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  • Title: Florida Solar Energy Center
    Descriptive info: .. Media Center.. |.. Employee Directory.. Publications.. |.. Consumer.. Education.. Research.. Testing & Certification.. Home.. About Us.. Job Openings.. Upcoming Events.. 12/07.. 42nd Space Congress.. 04/16.. ASES Solar 2013.. Upcoming FSEC Training.. Complete Course List.. 12/03.. Installing Photovoltaic Systems.. 12/05.. EnergyGauge Rater Training Class 3.. 12/06.. EnergyGauge Rater Training Class 2.. Photovoltaic Entry Level examination.. 12/10.. EnergyGauge Rater Training Class 1.. 12/12.. Solar Water Heating Systems.. 12/14.. Exam: RESNET Field Inspector Written.. Exam: RESNET Field Inspector Performance.. Exam: Energy Star V.. 3 Retake.. Exam: EnergyGauge Class 3.. Exam: EnergyGauge Commercial Rater Training.. Exam: EnergyGauge Class 1 Performance.. Exam: EnergyGauge Class 1 Written & Performance.. Exam: RESNET National Core.. Exam: EnergyGauge Class 2.. Exam: EnergyGauge Class 1 Written.. Energy News.. In The Know.. Get $1500 Worth of Energy Improvements.. If your house is in Brevard, Broward or.. Dade County and was built before 2000, you may qualify for free energy improvements.. The Energy Chronicle Blog.. Keep up with the latest energy news, events, and research at FSEC.. Homes Needed for Energy Research Study.. If your home was  ...   Got solar questions? We have answers.. Call (321) 638-1719 or e-mail us.. solarinfo@fsec.. ucf.. edu.. Photovoltaics Are Half the Cost of Gasoline!.. Photovoltaics were thought to be more expensive than gasoline.. See how a PV-.. powered car can actually save you money.. Solar Electric FAQ.. Answers to your questions about solar electric systems, licensing and FSEC s installer course.. The Cost of Doing Nothing.. A renewable energy market in Florida creates jobs and is cheaper than doing nothing.. Solar Hot Water Calculator.. Find out the savings potential of residential solar hot water systems in Florida.. Featured Programs.. SunSmart Schools.. Qualified schools will be competitively selected to receive a solar energy system.. Building America Program.. Focuses on balancing cost, design, construction, and energy decisions in industrialized homes.. EnergyGauge.. A user-friendly software tool created by FSEC to allow detailed analysis of building energy use.. Privacy Policy.. Terms and Conditions.. Legal Notices.. 2007 Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), a research institute of the University of Central Florida.. For more information about FSEC, please.. contact us.. or.. learn more about us..

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  • Title: Media Center
    Descriptive info: Home.. Media Center.. Press Releases.. Events.. Newsletters.. Galleries.. Keeping you informed.. about energy news, projects and events.. Directory.. Keeping you informed about energy-related policies and events concerning Florida and the federal government is important.. View this section for details.. Press Releases.. Everyday FSEC creates new innovative energy solutions.. Take a look at this section for an archive of current and previous news releases for more information.. Newsletters.. The Energy Chronicle.. and the.. Buildings Research Post.. will keep you up-to-date on a quarterly basis.. This section contains several videos and photo galleries about our research, educational programs, and events..

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  • Title: People - Florida Solar Energy Center
    Descriptive info: All Employees.. Director's Office.. Advanced Energy Research.. Buildings Research.. Solar Systems Research.. Solar Technologies Research.. Business Affairs.. Communications Education.. Computing Information Tech.. Facilities.. Library.. Turning ideas into innovation.. A world class research staff assembled from around the world and the best agencies, we are leading the way in the field of energy innovation.. James Fenton.. , Director.. the right team and the right time to bring about an energy revolution.. Research Departments.. Supporting Departments.. Responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Florida Solar Energy Center and  ...   Technology.. Solar Energy Library.. Advanced Technologies Research.. A catalog of who s who in hydrogen today, our scientists, and engineers are working to further the advent of the hydrogen economy.. Come meet our team.. Leading the industry in energy efficient building design techniques and materials research, explore the many skilled individuals who are helping to make your house a green home.. Solar Energy Research.. Browse some of the brightest minds in solar today; researchers who are shedding some light onto photovoltaics, solar thermal technology, and materials research..

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  • Title: Consumer
    Descriptive info: Consumer.. Disaster Preparedness.. Energy-Saving Buildings.. Hydrogen.. Solar Electricity.. Solar Hot Water.. Transportation.. Making a difference, today.. Although many people think that our research is targeted only at solutions for tomorrow, much of what we do creates technologies for today.. This section explores some of the alternative energy technologies ready for use right now.. Recent News.. Hurricanes and other natural disasters are a fact of life.. When the power goes out, don't be left in the dark.. Florida's Solar Resource.. How good is the solar resource in Florida? Click.. here.. for the information you need.. Almost half of Florida's energy use goes into buildings.. See what kinds of solutions are available to reduce the amount of energy your home or business uses.. Florida Energy Incentives.. Applications for rebates and tax credits for new solar equipment are available.. The energy carrier that is generating a lot of buzz.. This section presents consumer information about this upcoming technology.. Federal Incentives for Energy.. Tax credits,  ...   by using the sun to heat the water you use in your home or your swimming pool or spa.. Information.. Rising gas prices are putting a crimp in everyone s budget.. Read about some energy-saving technologies and techniques that can save you money at the pump.. Solar Resource Calculator.. Finds the available solar resource for any latitude - longitude location in Florida.. Find out the energy, cost and environmental savings potential of Fla.. solar hot water systems.. Find a Florida Home Energy Rater.. Need to find a certified building energy rater? The hunt is over.. Home Energy Ratings.. You probably know the mpg for your car; do you know how much energy your home is consuming?.. Buying A Home?.. If you're thinking about buying a home, read this energy efficiency brochure, [Adobe PDF, 403kb].. FlaSEIA.. Find solar energy manufacturers, distributors, contractors, retailers and consultants in Florida here.. Florida Green Building Coalition.. FGBC is non-profit corporation dedicated to improving the built environment..

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  • Title: Education
    Descriptive info: Education.. Continuing Education.. K-12.. University.. Community Partnerships.. Southeast Training Network.. SunSmart.. Inspiring the next generation.. Changing the way the world uses and produces energy isn't going to happen in one generation.. FSEC works with educators to engage and interest students of all levels to help create a brighter energy future.. Continuing Education.. Education doesn't stop with a college diploma.. These courses include buildings science, solar thermal and solar electric.. Course Schedule.. Take a look at the Continuing Education courses currently.. being offered.. For many years, our K-12 program has generated some of the most student-friendly activities  ...   from PV-powered schools.. With a staff composed mostly of UCF faculty, our influence on university programs extends beyond technical subjects to making students more energy-aware.. Utility Report Cards.. A web-based energy information system that reports and graphs monthly utility data for schools.. Community Partnerships.. Partnerships build a stronger program.. FSEC has many community partners.. Southeast Training Network.. This program will provide solar installer train-the-trainer programs for a network of training institutions in the southern U.. S.. SunSmart.. A program that installs and promotes the use of photovoltaics on schools and shelters for power and educational purposes..

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  • Title: Research
    Descriptive info: Research.. Buildings.. Environment.. Photovoltaics.. Solar Thermal.. Powerful ideas for what lies ahead.. With innovative ideas, motivated researchers, and a clear vision, we're solving tomorrow's energy problems today.. Information.. Enjoy healthier living and energy efficiency through the use of modern industrial technology.. Capabilities.. Energy expertise and the tools to get the job done.. Come find out how handy we can be.. From Microorganism control to indoor air quality, our research is cleaning up our world.. Contract With Us.. Cutting  ...   production and application holds great promise for this humble element.. Our Patents.. Intellectual property to help spread the use of new technology.. Photovoltaics.. Our system modeling, monitoring and module production research is pointing us all to a bright future.. Solar Thermal.. Though it's one of the oldest solar heating technologies, we're still learning how cool thermal really is.. FSEC has lead the way with AFVs.. Take a look at how we're driving into the future through our research..

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  • Title: Certification and Testing - Florida Solar Energy Center
    Descriptive info: Testing Certification.. Photovoltaic Modules.. Photovoltaic Systems.. Solar Thermal Collectors.. Solar Thermal Systems.. Florida Solar Standards.. FSEC is one of the nation's leading certification and testing laboratories.. for solar products and equipment.. The center s expertise is based on nearly 30 years experience conducting solar energy certification and testing programs, the accreditation of PowerMark Corporation (PMC) and partnerships with such national associations as the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), The National Association of State Energy Offices (NASEO), and the Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC).. FSEC offers  ...   encourage you to contact us if you are interested in any of our services.. Visit any of the technology-specific links above to view more specific information about those products.. Solar Products Certified by FSEC.. Click on each of the four solar equipment types below to view testing data.. FSEC Strives for Improved Service.. We encourage you to provide feedback to help us provide better service to you.. Please submit your feedback using our.. Feedback Form.. If you've have any difficulty with our services, please let us know, using our.. Complaint Form..

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  • Title: About Us
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Achievements.. Advisory Board.. Business Opportunities.. Visiting FSEC.. History.. Other FSEC Web Sites.. Contact Us.. How we're making a difference.. As the global community grows, so does the need for energy.. With the peak production of oil approaching, new and innovative energy solutions will be needed.. See how our research and development is leading the way.. James Fenton, Director.. Our Mission.. Our mission is to research and develop energy technologies that enhance Florida's and the nation's economy and environment and to educate the public, students and practitioners on the results of the research.. The Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) was created by the Florida Legislature in 1975 to serve as the state s energy research institute.. The main responsibilities of the center are to conduct research, test and certify solar systems and develop education programs.. As Florida's energy research institute with a 35-year history of unique expertise, experience and infrastructure we are leading research and development efforts to bring our vision of Energy Independence to fruition.. Learn more about FSEC by viewing the video,.. Creating a Bright Future for Florida.. Achievements.. With more  ...   expertise in engineering, energy research, building science, energy and policy analysis, and education and training.. To explore what FSEC can do for you, check out this section.. The proper tools and state-of-the-art facilities empower our researchers to create tomorrow's energy solutions and train the next generation of energy professionals.. For over 30 years, FSEC has delivered quality testing, certification, and research services.. If you're interested in doing business with us, take a look at this section.. Employment.. We're always searching for the best and brightest minds in our field.. Check this section for current employment opportunities.. Visiting FSEC.. If you're in the neighborhood or coming for a conference, look at this sections for travel and tour information.. History.. With over 30 years experience in creating innovative energy solutions, FSEC has come a long way.. Learn about our history and those who have guided us.. Although this Web site is our home, we often help design and maintain other sites that carry our findings and efforts.. Take a tour of some of our sister sites.. Contact Us.. Need more information? Here's how to contact us..

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  • Title: Job Openings - Florida Solar Energy Center
    Descriptive info: Job Openings.. Business Opportunities.. Creating a brighter, cleaner energy future for the world takes talent.. We have some of the most experienced and innovative staff members devoted to creating alternative energy technologies.. If you're interested in joining us, this section will advertise any staffing opportunities available.. As an agency of the state of Florida, University of Central Florida (UCF) makes all search materials available for public review upon request.. UCF is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.. Solar.. No Openings.. Hydrogen Fuel Cells.. Buildings..

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  • Title: Florida Solar Energy Center
    Descriptive info: FAQ.. Certified Systems, Installer Course, Solar License.. Who can install a PV system under the Florida solar rebate program?.. According to the Florida Energy Office, the system must be installed by: a state-licensed master electrician, electrical contractor, or solar contractor.. (as stated in.. FS 377.. 806, section 2(a)(1).. (2008)).. Do all PV systems qualify for Florida State solar rebates?.. No, not all PV systems qualify for solar rebates offered by the state of Florida.. There are qualifications set by the Florida Energy Office that must be met to be eligible for funds.. (.. click for DEP's Web site.. ).. What are certified PV systems?.. In accordance with Florida Law (.. 377.. 705, F.. ), the Florida Solar Energy Center reviews PV systems for safety and verifies performance parameters.. Systems that have been sufficiently designed are then certified by FSEC and are listed on the.. Web site.. Who is qualified to design a PV system?.. Anyone with sufficient background and knowledge of PV system components and the National Electrical Code can design a PV system; however, the system is required to be certified by FSEC before it is installed.. For more information about the system certification process, please review the system certification.. Web page.. Am I certified to install PV systems after taking your course?.. You will be well armed with the knowledge about PV systems and their performance but you will NOT be certified in any way after attending our course.. Attendees of the Installing PV Systems course can receive continuing education credits (CEUs), specifically electrical, toward the renewal of their professional license.. Will the CEUs from the PV Installer Course count toward the renewal of my professional license?.. Attendance and successful completion of this PV Installer Course will earn you electrical CEUs only, however it is up to the individual licensing board that issued your license as to whether they will accept these credits.. Please check with your licensing board prior to registering for our course.. Why should I take  ...   is when registrants are dropped for non-payment.. The removal of registrants from a course offering happens three weeks and one day prior to the first day of class.. Starting at 8:00 a.. m.. , registrants are removed by the registration system.. Please check the.. course site.. at this time to see if seats become available.. If I take your PV Installer Course can I open my own solar business?.. No.. Solar businesses take many forms; in order to own an organized and knowledgeable business, it is recommended that your employees (especially the ones installing or servicing solar systems) be well versed in the operation of these systems.. Courses like our PV Installer Course can provide much of the information needed to work with these systems from a technical standpoint.. However, knowledge of solar is not the only requirement.. Many local governments require that various licensed personnel be the ones working to install and maintain solar equipment.. It is important that you or your employees have the required licenses.. Another consideration when it comes to opening a solar business is participation in the State of Florida s solar rebate program.. An examination of what is required for systems to be eligible for these rebates can provide guidance as to the training and tools needed for a successful solar business.. Does your PV Installer Course cover everything on the solar contractor s test?.. The PV Installer course covers information that will be examined on the solar contractor s test but does not cover all of the tested material.. The solar contractors test also examines material related to solar hot water systems (both pool and domestic).. Please visit the.. Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Web site.. for more information.. What content does the solar contractor license cover?.. The content is roughly divided into two parts 1) solar hot water (pool and domestic hot water) and 2) photovoltaics.. For information about what is covered on the solar contractor test , please visit the..

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  • Title: Building Post - Winter 2008
    Descriptive info: Winter 2008.. Quick Links.. -.. FSEC.. Buildings Research.. Building Science Training.. Center.. Building America Industrialized.. Housing Partnership.. EnergyGauge Software.. Secretary Bodman posts the first e-scale on the Palm Harbor Bimini show home.. assisted by Assistant Secretary Karsner.. and FSEC's Deputy Director Fairey.. Photo Credit: DOE.. Palm Harbor Bimini II.. Builder Challenge Home.. Glen Cairn Manufactured Home at IBS.. Photo Credit: David Hoak.. Vision House Showcases.. Green Technologies.. Photo Credit: Roberto Carrion.. Gauge Helps Drivers Improve Gas Mileage.. Photo Credit: Danny Parker.. Current Sponsors -.. Funding Buildings Research Projects of $50k or more.. -.. Florida DCA.. Florida Energy Office.. NASEO.. /.. STAC.. NETL.. NYSERDA.. Orange County.. Southern Company.. USDOE Building America.. USDOE Energy Codes.. USDOE Software Tools.. USDOE State Energy Program.. FSEC Helps DOE Launch Building America Challenge.. FSEC Building America Builder Partners and other energy-efficient builders joined Secretary Bodman on stage to "take the challenge" to build homes that are between 70 and 0 on the EnergySmart Home Scale (E-Scale).. DOE Press Release.. FSEC Partner Demonstrates Builders' Challenge Homes.. FSEC partner Palm Harbor Homes teamed up with a multitude of product sponsors to manufacture two homes that were displayed at the 2008 International Builders Show (IBS).. FSEC provided in-depth technical assistance to assure significant levels of energy efficiency and sustainable design.. Homes Energy-Efficiency and Green.. Profiles.. Vision House Shows Off Green Technologies.. FSEC's Building America  ...   paper briefly reviews past research and describes a two year pilot evaluation of a low cost residential energy feedback system installed in twenty case study homes in Florida.. Can Feedback Improve Automobile Fuel Efficiency?.. Danny Parker demonstrated this new plug in device that allows any automobile to provide instantaneous mile per gallon to the driver.. In the NBC spot, Danny demonstrates some of the lessons learned from using the device to improve mileage by 20% or more.. Video.. Three Green Home Building Courses Offered:.. Energy-Efficient Florida Home Building.. Learn how to design, construct, equip and market energy-efficient Florida homes.. Offered April 30 and Aug.. 7, 2008.. Course Description.. Florida Green Home Designation Certification Course.. Learn how the certification process for Florida's green home designation standard works.. Offered May 1 and Aug.. 6, 2008.. Course Description.. LEED for Homes for Field Agents.. This course is designed to take current Florida green home certifying agents, Florida energy raters and LEED professionals through the.. LEED for Homes.. program in order that they may be eligible to be field raters for Florida homes.. Offered April 9, 2008.. To unsubscribe from this quarterly newsletter, visit our.. unsubscribe page.. or email.. buildingnews@fsec.. edu.. with the word 'unsubscribe' in the subject.. For new subscription, visit our.. subscribe page.. Copyright 2007 Florida Solar Energy Center.. All Rights Reserved.. 1679 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL 32922-5703..

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