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    Archived pages: 80 . Archive date: 2012-11.

  • Title: RMCDS Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Providing Cancer Registry Software Since 1968.. For questions or comments about the RMCDS web page, please contact:.. Mark Hunzeker (Web master).. mark.. hunzeker@utah.. edu.. RMCDS 375 Chipeta Way, Suite C Salt Lake City, UT 84108.. PH (801) 581-4307..

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  • Title: RMCDS Home Page
    Descriptive info: Mark Hunzeker(Web master).. RMCDS 375 Chipeta Way, Suite C Salt Lake City, UT 84108..

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  • Title: Documentation
    Descriptive info: Documentation.. The Documentation Section contains step by step procedures, special instructions, newsletters, and other useful documents.. Click on a topic to see information on that subject.. Note: Some of the documents are in PDF format and require.. Adobe Reader.. to be viewed.. Click here to get Adobe Reader Free.. How Do I.. And Other.. Help Files.. RMCDS 2010 Help Files.. RMCDS FORDS Help Files.. Newsletters.. Autumn 2004.. Autumn 2003.. FAQ.. Frequently Asked Questions.. Other.. RMCDS Confidentiality Statement.. (PDF).. Service or Problem Request.. Blank Followup Letter..

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  • Title: Participant Information
    Descriptive info: Participant Info.. The Participant Information Section contains RMCDS participant information including: Central Registries, Hospitals, and a Scrap Book.. Meetings and Events.. Annual Meeting 2004.. Annual Meeting 2003.. Scrapbook.. Photos and Memorabilia.. Central Registries.. Participant Map.. Participants List.. Links to Central Registry Home Pages.. Hospitals..

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  • Title: RMCDS Contact Information
    Descriptive info: Contact Information.. Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems 375 Chipeta Way, Suite C.. Salt Lake City, UT 84108.. Phone: (801) 581-4307 Fax: (801) 581-5704.. Who to contact.. Nicole Aagaard - Manager/Assistant Director.. Nicole.. Aagaard@Utah.. Edu.. General Software Support Questions.. Abstracting and Report Queries.. Training.. Contracts.. Mark Hunzeker - Customer Service and Programming.. Mark.. Hunzeker@Utah.. Onsite Training for Software.. Custom Abstract Screen Requests.. Web Master.. Katerina Bascom- Administrative Assistant.. k.. fedorova@utah.. RMCDS@Lists.. Utah.. General Inquiries.. Newsletter Editor.. Shipping Manager.. Larry Derrick - Director.. Larry.. Derrick@Utah.. Kim Best - Senior Programmer.. Kim.. Best@Utah..

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  • Title: About RMCDS
    Descriptive info: About RMCDS.. Licensing Information.. System Requirements.. Product Description.. Available Functions.. Mission Statement.. Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems (RMCDS) was established in 1968 as a department of the University of Utah School of Medicine (a non-profit state university) to serve the needs of member tumor registries from several states.. It is supported solely by the member registries, which include both individual hospital registries and state/regional registries.. Currently RMCDS services twenty-three state or  ...   are automated using the RMCDS hospital system.. Rocky Mountain Cancer Data Systems (RMCDS) is a non-profit organization that has specialized in computerized tumor registries for over 20 years.. We have developed software packages for Central (State) Registries, Regional Registries, and Hospital Registries.. The software is designed to run in either single user mode or in multi-user mode (more than one individual working on the data base at the same time.. )..

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  • Title: RMCDS Links Page
    Descriptive info: Links.. RMCDS FTP Site.. NOTE : You must supply a valid password to log on to the RMCDS FTP Site.. American College of Surgeons Cancer Department.. American Cancer Society.. CDC Edits.. CDC Cancer Prevention and Control.. Central Registries.. The RMCDS Central Registries page containing information and links.. FIPS.. ICDO-3 Training SEER Training Site.. HTML Engine Update.. Link to the Microsoft Download page to update Windows 95/NT Machines  ...   and then double click on the file to run the update.. NCRA National Cancer Registrars Association.. NAACCR Home Page.. The North American Association of Central Cancer Registries.. SEER Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results.. / National Cancer Institute.. University of Utah.. The University of Utah Home page.. University of Utah Web Disclaimer page.. Utah Population Data Base.. Link to the Utah Population Data Base at the Huntsman Cancer Institute..

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  • Title: RMCDS Other Page
    Descriptive info: Other.. This section contains additional information and resources.. FORDS Sample Hospital Abstract Screens.. FORDS Sample Central Regsitry Abstract Screens..

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  • Title: RMCDS Online Help
    Descriptive info: Online Help for the 2010 version of the RMCDS software.. The Online Help is categorized by topic location within the RMCDS menu structure.. If you are looking for help on creating a subset, click on the subset category.. If you need help generating a frequency report, click on the report category.. Please select from the following:.. Select A Menu Topic From The List Below.. File.. Abstract.. Subsets.. Reports.. Processing.. Physicians.. Modifications.. Utilities.. Custom.. Help..

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  • Title: Information for RMCDS Annual Meeting 2004
    Descriptive info: RMCDS Annual Meeting 2004.. This page contains information for the RMCDS 2004 Annual Meeting that will be held October 13 to 15 in Newport, Rhode Island.. Registration Form.. --- Click here to view a copy of the registration form.. You can print out a copy and fax it in, or you can fill out the form online and email it to us.. (Viewing this form requires Adobe Reader..

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  • Title: RMCDS Home Page
    Descriptive info: RMCDS Annual Meeting 2003.. The 2003 RMCDS Annual Meeting will be held in Coeur d'Alene Idaho September 17-19.. Click on the links below to see information pamphlets from the Coeur d'Alene Resort.. The following files require.. Adobe Acrobat.. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.. Click Here.. to download it for free.. The Spa.. Cruise The Lake.. The Guide To Activities.. Finding Your Way.. Trail Maps.. Restaurant Guide.. Activity Price List..

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