. -.. DAVID AGARD.. Professor.. Box 2240; GH: S-412D.. agard@msg.. ucsf.. edu.. x6-2521.. x6-5143 Lb.. x6-1902 Fx.. Structure, Function and Folding.. of Proteins, Chromosomes.. and Centrosomes.. Joyce Ramponi.. GH: S-412A.. x6-5098.. Ramponi@msg.. BRUCE ALBERTS.. Box 2200; GH: N-312C.. balberts@ucsf.. x6-0806.. x4-4412 Fx.. Isolation and Characterization.. of Multiprotein Complexes of.. the Cell Cytoskeleton.. Yolanda O'Bannon.. GH: N-312A.. x4-4622.. Yolando.. Obannon@ucsf.. MARIA BARNA.. UCSF Faculty Fellow.. Box 1303; Smith 242W.. maria.. barna@ucsf.. x4-9757.. x6-5233.. Cellular and Molecular Control.. of Shape and Form in the.. Vertebrate Embryo.. LIZ BLACKBURN.. Box 2200; GH: S-312F.. elizabeth.. blackburn@ucsf.. x6-4912.. x6-7284 Lb.. x4-2913 Fx.. Telomere Synthesis and.. Function.. Toni Hurley.. GH: S-312F.. x6-2824.. Toni.. Hurley@ucsf.. edu.. YIFAN CHENG.. Associate Professor.. Box 2200; GH: S-312B.. ycheng@ucsf.. x4-9707.. x4-9708 Lb.. Electron Cryomicroscopy.. Studies of Macromolecular.. Machineries.. Melissa Paraiso.. GH: S312-A.. x4-4825.. x4-4145 Fax.. Melissa.. Paraiso@ucsf.. ROGER COOKE.. EMERITUS Professor.. Box 2240; GH: S-412F.. cooke@cgl.. x6-4836.. x6-1975 Lb.. Molecular Mechanisms of.. Muscle Contractions.. Suzan Betheil.. x4-4179.. Betheil@msg.. GRAEME DAVIS.. Professor, Chair.. Box 2822; RH: N-448E.. graeme.. davis@ucsf.. x6-2699.. x2-4840 Lb.. x6-0526 Fx.. Developmental Regulation of.. Synaptic Structure and.. Mary Lyall.. RH: 448.. x6-2699.. Mary.. Lyall@ucsf.. Professor and Vice Chair.. Box 2542; BH: 403C.. joe@derisilab@ucsf.. ofc: 418-3059.. x4-2073 Fx.. Genomic Approaches to Yeast.. Molecular Biology and.. Infectious Disease; DNA.. Microarrays.. Tara Christiansen.. BH: 403E.. 418-3647.. x4-4242 Fax.. Tara@derisilab.. HANA EL SAMAD.. Asst.. Box 2542; BH: 403D.. hana.. el-samad@ucsf.. x6-2596.. Computational.. biology/stochastic biological.. dynamics;modeling of.. biological systems.. Marilyn Hersh.. GH: S-222K.. x6-4327.. Marilyn..  ...   Fx.. Bioinformatics; Computational.. Analysis of Genome Sequences.. and Gene Regulatory Networks.. HITEN MADHANI.. Box 2200; GH: N-372C.. hitenmadhani@gmail.. x4-0594.. x4-1143 Lb.. x2-4315 Fx.. Signaling the Genome in.. Development and Disease.. WALLACE MARSHALL.. Associate Professor.. Box 2200;.. GH: N-372F.. wallace.. marshall@ucsf.. x4-4304.. How Cells Count and.. Measure.. GEETA NARLIKAR.. Box 2240; GH: N-412F.. geeta.. narlikar@ucsf.. x4-0394.. x4-4302 lb.. x4-4242 Fx.. Mechanisms Regulating Chromatin Structure Funciton.. PAT O'FARRELL.. Box 2200; GH: S372C.. ofarrell@cgl.. x6-4707.. x6-4709 Lb.. Developmental Control.. of the Cell Cycle.. BARBARA PANNING.. Box 2200; GH: S-372B.. barbara.. panning@ucsf.. x4-0745.. x4-0884 Lb.. x4-4080 Fx.. RNA and Chromatin.. JEREMY REITER.. Box 3120; Smith.. jeremy.. reiter@ucsf.. x2-8528.. x6-0156 Lb.. x4-2346 Fx.. Differentiation of Embryonic.. Stem Cells along Defined.. Lineages.. Kathleen Yamamoto.. RH: S384E.. x2-5141.. Kathleen.. Yamamoto@ucsf.. JOHN SEDAT.. Box 2240; GH: N-412D.. sedat@msg.. x6-4156.. x6-2489 Lb.. Chromosome Structure and.. Leslie Spector.. GH: N-412A.. x6-2624.. Leslie.. Spector@ucsf.. DIDIER STAINIER.. Box 2711; RH: S-384E.. didier.. stainier@ucsf.. x2-5679.. x2-5680 Lb.. x6-3892 Fx.. Vertebrate Developmental.. Genetics.. BOB STROUD.. Box 2240;GH: S-412C.. stroud@msg.. x6-4224.. x6-3937 Lb.. Cellular Signaling and.. Molecular Mechanisms.. PETER WALTER.. Box 2200; GH: N-312D.. peter@walterlab.. x6-5017.. x6-1123 Lb.. x6-5233 Fx.. Protein Sorting and Organelle Biogenesis.. Teresa Donovan.. x6-4636.. Teresa@walterlab@ucsf.. JOHN WATSON.. EMERITUS Professor.. c/o.. Marilyn Hersh.. Box 2140.. Metabolic Regulation.. |QR|.. |XYZ.. GH.. : Genentech Hall (Mission Bay).. Genentech Hall, Room ----.. 600 16th Street.. RH:.. Rock Hall (Mission Bay).. Rock Hall, Room ----.. San Francisco, CA 94158-2324.. BH.. : Byers Hall (Mission Bay).. (QB3 Research Institute).. Byers Hall, Room ----.. San Francisco, CA 94158-2330.. PH.. : Parnassus Hts.. Campus.. 513 Parnassus Avenue, Room ----.. San Francisco, CA 94143-xxxx.. Smith:.. Smith CVRI Bldg.. (Mission Bay).. Smith Hall, Room ----.. 555 Mission Bay Blvd.. South.. PO Box 589001.. San Francisco, CA 94158-9001.. Gladstone Institutes.. (Virology Immunology; Cardiovascular / Neurological Diseases).. 1650 Owens Avenue, Mission Bay.. San Francisco, CA 94158-2261.. Main: 415-734-2000.. xxxx = campus 4-digit box number.. ; ---- = faculty or staff room number (letters numbers).. Email change requests to.. Laura.. Baxter@ucsf..

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  • Title: Biochemistry Faculty Honors
    Descriptive info: Honors for Biochemistry Faculty.. 2012.. -Awarded the Paul Erlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize for outstanding research achievements in the field of cell biology.. HANA EL-SAMAD.. -Awarded the.. CSB2 Prize in Systems Biology.. for exceptional contributions to the development of new methods in biomedical research.. Her study of stochastic processes and dynamical systems in yeast was cited for creativity and broad impact.. 2011.. Otto Warburg Meda.. l of the German Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (GBM).. 2010.. -Election to the National Academy of Sciences.. 2009.. ELIZABETH BLACKBURN.. -Recipient of the NOBEL PRIZE (shared with Carol W.. Greider and Jack W.. Szostak) for discovery of telomerase.. JEREMY REITER.. -Recipient of a.. Presidential Early Career Award.. for Scientists Engineers.. -Recipient of the Stein Moore Award from The Protein Society.. -Recipient of the E.. B.. Wilson Medal from the American Society for Cell Biology.. JOSEPH DERISI.. -Recipient of the Eli Lilly Company Research Award from the American Society for Microbiology.. (ASM).. -Election to the American Academy of Arts Sciences.. PATRICK O'FARRELL.. DOUG HANAHAN.. 2008.. -Recipient of the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research for discoveries of the molecular nature of telomeres.. -Recipient of the.. Heinz Award in Technology.. -Elected to the Institute of Medicine.. 2007.. ROBERT STROUD..  ...   for Basic Medical Science.. -The Foundation IPSEN Annual Longevity Prize.. 2005.. -Awarded an Honorary Commander of the Most Excellent Order.. of the British Empire (CBE) in recognition of his contributions to.. the field of life sciences, his commitment to the improvement of.. science education and his leadership in global science.. -Awarded the Benjamin Frankllin Medal in Life Science.. -4th Annual Wiley Prize in Biomedical Sciences.. (shared with Dr.. Kazutoshi Mori, Japan).. TRACY FULTON.. -Academic Senate Distinction in Teaching Award.. -I H Wachter Award for exceptional scientific.. achievement in the field of medicine.. 2004.. ELIZABETH BLACKBURN.. -Awarded the 2004 Dr.. A.. H.. Heineken Prize for Medicine from.. the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts Sciences.. CYNTHIA KENYON.. -Award for Distinguished Research in Biomedical Science from the.. Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).. JOE DeRISI.. -2004 MacArthur Fellow.. PETER WALTLER and ERIN O'SHEA.. -Elected to the National Academy of Science.. 2003.. ROBERT STROUD and CYNTHIA KENYON.. -Outstanding Faculty Mentorship Award.. 2002.. -Annual Byers Award in Basic Science.. 2000.. Previous faculty elections to the NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE.. Christine Guthrie (1993); Elizabeth Blackburn (1993); Herb Boyer (1985); John Abelson (1985); William Rutter (1984); Bruce Alberts (1981).. Previous recipient of GENETICS SOCIETY OF AMERICA (GSA) Medal.. Christine Guthrie (1997).. Email honors additions to..

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  • Title: Biochemistry Grants Info
    Descriptive info: GRANT FELLOWSHIP APPLICATION AWARD PROCEDURES.. Please click on the following links to access the information listed below each link.. DEADLINES GENERAL INFORMATION.. Agency and RMS DEADLINES.. RMS A-Team Contacts Information.. UCSF Fringe Benefit Rates.. UCSF F A (Indirect Cost) Rates.. UCSF Data Network Recharge.. UCSF Tax Status and TIN.. UCSF DUNS and Congressional District.. UCSF Student Fees, Student Stipend Levels, Ethics Courses.. CHR IACUC Compliance.. OSR Submission form.. Financial Disclosure forms.. Industry Contracts MTAs.. AGENCY INFORMATION LOG-INS.. NIH - National Institutes of Health.. Application forms and Instructions.. Funding Opportunities.. Public Access Policy  ...   FastLane.. eRA COMMONS.. Request eRA COMMONS Account.. LOG INTO the eRA COMMONS.. Just-in-Time Award Closeout Procedures.. CAYUSE / GRANTS.. GOV.. Request Cayuse account.. LOG INTO Cayuse.. CIRM - Calif.. Institute for Regnerative Medicine LOG IN.. proposalCENTRAL LOG IN.. JDRF - Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation LOG IN.. NIH Public Access Procedures.. PHS UCSF Conflict of Interest (COI) Requirements (as of 8/24/12).. AWARD PROCEDURES.. How to process award acceptances for account set-up.. Where to mail checks.. To whom checks are made payable.. Bank Information.. Award closeout procedures.. honors.. Contact.. Webmaster.. for problems or changes..

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